Visions of November 9, 2013

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013

In the first vision I was shown the souls of a multitude of natives, rising from the earth, ready for action and to take back the Americas. They were climbing over obstacles and hills, charging forward. They had war paint on their face and wore there hair in a strange fashion. There were red, white and blue feathers tied in their hair.

Then, the vision shifted and there was a woman and she was in the library of congress. She was suited in armor and the helmet was designed like a birds head with a beak on it. She was holding the constitution in her hands. She vomited upon it, but then ate the vomit. After eating back the vomit, fire began raining down around her and the structure of the library started to crumble.

Then, the vision shifted again, and instead of natives, the souls of woman and children who had been burned and persecuted were rising from the earth. They had torches lit with fire.

Then, the vision quickly shifted again, and all these black spider looking creatures with hard shells on them and other beetles were rising out of the earth in mass numbers. They were attaching to the feet of many humans.

Lastly, there was a vision of much wind everywhere. People were going down under the ground into tornado shelters.

My interpretation of these visions? Some energies are rising up on the planet that cannot be suppressed. There is a collective desire emerging that is seeking justice and to restore the Americas to its natural health, purity and splendor (free from governmental restrictions and corruption). Hair represents thoughts, so the types of thoughts people are having are out of the norm / non-conformist. The red white and blue feathers indicate Americans. These Americans may be Natives or may include non-natives who arise with a spirit of the Natives within them or wishing to live in balance with the Earth as natives once did.  There are obstacles to this challenge and hills to climb over but the momentum has started.

Another rising of energies revolves around the desire to be free of persecution, past and present, including Religious restriction, injustice or persecution. Possibly souls have returned to this time frame to begin to unite together to see an end to forms of corruption, abuse and persecution. Possibly its the feelings that are arising to be dealt with and shed light on.

The woman in armor may represent the more vulnerable part of us as Americans. This vulnerability is shielded in armor, but the armor has the helmet of a bird, which birds represent flight, freedom and the mind (represented by air).

I actually drew a few cards to receive a clearer picture on what parts of the visions symbolized. Asking what the vomiting signified, it has to do with releasing something negative. Asking what is being release, I draw “deception.” Even the licking it back up again seems positive as I draw the wheel of fortune upright (a change of fate/luck for the better). Possible liking it up again means integrating it, digesting what was indigestible or facing it in some way. Because the woman vomited upon the constitution, this may have to do with our rights and freedoms, as accorded to us by democratic laws written on a piece of paper.

The library crumbles, revealing that we will be given the opportunity to release all the confinements, mental conditioning and beliefs that we hold about our rights (the vestiges of Rome). Asking what the fire represents, I draw a card of “anxiety” (anxiety over whether to move forward taking a risk or to play it safe) and a card that says: “fraud: using deception to gain an advantage knowing what you were doing is wrong.” I feel the fraud means not really being authentic and fearing to go against the majority in case we are not accepted. In bringing about change within or without we may have to deal with inner and outer resistance, or we may have to face and confront old energies and ties in order to release them.

Asking the cards what the bugs represent its “depletion,” “temptation,” issues with money and feelings of “lack” or that our needs are not provided for. The bugs were attaching to peoples feet, which I again draw the card of “fraud.” I sense this has to do with having to take advantage and prey upon one another in ways to make money and to survive (as opposed to finding other ways to join together and co-exist). This type of lifestyle is almost forced upon us through laws and not knowing how to otherwise survive. So, while great changes are occurring internally and thus also externally, there are little things that bug us, lure us into a web, and hold us back.

It is definitely a time of (r)evolution for many individuals, internally and externally.

Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book “I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Peace Through Non-conformity,” and a columnist for both Bellesprit and Om Times Magazine. Her life and passion has been toward being a voice of empowerment. Her desire is to help empower those struggling within themselves, as well as to help others understand a bigger picture which includes the collective and our planet. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see the “About” page.