In my mind’s eye, as if in a dream, the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaches me. With her long dark hair waving in a gentle breeze, she is an inspiration full of beauty.  She smiles at me and it is full of warmth and caring. However, there is also something powerful and commanding about her presence.  It is a little intimidating.  It is like she can read into the deepest reaches of my mind and soul.  She knows everything that is hidden within me.  Yet, she still smiles and holds out a hand of hers for me to hold.

White Buffalo Calf Woman and FukushimaAs I take her hand, we are transported to a quiet place.  Everything seems so peaceful here. It is a place that is free of the many sounds of civilization: the noise of traffic, technology, and other noisy things.  In place of these sounds, I can hear more vibrantly the sounds of nature and her birds, insects, and also the squirrels which squawk and chase after one another in the trees.

Making our way closer to the trees, I look up in amazement. They are very tall and I notice the type of energy they seem to impart is very much like the energy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman herself.  It is full of gentleness and charm, but also full of power and strength.  The Lady Calf Woman, seeming to read my thoughts, looks at me with a smile and speaks; “You are wondering how something that is so full of power and strength can be full of gentleness and beauty at the same time.”

“Yes, that is exactly what I was wondering,” I answered.

“The world, at present, tends to confuse these qualities,” she said. “Power and strength when used toward current western world goals and agendas can seem a little harsh, competitive, or cutthroat.  Strength can then become associated with something controlling or corruptive.  What is gentle, on the other hand, can become associated with weakness. This is because to be gentle comes to be seen as being acquiescent; never having an opinion or a voice with which to speak.”

Pointing up into the leafy green leaves of the tree in front of us, she continues; “But, from these trees, we can learn that beauty and gentleness can be commanding when it has a voice, and when it can stand in the light of its truth; in a spirit of surrendering to that truth without acquiescing.”

“That is such a lovely way to see the trees; that they have their own voice,” I replied.

“Everything within Nature has a voice,” she stated. “Everything within Creation speaks of its own mystery and calling.  It is simply a new language to learn for those who would wish to learn it.”

As we gazed upon the trees that towered above us, my mind began to wonder what secrets they could impart to me.  The White Buffalo Calf Woman, having read my mind, turned in my direction and asked; “Why not ask them?”

“I am not sure that I would be able to hear them correctly,” I answered her.

“Nonsense,” she admonished me. “Open your heart.  Imagine connecting your own energy to their energy.  Then, allow yourself to feel their energy speak to your energy field. Listen to what that energy has to say.  The language will not always be provided through spoken words, but you still possess the ability to translate into words what is being communicated.”

“You want me to do this right now?” I asked her.

She seemed surprised I would even ask this question; “Why not now?” she questioned me. Then, she turned to face the trees again and with a huge smile upon her face said to me; “Tell me, dear child, what do you ‘think’ you hear them say?”

“Ummm,” I said, feeling a little unprepared.

“There is no right or wrong way to do this,” she reminded me. “You are simply allowing within your own energy field an open door for the energy of the trees to enter.”

I closed my eyes and focused upon connecting my heart to the energy of one of the trees in front of me. After a few moments, the Lady Calf Woman asked me to put what I was sensing from the trees into words.

“Here is what I think I hear them say,” I answered. “‘In the circle of life, there is no real time, only a circling of life. Everything operates in this material dimension through various laws and balances.”

“Anything else?” asked the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

“Yes,” I answered her. “I hear the tree say; ‘The Holy Spark of life within me is one with the Holy Spark of life within you. As the Holy Spark within me greets the Holy Spark within you, I greet a part of myself.  As I bless you, I bless myself. As I love you, I love myself. Our life energy springs from the same seed—a thought within the mind’s eye of a greater universe of thought.’”

The White Buffalo Calf Woman seemed pleased and stated; “The trees thank you for your loving receptivity.” She added; “You can also use this approach to speak with almost anything living within this world.  You can speak to your body, its cells, crystals, animals, and more.”

Then, the White Buffalo Calf Woman took my hand within hers and again the scenery changed. I suddenly found myself standing with her in the living area of my home.

“Tell me something about this,” she directed me while pointing to my radio.

“It is a radio,” I replied.

“Yes,” she affirmed. “But, I want you to go beyond the label of what it is. If there were no labels, what would you say to me about this object and its purpose?”

“Hmmm,” I said, needing to think about how I was going to put it into words.  I finally responded; “I guess that it is an object that was designed to project sound and music.”

“How does it do that?” she asked.

“From what I gather, sound waves and frequencies are picked up by a tower that transmits these sounds to radio devices. Radios have antennas that allow them to pick these radio waves up. They also have tuners that help to separate the different radio signals from one another so that one main broadcast can be selected  The devices then communicate those sound waves into something audible. People listening can hear people speaking from far away, or can listen to various songs and music.”

“Consciousness communicates with the material dimension in much the same way,” she stated. “The universe is comprised of waves of consciousness.  It is like a dialogue of energy and creative intentions. In a way, the larger consciousness of the universe is in constant communication with itself.”

