When a society worships what’s lifeless it manifests lifelessness. Turn to life again, dear children. Turn to the natural & sacred once more…

Can you feel it?

The winds of change are approaching.

My guides say “prepare.” For, a new world cannot operate upon the old foundation anymore. It must collapse. Though, we cause the collapse to happen through the work of our mind, hands, intentions and actions.

Through what we caused to collapse we will learn “how come?” And, from the learning of “how come?” is created the foundation for a new dawning. Those who have prepared will fare better then those who cling to what we are meant to leave behind.

Remember that everything in life is symbolic.  It is a dream. So, be willing to step back at times to see the bigger dream and picture. This will help you become more lucid about what is manifesting on a greater scale than that of your personal trials.

Learn to nurture and cultivate life so that beauty and life can manifest. Grow things, watch them nurture, tend to them with care. If you can bridge the sacredness that you know of Father Heaven with the sacredness of your Earth Mother, you will learn that both are one in the same. You will know when you understand your own sacredness, because your footprints upon your loving earth will yield life-ful fruits rather than destructive ones.

So, begin to create good fruits through your every day footsteps upon the earth. Form societies which operate on the benefit of the collective instead of on self-serving competition. Balance the yin (female, receptive gentle, resting) with the yang (doing, conquering, acting, masculine). Everything from now on is about learning the balances and the laws of such balances—balancing the life with the lifeless, the yin with the yang, the productivity with periods of resting, indulgence with sacrifice.

Move out of your childlike dependencies on all the structures and authorities you’ve given reality to which were never real.  Then, spread your wings and fly…

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge