A Time For Releasing Ourselves from the Webs We’ve Become Enmeshed in and to See the Bigger Picture.

For today’s reading, I used the Healers of the Earth Oracle with the Deck of a Thousand Spreads and another deck I made for myself to help me tune in more deeply with issues. Asking what the focus of the reading should be for the Week of September 3, 2018, I drew the “Collective Emotional” card back with the “Bird’s Eye View” card front. The card back tells us what aspect of the “Bird’s Eye View” card to make a focus. So, since the Bird’s Eye View card represents seeing the bigger picture, when combined with the “Collect Emotional” card back, we are less looking at the bigger picture when it comes to our personal lives so much as the bigger picture when it comes to the emotional energy that is dominant in our culture or the collective consciousness.

Releasing the Tendency to Be Emotionally Manipulated by Events or People in the World

Then, using the Deck of A Thousand Spreads, I asked what cards to use in a spread to bring greater clarity. I drew the “Immediate Future” card with the “What to Use in the Future” card and the “Past Life” card. The “Past Life” card I placed furthest right as it is less about the current past as how a collective past and the energy there will be impacting the immediate future.

Selecting a card for the Immediate Future, I drew the “Caught in her Web” card. This card combination represents something coming in the near future which might grab our attention or trap the collective consciousness (emotionally since this is what the reading is to focus on), in a web of drama, intrigue, deception, or being manipulated. This could be a person, event, ideology or way of thinking. Under the heading of “What To Use in The Future,” I drew and placed “The Law of Balance” card. So as we approach whatever this is in the near future that seeks to trap us in its emotional web, we are to take a balanced approach. Again, everything relates back to the “Bird’s Eye View” and being able to see the bigger picture and to achieve a broader perspective.

For the heading of “Past Life,” I drew the “Black Swan” card which represents the consequences or feeling hit out of left field that can happen when we fail to have foresight or to be prepared. The events of the immediate future could either be bringing up some feelings of “We’ve done this before,” creating a foreshadowing of doom and the thinking that something needs to be done about it, or could be acting as a reminder that through having a lack of foresight, we can tend to bring certain situations upon ourselves, collectively.

Caught in Who or What’s Web?

Asking for more clarity on who or what web we have to be careful of becoming trapped in, I draw the “Ace of Wands,” which represents a philosophy or seeming to be the hand of God offering something. Here is lies over the “Caught in Her Web” card which means something of a spiritual or philosophical nature might be what we need to beware of. These could be new ideas that are coming onto the scene that cause divisiveness or conflict, religious or spiritual beliefs or prophecies, conspiracy theories, or other belief systems. The three small cards on the left indicate to break free from bondage and to “go it alone” instead of joining the crowd or others. With the “destiny” card, this almost implies philosophies that claim to speak of destiny or that what we are going through right now is karmic or destined in some form. Whatever the case, of what (or who) you choose to believe in or follow, make sure you use discretion at this time.

While it may be tempting to see this as having to do with the Trump situation and his religious followers (who believed he was a sort of savior), the sense I get, it is much bigger than this and speaks to a larger energy arising in the world everywhere. People seem to be looking for a savior or turning to something external to find the answer or salvation. Through giving power away in this way there is the potential to be used in some form. It also shows in the immediate future, so it seems to represent something coming that we are going to be tested whether we should believe in or follow or not.

The Law of Balance

Asking for more clarity on the “Law of Balance” card, I draw the “Nine of cups” card, which we see a figure with nine drinking goblets over his head. While this is generally seen as a positive card, when combined with the Law of Balance, I tend to interpret it as connected with overindulgence or even addiction. The cups are overhead, representing a form of mental intoxication. Thus, there might be the need to become more moderate and less intoxicated.

Lying to the right of the Nine of Cups is the “Queen of Swords” card. She is a queen with a sharp tongue and, since this is a reading on the collective emotional energy, she represents getting swept up with the need to express ourselves bluntly. The collective climate seems to be bringing out the cyber troll in not only the public but also our leaders.

This card can also represent the nature of some of the philosophies that are becoming popular, or even conspiracy theories, which focus on cutting others down. To the left, the smaller cards indicate to use discretion again with what we overindulge in, in this area and the lacking direction. While it is great that important matters are being discussed, the discussion seems to go all over the place and lack direction or a game plan. Everything has become so loud, noisy, and distracting. Meanwhile, it isn’t really solving the problems of the world, as the third card indicates we continue to linger in situations that make us unhappy instead of making changes (internally or with our lifestyle or what we have power to make changes with). There is a need to find our way back to balance again, which perhaps we can do so if we can step back and see the bigger picture of the collective consciousness and what is taking place within it.

How is all of this Connected to our Collective Past?

Asking for more clarity on how all of this is connected to our collective past, I draw the “Five of Pentacles” card (a card of financial losses) and the “Temperance” card (a card of finding healing and balance).  Here, we have the black swan looming over the situation, reminding us of what has happened in the past when humanity did not show foresight. With the five of pentacles, we see characters who are out on the street and concerns over welfare or loss of income. Perhaps there is a fear of financial losses, or the creation of them (or of leaving people homeless) if we are not careful. We can ask, “Where have we seen this before.” Where in the past have there been unrealistic expectations, deception, and the need to set new priorities (as represented by the smaller cards on the right)? There are so many themes from the past being repeated right now. Themes from the revolutions where the working class wanted to create an uprising to topple the elite, where racism cause people to lose their homes and to be displaced or placed in concentration camps. Then you have the eras of past where periods of affluence were followed by tragedy or poverty due to lack of foresight. Whatever direction we look, it seems the past is becoming present and both are merged into something that is creating a lot of chaos for us.


There is an interesting mix of energies in the reading where in one way we are being asked to become more conscious and aware and in another we are asked to tune out of certain collective trends in spiritual thinking and philosophy. The Law of Balance asks us to tread the middle path between extremes and to find a way to find balance. Anything that is overindulgent, might not be a form of philosophy to get swept up with. Being too pro or against anything might not be the way. It might be better during such chaotic and swept up times to go it alone in certain dimensions of thinking.  It makes sense that seeing a situation from a detached perspective, taking into account where we’ve been in the future (as a collective), what energy to avoid in the future and what to use in the future can help us better understand the webs that are all around us and how to keep ourselves unstuck.