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Abundance can mean different things to different people.  While the dictionary defines abundance as “a great and plentiful amount,” “fullness to overflowing,” and “affluence; wealth,” each of these definitions is open to interpretation as well.  What is wealth to one person may be valueless to another, and vice versa.  So, if we could categorize each kind of abundance by connecting it to a color, what would that color be, and what would make each category different?  What would each color type say about the individual who is attracted to it?

Color of Abundance – White:

White abundance drives those who seek it to find their own connection to the divine. Those attracted to white abundance desire their cup to “runneth over,” but in this case, the Self is the cup.  Their greatest treasures lie within the self; within a connection to the eternal rather than the transitory. For this reason, those attracted to white abundance tend to live the experience of being abundant and knowing abundance, rather than seeking abundance.  With this mind-set, every moment is one of gratitude for what one already is or has, without any need to gain something in the future to complete oneself.

Color of Abundance – Violet:

Violet abundance reflects the seeking for wisdom.  As such, individuals who pursue this type of abundance are seeking to fill the cup within their mind.  Those who resonate with Violet abundance are usually devourers of books and information. They love learning new things, going to school, or taking classes.  The wisdom and knowledge they feel blessed with is their true treasure.  This type of abundance us best sought through inner passion rather than to feel superior to others.

Color of Abundance – Indigo:

Indigo abundance reflects what can be gained through being of service to others. Those who seek indigo abundance include intuitives, healers, guides, teachers, empaths and caregivers.  Many of them take on or empathize with the pain or suffering of others and transmute this energy into caring and healing.  Those attracted to this type of abundance cope best if they have boundaries. Otherwise, they can develop codependency issues, resentments, depletion, or a martyr complex.

Color of Abundance – Blue:

Blue abundance is the abundance of story weavers, actors, artists, writers and communicators of all kinds.  This type of abundance is found through possessing a voice and having someone to hear it. Many who seek blue abundance have a message to share.  The ability to express an identity and truth is important to them.  However, when out of balance, those attracted to blue abundance can become defensive/sensitive to criticism, lose their sense of self, or may feel depressed if they feel unheard or not validated.

Color of Abundance – Green:

Green abundance is the abundance of the heart and of nature.  In fact, if you look at the word ‘earth’ and take the ‘h’ off the end and place it in front of the word, you create the word ‘heart.’  Those who seek green abundance tend less to seek such abundance as to appreciate its presence—through the appreciation of nature and all of our emotions and experiences.  They thrive when they can embrace the natural world and its beauty and complexity.  As a result, they are often protectors of the environment or of animals.  Those who resonate with green abundance can develop issues if what is natural within or without them becomes suppressed, disrupted or mistrusted.  They can suffer from emotional, energetic or physical issues and/or sensitivities if they try to go against nature or a natural cycle, diet or flow.

Color of Abundance – Yellow:

Yellow abundance most resonates with joy, playfulness, and humor.  People who resonate with yellow abundance are usually the life of the party.  What they most treasure in life are the things that make them feel light and full of pleasure.  In fact, people who are attracted to yellow abundance have a faery or hummingbird like quality about them.  They do not always do well when around depressing types who smother their magical energy.  They have to be careful of not resorting to denial, addiction or escapism if a reality becomes difficult to face. They do not do well being controlled or caged as they need to feel free and inspired.

Color of Abundance – Orange:

Orange abundance resonates with creativity.  People who treasure orange abundance are often highly inspired and creative types.  They may be feelers rather than thinkers, and the things they feel inspired to create tend to be heart felt or contribute to a larger purpose in some way.  People craving orange abundance need a purpose and feel moved to create something inspirational to serve it.  When not feeling a sense of purpose they can feel lost, lazy or unmotivated.

Color of Abundance – Red:

Red abundance resonates with fame, power and authority.  People who treasure red abundance are driven to succeed in the world and to be recognized.  This is more valuable to them than any money to be gained.  They have to be careful at times that they do not become overly competitive, self-involved and driven or they can become cold or unfeeling toward others.  Due to the more transitory nature of this type of abundance, they have to be careful not to over-strive, burnout, or become despondent if knocked down a few pegs.

Color of Abundance – Pink:

Pink abundance resonates with love and relationships.  People who are attracted to pink abundance feel most abundant when they have love and romance in their lives.  In, fact, their main drive in life may be to attract the perfect or ideal relationship.  They could have all the money or riches in the world but it would mean very little without their friends, family or a loving relationship to share it with.  When out of balance, they can become co-dependent.

Color of Abundance – Black:

Black abundance is connected to the void, the occult and mysteries.  People attracted to black abundance are not afraid of the dark or of what most people consider negative.  They are not afraid of challenges.  They thrive off of them and on turning negatives into positives.  They love to learn the deeper mysteries in life and may be attracted to magic or the occult arts.  When out of balance they can become morbid or depressing.

Color of Abundance – Grey:

Grey abundance resonates with the drive toward accumulating material treasures. Those attracted to grey abundance may be generous and have good manifesting abilities. They do best when motivated by a desire for sharing rather than greed, and if they can complement their desire for grey abundance with learning to appreciate green abundance as well (which contains life). When out of balance, they risk becoming as lifeless, low vitality or un-nature-al (cut off from their emotions) as the lifeless treasures they seek. They may have a hard time living in the present moment, preferring to focus on the future or outcomes. Unless they can develop a sense of abundance from within, they may experience fear of loss and have a hard time letting go of whatever they consider to be a possession.

In the end, there is a rainbow of abundance available to every seeker who seeks it.  There is also a rainbow of abundance that we already possess—if we can acknowledge it.  We each carry within us all the colors of abundance, and we can manifest any color that we desire.