There are a few different methods for intuiting states of imbalance within the energy field. However, it helps to first understand the basic states of imbalance that a person may suffer from:

  • Blocked Chakras – places where energy flow through a chakra becomes blocked or restricted and which can affect the energy flow in the entire body. They usually coincide with psychological issues…certain self-defense mechanism, beliefs or biases a person has adopted in their relationship to reality.
  • Leaks, Tears, and Holes – are regions where energy is leaking from the field instead of being retained. This results in a lack of protection of the field and loss of energy within it. Leaks, usually in the first layer of the aura, are the result of wear, tear and physical trauma of the body and can be commonly found over joints. Tears can extend to other aura layers and are usually the result emotional, mental or spiritual stressed or traumatic experiences.
  • Negative Cords & Attachments – are negative attachments to people and in some cases situations or trauma which show as cords moving out from the body into the energy field and extending outward. Sometimes you may feel or sense them around the belly button area but they can exist other places too. These heavy cords are not to be confused with positive threads which connect us in higher ways to others higher selves.
  • Energy Impurities – are zones of stagnant or undesirable energy in the auric field. They inhibit free flow, and the healthy functioning of the energy field. They can manifest as unhealthy thoughts or emotions that are being held by a person.
  • Energy Depletion – exists as a weakness of the energetic operation of the auric field giving it a lack of vibrancy. Such depletion can be experienced in certain areas of the aura or can be more general and extensive.
  • Disturbances In The Energy Flow – irregularity in the flow of energy in the auric field, usually in the lower layers of the auru. Energy can be eratic or uneven. Usually occurs as a local condition rather than a global one and if untreated can affect the affected organs and tissues of the body.
  • Overactive or Underactive Chakras – These states need to be brought back into balance so the energy runs smoothly through the chakra system.

Five techniques that one can use to detect issues in the energy field include:

  • Muscle Testing (aka Applied Kinesiology): It is often effective if you need quick answers and you can detect things you might miss using intution if running through the list of imbalancess and states and testing for each one. It is also effective for detecting what is called “psychological reversal” (unconscious behavior patterns/beliefs which cause self-sabotage), which might block a person from overcoming a particular problem.
  • Pendulum: Learn more>>
  • Physical sensing using the hands (called “passing-of-hands”): This is where you run your hands over a persons body (not on it but slightly above it) and physically sense the energy with your hands, feeling where the energy dips or peaks or differs in texture or vibration or temperature. Sometimes the hands will start to itch, heat up, cool down or experience pains over certain positions or chakras, sometimes things are picked up empathically through the entire body while the hands are over a certain part of the body.
  • Sensing the condition of the aura and chakras through the reception of psychic information and guidance: This is done by rather than looking at the body, one forms an outline of the body in one’s minds eye and then let go of the thinking mind and allow intuitive information and images to come to surface upon that outline without blocking it with the thinking mind.
  • Viewing the aura: seeing the aura for yourself which most people can do if they teach themselves to and consciously acknowledge its presence.

For more information, you can learn about energy sensing, viewing and other energy techniques through While they used to have free downloadable manuals, the author now has written a book which can be found here>>.

Mandy is a Visionary, Empath and EFT Practitioner. Her life and passion has always been toward being a voice of empowerment. Her desire is to help empower those struggling within themselves and their relationships, as well as to help others understand a bigger picture which includes the collective and our planet. Her book titled I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond is available on her website and at