Redefining Abundance

In the world today there are many concepts being referred to which it is difficult to know what they truly mean or entail.  For example; what does it really mean to be LOVE and LIGHT? Is it only something we think of or intend with our minds? Is it more than this?  Is there more understanding we can gain through examination?  It is the same with concepts such as ONENESS, HIGHER FREQUENCY, UNITY, etc.

Another common word I see mentioned within peoples affirmations and wishes is ABUNDANCE.  But, in order to receive from the universe we have to be very clear in what we ask for. This is because certain words can have a double meaning and we can be ‘abundant’ in almost anything (including disease states, disasters, adrenaline, worries, pollution, and other things). So, what are we really asking for when we wish for and want abundance? Or do we even know?

In order to begin to answer this, I want you to let your mind think about abundance for a moment. Before reading this article further, I want you to find a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and then write down your current and personal definition of abundance. After you have done this, begin to write down some examples of what your mind considers to be abundance. Possibly, your mind is already beginning to overflow with all of the various things that abundance can be equated with. Don’t be shy, either. You want your list to include anything that your mind can think of.

I want you to take a second piece of paper and center yourself within your heart rather than your mind. I want you to FEEL what abundance is and then write this down as well, including a list of what your heart considers ‘abundance.’  Then look at your list to see if there are any differences between both lists.

Once you have completed this step, I want you to go over what you have written and note what type of tense each definition is written in. What do I mean by this? When writing each definition of abundance, did it relate to something to attain in the future, or did it express all of the blessings you already feel you enjoy within the present moment? Possibly, it was it a reflection of both. Then, think of your life and how you are geared toward viewing it. Do you mainly focus on the future and with striving for what you can have and own at a later time, or are you the type that spends time counting your blessings, grateful for what you already have?

Now, look at one of the two lists you created. When you created it were you primarily thinking of what you could manifest in the future? Or what you have in the present moment? Or does your list consider both?  Again, what was your mental state when creating the list? Was it thinking of all the things people could have or own or was it geared toward appreciating how blessed and abundant you already are? Do the same analysis with the second list you created. Were there any differences? This isn’t about right or wrong, either. It is simply about seeing what your definitions presently encompass; which our definitions can always change and come to incorporate new ideas—or even a merging between the mind and the heart.

What’s next?

How about we look at whether both your list and definition of abundance focus upon living things, inanimate things, or both.  Are items on your list transient rewards which have to be continually sought after (or maintained), or are they things that are intrinsically more lasting, spiritual, eternal and permanent?

Then, I want you to note whether your mind and heart definitions and lists focus upon self-advancement or self gain, contributing to the benefit of others or a larger whole, or a little of both?  As you look at each list you created, let your mind think about how manifesting certain things you have on your list have an impact upon other living things and beings. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What kind of impact is it having?
  • Is it leaving me with the subtle feeling that I need to strive or compete in the world?
  • Does it help me to feel internally worthy?
  • Does it lead me to feel externally not enough or less worthy in subtle ways?
  • Is it entirely healthy and life supportive?
  • Does it lead to addiction or to an abundance of stress at the expense of my ability to be at peace with others and the world?
  • Is it manifesting abundance in a bigger sense, i.e. being generous to other life forms including plants, animals, humans, and our children’s future?
  • Does the manufacturing process of anything that you potentially included on your list (even money) contribute to forms of external pollution through its manufacturing process?

Even recycling can be polluting, so be specific and really allow yourself to think about these aspects, because from here you can rethink abundance and what you really want it to mean. I do believe if we can rethink abundance we can change the world, ourselves, and our environment (as well as our vibration) in more love-abundant ways. POWERFUL STUFF!

I realize that it may be difficult for many of us to visualize abundance in ways which we are not subtly bringing some kind of harm to the whole, nor enabling the dynamics and structures that keep us stuck in manifesting a reality (and world) which is full of stressors and which keeps us dependent upon maintaining a consumeristic approach to life. However, if we know what definition we truly want for abundance, we can begin to allow our affirmations and intentions to change through being open to visualizing a way of life that is free of such stressors or a focus on money. Let yourself truly believe that your thoughts can change reality. After, all, we do talk about moving into a ‘new consciousness’ and ascended dimension. And, we can’t change the future if we can’t visualize a different kind of one; such as one where people live in harmony without competing with one another or striving for money and material things.