She continued; “Because there are created within this universe of consciousness various levels and dimensions—including a material one—an experience can be created where a part of the consciousness can seem to split off from itself and forget how to tune into the main Master frequency. This is similar to how you need to use a tuning dial to hear particular stations on your radio; otherwise you cannot hear a particular broadcast.”

“I never thought of it like that before,” I stated.

“It is like if you imagined a huge diamond,” she continued. “Imagine that someone shattered that diamond into many pieces.”

“Okay,” I said.

She then continued; “Each piece is still a diamond. Each piece is still a part of the original stone. Each piece of diamond still vibrates the original radio frequency of a diamond on some level. You simply have to relearn how to tune into that original frequency, to let it communicate with you; to remind you that you are a diamond and that the diamond is your true source.”

The Lady Calf woman took me by the hand and began to walk with me. Then, she turned to face me and said; “The first step is to learn the tools and the language you will need to be able to tune into other pieces of the diamond so that you can begin to recognize yourself as true brothers and sisters—a part of one another; since each of you are a shard from an original diamond source.”

“So, this is something humans can learn to do with one another,” I stated.

“Not just other humans,” was her response. “Part of the problem occurs when humans only recognize themselves within others that share the same material form and spoken language. The trick is to connect with the Holy Spark. Whatever contains the Holy Spark can communicate the Master radiofrequency. So, when you can connect with the Holy Spark within everything that was created from it and which contains it, you meet your Creator in a larger way.”

“Does this include inanimate things?” I asked.

“Inanimate things are part of the material dimension,” she answered. “Though they have symbolic content and communicate the thoughts and intentions of those who created or became dependent on them, they are not life forms containing living energy or consciousness.  For, you are not like the inanimate forms you create. You cannot perish or be disposed of. Your life is eternal in the same way all things that contain life are eternal and contain the Holy Spark of their Master Creator.”

The Lady Calf Woman continued; “Learn to recognize yourself within everything that is living in order to better understand your true Self.  Learn to recognize how valuable and precious you are through learning to value and to see as beautiful all that is living that is a part of the consciousness experience.  All that lives throughout this Earth radiates what is part of your original essence.”

The White Buffalo Calf Woman continued; “The fact that your environment is suffering because you have caused damage to it is a mirror that true recognition has been lost.  It is being regained in ways, but there needs to be more of a movement from the knowing of spiritual understanding within the mind toward truly accessing it within the heart. When you truly recognize through your heart the eternal all around you—as being a part of your Creator—you will cease to have such a destructive effect. Right now, many of you are more preoccupied with what has no life in it than what has life. You let your concerns over money and possessions dominate your mind, prayers, and hopes.”

“I know,” I said. “It is like people were finally opening up to understanding spirituality in a bigger sense; returning to some of the wisdom of the masters.  However, something sidetracked us and diverted our attention again toward focusing on money and material abundance.”

“That is only one way to see abundance,” she stated. “For, if you look at Nature, is She not the very definition of abundance?”

“Yes, indeed,” I replied.

“When you forget to honor the sacred spirit within Her, She comes to be seen as perishable and to be used as a means to an end rather than cherished in the light of what She is part of; or for all the love She provides,” explained the Lady Calf Woman. “However, many of you are now beginning to awaken and realize how She is an important teacher for this age. Which, it will be through learning to love and protect the light within Her—recognizing it in its full and miraculous beauty—that you will better learn how to love yourself, your fellows, elders, and children.”

She continued; “Your world can speak to you through both what is eternal within one dimension and through what is symbolic and material within another dimension. If you allow, you will hear your world communicate to you on various levels that Nature is the missing step in your spirituality, among other things. If you allow it, the communication from Nature can help you redefine the various concepts you most support and live by. However, because you’ve lost this communication ability, the dimension of the material has been out of balance.”

“Though it is the dimension we understand the most. And, yet, still, it is out of balance,” I added.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman smiled and took my hand and we were transported out into nature. As we walked she stated; “Whatever is collectively out of balance externally is simply a communication regarding what is collectively out of balance or alignment internally; such as with your collective belief systems and Self- knowledge. What created the internal imbalance also creates the external communication of the same frequency of imbalance.  In doing this, it teaches the way back home to what is sacred.”

She had me look upon everything around me out in nature. So much life was all around us.  The sound of nature seemed to create its own music.

With this, the Lady Calf Woman herself began to sing a song in a language I was unfamiliar with. As she sang, she appeared to be directing her song to everything within our midst.  She sang looking up to the sky, looking down to the ground, and to all the living plants and creatures that surrounded us. Then, she took me by the hand once more and the next thing I knew, I was home within my own back yard.  I heard one last whisper before she disappeared; “Awaken, dear one. The whole of Heaven waits in joyful anticipation to show you its Magnificence and Truth.”

Note: These are fictional stories rather than “channelings.” I started writing them after having a dream which led to the first story I wrote, here>> .  I took these down for a while and I am only reposting these after being encouraged to by a friend who is Native American. I recommend for those who want to learn the real story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman to research her on the web from authentic sources. A few good books to read are:

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge