Darkness begins to fall
And dusk plants its dimly lit kiss upon my cheek
What's seen is now unclear
Though still seen to some degree
Undressed beneath a moonlit glow.

A clear night exposes many stars up high
Cloud and rain dispersed a while ago
Whence lightning flashed
And thunder shook
Now calm leaves all around transposed.

And as I walk alone this path I tread
Love begs to follow close behind
My mind sees many darkened shades of grey.
My heart feels its colors true and bold
Casting a glow into a night I feel entwined.

For now, I wait and hold…
Hold my breath with heart aglow,
Many rainbows dancing deep within,
Singing songs that morning birds would sing
My mind waiting till new dawn begins…

For breaths release…
For mind to clear…
For love to hold…

~Mandy, 2007