In the first vision, I was shown the souls of a multitude of natives, rising from the earth, ready for action, and to take back the Americas. They were climbing over obstacles and hills, charging forward. They had war paint on their face and wore their hair in a strange fashion. There were red, white, and blue feathers tied in their hair. 

Then, the vision shifted and there was a woman and she was in the library of congress. She was suited in armor and the helmet was designed like a bird’s head with a beak on it. She was holding the constitution in her hands. She vomited upon it, but then ate the vomit. After eating back the vomit, fire began raining down around her and the structure of the library started to crumble.

Then, the vision shifted again, and instead of natives, the souls of women and children who had been burned and persecuted were rising from the earth. They had torches lit with fire.

Then, the vision quickly shifted again, and many spiders-looking creatures with hard shells on them and other beetles were rising out of the earth in mass numbers. They were attaching to the feet of many humans.

Lastly, there was a vision of much wind everywhere. People were going down underground for protection.