The White Buffalo Calf Woman

The blogs at the foot of this page are fictional stories rather than “channelings.”

Why the White Buffalo Calf Woman?

I am using her as an avatar and realize that I am a white person appropriating from another culture. However, seeing she was already being represented in the new age in a particular symbolic light, I wanted  to offer a different interpretation, also making use of some other ideas I saw, such as involving the fakelore of the rainbow warriors. and rainbow bridge.  Within the new age, the focus is commonly on an ascension process that only moves upward to the spirit realms and heavens. I wanted to create the idea of a bridge that went up to the heavens and down to earth again, as a rainbow often does. I suggest people who want to learn more about the WBCW (or the idea of the rainbow bridge or warriors) learn more about her from reputable sources as opposed to going by my stories, which were in part based on the fakelore (myths that aren’t real). I often make use of culturally appropriated material in this way, less to steal from cultures as to offer a different perspective on what has already been appropriated (and which seems to hold the energy that if certain avatars were alive today they would support our restless seeking for money, attachments, or other things.)

Also, as a perfect avatar for environmentalists, the WBCW represents a figure whose purpose toward mankind (through the legend of the sacred pipe) seems to be one of  helping us create a bridge between spirit (smoke rising) and matter (tobacco is a plant with deep roots); to go beyond the act of praying in order to make our prayers a walk of life (see At this time, when we have strayed so far from the nature-al and the sacred in our way of life, and thus brought damage to our sense of self in this process, the avatar of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and what she stands for offers a glimmer of hope, and a timely lesson:

“When one sits in the Hoop Of The People, one must be responsible because All of Creation is related. And the hurt of one is the hurt of all. And the honor of one is the honor of all. And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.” Quote source >>