Reading for January 2021

For the month of January, asking what we are to make a focus, I draw the Collective Physical. This indicates that there may be something we need to see regarding the collective physical level of experience or something that is affecting us at this level. Asking what this is, I draw the Cloud Formations card upright and the Moon Magic reversed. The collective physical expressed on the Cloud Formations card can indicate being impacted by something airborne, such as smoke,  pollution, or a biological agent. Or it can indicate strange cloud formations or contrails. Asking for more clarity, I draw Breathing Room reversed, so this could be related to the newer strain of Covid which spreads faster. The same card can indicate, at an emotional level, the spread of ideas, propaganda, brainwashing, and conspiracy theories. A second card is Moon Magic reversed, so perhaps people are experiencing sleeping issues or are feeling out of sync with natural rhythms.

The circular cards indicate that a lesson to be learned in January is one of self-love. There may be trauma experienced through feeling oppressed. This could be through lockdowns, restrictions, or forms of discrimination. The last card indicates a feeling of being enslaved in some way or having to obey leaders or others who make decision for us. If not this, perhaps the topic of slavery becomes more a topic of interest, either in a historical sense or pertaining to modern slavery or trafficking that is still ongoing.

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