Trump For President – People Want Change, But Do They Really Have A Game Plan for Achieving it?

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016

AnonymousTrump is merely a symbol. He’s a symbol that people feel stuck and want change, and are almost desperate to do anything to create it.

I was on Facebook this morning and saw many posts that expressed dismay and heartbreak that Trump had won the election. To counteract this were posts on how Trump could turn America around and “fix” how it was broken. However, I do not really think people have any thought to how Trump could even do this, other than to dismantle an infrastructure connected to the “elite 1% wealthy.” But isn’t Trump part of that elite 1%? Isn’t he all about the money? So, it seems his main job is to dismantle an Illuminati agenda through possessing some of the same traits himself.

As I viewed some of the other posts written by people who were part of the “love and light” movement, there were many that focused upon  how if we can think about “love” and remain positive, we can overcome some of the negatives to Americans having voted Trump into office.

It seems strange to me, that we don’t yet understand that if we want real change we will have to start with our lifestyles. Otherwise all this talk about manifestation and “love” is quite meaningless. It has no foundation in anything concrete. That is, other than providing a fluffed up fantasy that we can use to distract ourselves from what matters. For example, if our intentions to be a force for love are not aligned with a loving lifestyle (which includes its consumer facets), then action (founded on supporting and aligning with one kind of intention) will contradict our other intention to become a more loving force within the world.

Overall, to me, Trump is merely a symbol. He’s a symbol that people feel stuck and want change, and are almost desperate to do anything to create it. There is great hope for something external to come onto the scene to make changes easier for us, without our having to make any sacrifices when it comes to our desire to fulfill our pleasure-seeking natures and proclivities towards distraction, overindulgence, and other “deadly sins” (i.e., pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony and lust). Americans likely voted for Trump hoping someone who is volatile enough (and who is a Conspiracy Theorist himself) might be able to do something to create some of the changes that we feel powerless ourselves to bring about ourselves. However, without a real game plan, mankind will remain stuck in obsessing on the $$$ and with the continuing the habit of devaluing the divine feminine.

So, what is the answer?

It really isn’t all that complicated to figure out. We, as a collective, have to start really looking at what we are aiming for. We have to come up with a personal plan for ourselves instead of thinking we can wing it all the time or blame everything on conspiracies that abound. We need to change our alignments to everything that doesn’t support a loving agenda. This includes our alignments to corporations, infrastructures, power companies, and anything else toxic to ourselves and our planet. It is about using our voices, the power we have as consumers, our power to boycott what we don’t want our energy or intention aligning with, and our power to use our manifestation abilities and minds to come up with alternatives (or to at least find creative ways to lesson our contributions to environmental, social, and other problems). It is no longer enough to keep these alignments without trying to change them where they exist within our own hearts and lifestyle choices. Thinking superficial thoughts of peace and love will not be enough. We must be the change we seek to see in the world instead of waiting on something external to make it easier for us.