“A love addict craves and obsesses about becoming enmeshed or ‘one’ with another human being at all costs, even if it means putting themselves in potential danger.”

Christopher Dines

Twin Flames are ToxicWorking as a psychic in the psychic industry, I witness so much, and not all of it is good. In fact, a lot of it is pretty destructive. Not all of what I witness is related to twin flames. But for this blog, I will keep the subject limited to this scope.

When it comes to twin flames, despite all the destructive things I have witnessed, if you plug the words “twin flames” into a search engine, it is difficult to find information that does more than give the impression that it is a philosophy that a spiritual seeker should embrace: as a way to “increase frequency” or assist with spiritual growth.

Hidden from plain view, however, is a lot of uneasy discussion. “I know, I know, its really bad and I worry for the people who believe in these things,” is something that I have frequently heard other psychics say. Even some of the psychics who believe in twin flames will admit that they feel its dangerous how other psychics will hand out this label so easily. But it is hard to find this kind of testimony on the internet anywhere, other than the odd forum. I can even understand why so few psychics would dare to speak out on this subject in a negative way. After all, I am a little anxious when I post blogs like this myself. I feel like I’m exposing one of the new-ages dirty little secrets, daring to be critical of a community (one that I am part of) that is focused on embracing only “love and light.”

Intense Feelings & Twin Flame Runners

In terms of “intense feeling,” this is a common occurrence when any vulnerable individual seeking love and bonding encounters a player, commitment-phobe, sex or love addict, or love bomber. It usually happens when there is a highly addictive, fantasy-fed energy affecting a romantic liaison. Sometimes, there is a psychic energy to the relationship as well. Players can abuse psychic energy to manipulate women or know how to tap into their vulnerability and sensitivity. Doing so helps the sex become more intense as the main goal is to elicit a “high.” Players and sex addicts can have a highly sexually charged energy field that empaths can tap into and feel aroused. Even with non-players, a phenomenon of seeking fantasy and a “high” can occur. People can end up seeking a feeling of a romantic high in their relationships, which this can be encouraged by culture, movies, social medial, online dating (which promotes a window shopping type of mentality), and even ideas such as the twin flame philosophy itself.

The twin flame runner dynamic can often account for this phenomenon, as the runners interest with you may only last as long as a romantic high hasn’t worn off or the runner hasn’t moved on to the next person on his or her rotation. Not all twin flame “runners” are players, however. Some are commitment phobes who run from relationships at the first sign the honeymoon phase is over and deeper emotions, expectations, or fears of rejection start to shift a relationship into its next phase. And, sometimes, even a player (depending on what kind they are) can feel that each woman he has met is genuinely the “one.” But if it is only a “high” he (or she) is feeling, what have you left when the high wears off? Normal love isn’t a drug, it is something more steady and grounding. It isn’t fed by fantasy, but a true desire to bond with another person–and not co-dependently, obsessively, or destructively.

Has the Twin Flame Ideal Become Distorted into Something Unhealthy?

I can only believe that even if there was a possibility that twin souls were a “real” thing, then somewhere along the line the philosophy became distorted, making it an unhealthy and potentially dangerous concept to embrace for those who are vulnerable to losing themselves or becoming overly co-dependent (what is more co-dependent than believing another person is the other half of your soul?). For, it seems that the practice of believing in and trying to “attract” or hold onto a twin flame can lead to addiction, obsession, stalking, restraining orders, loss of touch with reality and so much more. I’ve seen it. And its not that I’ve seen it happen only a few times, but frequently.

Are You Feeling “Crazy,” Remaining Stuck, or Unable to Let Go?

While the philosophy, itself, warns that you may start to emotionally unravel (portraying this as a good thing), it seems that an increasing number of people I speak to become stuck, more than they should need to be. Most don’t know how to break free or let go, especially when a relationship ends, or is making them feel used or abused in some way. This is because nothing much is being offered as to how to cope, other than how to hang onto a twin flame and to project onto the other person that they have failed in some way to recognized the strength and divine nature of the bond through running away. You will see many sites offering that you can purchase a reading, book, or “program” to teach you how “manifest” a twin flame or how to win a twin flame back after they’ve run away. Nothing is really being offered for how to transcend the challenges of losing a twin flame, or how to release the ego and its need for control in order to be able to both move one’s life forward and develop a sense of inner wholeness, independent upon “attracting” the perfect external relationship.

I am not saying all people I’ve read go down a darker road after losing someone considered to be a twin flame. Some jump back on the horse again, adopting a mind-set that they encountered a “false twin flame,” and they start their search again. My main concern is that I have witnessed relatively stable individuals start to dissemble the more they get sucked into the “twin flame” vortex.

If Any of this Sounds Like You…

If you’ve found this blog because you are starting to think this is you, then maybe consider adjusting your perception a little in a way that will allow you to foster within yourself a feeling of wholeness and completeness, independent upon needing anyone external to “complete” you. Perhaps, you can see the person you see as your “twin” as someone who isn’t meant to “complete” you but who you can learn a lot about yourself through any mirroring process that occurs or which is creating intense emotions or emotional triggers.