My hope is that through doing the exercise within this article, we can begin to realize that abundance can mean many things. It can encompass the material, the emotional, the eternal, the transitory, the internal, the external, the future, the present, and other things. Even within some of these there are different facets. For example, we may be able to perceive within our material abundance two separate kinds. As my guide Asuko has stated:

As you look upon the Earth, notice how you may perceive two forms of material abundance. One form of abundance is Natural and full of breathtaking beauty. The other form of abundance is man-made. It has no life within it. This form has become over-abundant to the point that it clutters almost everything. When such abundance becomes unwanted and disposed of, it is no longer seen as abundance, but as waste. Children of Love, can’t you see that when you focus too intently upon manifesting external abundance, you end up creating so much of it that you can neither see nor appreciate it anymore? You end up wasting so much of what could be your treasure. Then, you end up dwelling upon or praying concerning how little you have, or how you want or need something more.

So, possibly part of rethinking abundance is beginning to include within it an appreciation for Nature–that is, if we desire this; because, again, there are no rules and no judgements.  Nature, I feel, is a lot more valuable than many of us may understand right now. In fact, if we can begin to—as a whole—look at nature in a new way, we will be able to see that the more it disappear from our thoughts in what we treasure, the more it seems to disappear or to come to harm in our bigger reality (because it is less protected as it is deemed less worthy of protection and love). This is not an accident, and an example of how energy and intention follows thought. The more we become disconnected from this true treasure, the more we will begin to lose such treasure (through its being unappreciated) and attract those lessons that bring us back into its loving arms once more.

I’m sure many of us feel so trapped in some of our definitions that likely if given the opportunity to treasure and protect something life-filled over something inanimate, we might choose the former. For, are we willing to give up one kind of abundance in order to preserve the other? While completely giving up one form of material abundance may not be what is asked of us, a state of balance, or of honoring and having gratitude for both, might be what best serves us in coming to know more of who we truly are and what contains the HOLY SPARK that rests within us.

I’m not suggesting that we think of abundance in a way that has us adhering to either one polarity or the other. We can instead recognize that we can have a balanced approach to abundance—if we wish for this.  If we can include both sides of a polarity in our definition of abundance, we can possibly begin to let go of the need to strive externally.  We can instead learn to find abundance within ourselves and others, while still being able to feel materially blessed. We can see both our future and our present as containing the potential for abundance. We can worry less about outcomes, overcome our fear of loss, and experience more gratitude. We can become more empathic toward the good of all rather than mainly being concerned with our own self-gain and advancement. We can more effectively begin to enter a state of unity consciousness and/or community mindedness without being so fearful of what we would have to give up or sacrifice. We can go out into nature and see true treasure, instead of passing it by as if it isn’t worthy of being seen as the gold it truly is. After all, Nature blesses us in abundant ways each and every day. And if we nurture Her and Her abundant life, we are nurtured in return, as well.

In the end, your definition of abundance can be whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to listen to anything within this article, either. Your definition is your choice. But, as you begin to question everything, your perception can open up in a multitude of ways.

You may even wish to question other definitions that you have taken on and adhere to. See if they fit with the type of NEW WORLD and NEW CONSCIOUSNESS that you would like to be part of manifesting.  After all, we cannot manifest what we cannot visualize, and we can’t visualize something new and different if our mind remains locked into old definitions and concepts that we never learned to break free from. Waiting for the world around us to change through thinking thoughts that we desire change is only one step in a manifestation process. The same can be said in regard to the many individuals who are beginning to awaken to the ways we have allowed our governments or higher forces to lock us into certain ways of living that we feel powerless to change. This powerlessness is an illusion, however, and part of a collection of old definitions that we can begin to change.

In summary, here is the current definition of abundance according to the free online dictionary:

1. A great or plentiful amount.
2. Fullness to overflowing: “My thoughts . . . are from the abundance of my heart” (Thomas De Quincey).
3. Affluence; wealth.
4. Chemistry The amount of an isotope of an element that exists in nature, usually expressed as a percentage of the total amount of all isotopes of the element.

Feel free to take this definition and change how you think of it. You can make your own definition this way.

May you treasure the blessings that surround and abound within you;

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge