For Standing Method of Muscle Testing:

Step 1: Ensure that you are fully hydrated and are not hungry. Have a glass of water and eat something if you feel your blood sugar is low.

Step 2: If you believe in God, Creator or Higher Self, you may wish to do your own prayer or invocation to ask to be connected, such as “The creator and I are One”

Step 3: While not necessary, some resources offer that standing facing north with your knees slightly bent gives the best result. However, I find just using intention to be clear while facing any direction can be just as good.

Step 4: Make an intention to yourself that your body will lean forward to indicated a yes response and lean backward to indicate a no response. Try to keep your ego out of the way by maintaining a neutral frame of mind towards the answer. To check to see if your muscle testing is accurate, first start with your name. Say “my name is {your name}. Let go of your body and mind a little and see if it leans forward for yes. Then trying saying out loud “my name is {fill in some other name that is not your name}” , let your body and mind go a little and see if your body begins leaning backward for no. If the answer is not accurate, ensure you are thoroughly hydrated, try some of the energy correction techniques further down below and repeat the steps above.

Step 5: Ask “Am I clear” and check for a forward or backward response. If you are not clear, you may wish to invoke a intention to become clear or a prayer that Creator remove all interferences.

Moving sideways or other directions after asking a question can indicate the question is not the right one or there is another issue. You can try asking “Do I have permission to ask around this issues at this time?” and if no, there could be another time or another issue. Ask if there is a better time or another issue to test around.

Step 6: If clear, start testing for psychological reversals or asking questions using the muscle testing. If you are unsure of an answer, try asking; “Is this the correct answer according to source”.


Neurological Disorganization and Correction:

It is not always easy to accurately muscle test oneself if one has an attachment to the outcome. If you feel your ego will get in the way you can try using other forms of divination to get a yes or no response. If progress using EFT or other Energy Medicine Techniques is slow or you feel inhibited from accurate muscle testing, you may also wish to try some Energy Medicine correction exercises and try again. A condition called “switching” (polarity switching) can affect muscle testing as can a condition called “neurological disorganization”. This occurs when there is too much energy in your system making you feel overcharged, ADD or scattered.

While there are ways to test for ND or “switching”, sometimes its just helpful to do the exercises to correct it. I do them prior to using a pendulum or working on myself. You may wish to try:


1. Stimulate the navel/ belly button while rubbing the collar bone points. You can hold the belly button or rub is lightly. Rub the collar bone points a little more deeply than the belly button. About 10 seconds.

2. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing the point under the nose in the same fashion as step 1

3. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing a point directly under the bottom lip (centered) in the same fashion as step 1

4. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing the tail bone in the same fashion as step 1.

See if your testing improves.