When asking a question on Facebook regarding what I should write about for Bellesprit Magazine this month, a good friend of mine offered me an intriguing response. She told me to “channel” the White Buffalo Calf Woman regarding a post she had published on Facebook a few days earlier. This post showed a map of how the radiation from Fukushima was spreading to the North. With the map was a link to an article (see here>>). So, I sat outside for a bit with a pen and paper to connect with the White Buffalo Calf Woman and to see what story would flow through. While these have been called “channelings” they are actually fictional stories. To begin each story, I close my eyes and imagine the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaching me. I, then, allow a dialogue to begin to unfold.

Here is the story that would result:

Within my mind’s eye, as if in a dream, I see the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaching me. She offers me a pink rose and I accept it graciously. As I take the rose, it changes color from pink, to yellow, to white and back to pink again. Then, the White Buffalo Calf Woman finally speaks.

“Love is like a rainbow.” she tells me. “It has many different shades and meanings. It does not take much to bloom, but has certain requirements to thrive; just like the rose dose. And, while love represents strength, it also represents vulnerability. This is why the rose, a symbol of love, has thorns to protect itself from predators.”

“Can love heal the waters that have been polluted by the disaster at Fukushima?” I then asked.

“Love can heal your miscreations, but only once you understand why you miscreated them. Otherwise your miscreations will repeat themselves.” was the Lady Calf Woman’s reply.

With this she took my hand in hers. The next thing I knew, we were both standing on a beach together, ankle deep in water. I jumped backwards and out of the water, shocked to see what I was ankle deep in. However, the White Buffalo Calf Woman kept to her position and posed to me a question, “Don’t you want to join me here?”

My immediate reaction was “No way!” I could see that the ocean water where she was standing was full of many unclean things. It appeared as if it was full of oil, debris, sewage, and filth. And, I was sure that because my original question involved Fukushima, it was probably polluted with radioactive byproducts as well.

“Why would you want me to stand in there with you?” I asked her.

“You are not afraid to be part of what has manifested it. So why would you be afraid of the effects?” She asked me. “’As without, so within,’ I always say.”

“What do you mean I’m not afraid to be part of what manifests it? I’m very vocal about us becoming more aware.” I said. “It’s the reason that I called upon you today.”

Once more, she motioned for me to stand with her in the water, urging me not to be afraid. So, I joined her, trusting that it would be safe. However, as I looked down toward our ankles, I saw that lesions were beginning to form. I immediately felt afraid and almost jumped back out of the water again. My Lakota companion, however, encouraged me to stay standing with her by her side.

“Why are you making me endure this?” I asked.

“Why are you making yourself endure it?” was her response.

All I could do was continue to look down at my ankles in trepidation. The lady calf woman saw my anxiety. “Don’t worry about the lesions,” she reassured me. “They are only illusions; illusions that spring from mankind’s thoughts, wishes and deeds.”

“We wish for this?” I asked.

“Of course.” she answered. “Whatever you wish for, you receive. Do you not ask to enjoy ways of living, conveniences and power sources that you know have polluting or unhealthy effects, and to be able to live with these effects?”

“So, this is all illusion and we are not supposed to be concerned?” I asked.

“Yes and no” was her response. “In spirit you are always safe and your material life is an illusion. However, within this illusion you always have choice of what illusions you wish to create.”

She continued, “Right now mankind is choosing to pollute the waters. It is illusion, yes, but it is also an active choice; though few of you would own up to what you are choosing. Not enough of you will take action to choose something else. ”

“That is true.” I responded.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman continued, “Most of you mistake knowledge for wisdom, and then knowledge becomes something to use in order to continue to produce miscreations.”

“What do you mean that knowledge is not wisdom?” I asked.

“I mean that no one can argue that mankind is not knowledgeable of many things. In more recent years, a great deal of spiritual knowledge has been passed down to the peoples of Earth. Though, it remains simply knowledge rather than wisdom. This is because wisdom is the ability to use knowledge in a creative way rather than toward miscreation.”

“What do you mean when you say ‘miscreation.’” I asked.

“Miscreations are creations that fail to honor the sacred spark and your sacred Host, Mother Earth. They are creations that are not born from love or from an understanding that you are a part of a bigger picture and that bigger picture is a part of you. For, if you understood true love, you would not need to miscreate anymore. Your creations would all create peaceful, healthy and loving fruits. You would openly seek to bring balance back to your world, regardless of what you might have to give up. However you are unwilling to give up what creates pollution for you and the pollution itself. And you do not understand that the pollution you perceive outside of you—which results from your miscreations—is merely a symbol of how polluted and ‘radiotoxic’ your mind, thoughts and wishes have become. You have left a place of being natural and of appreciating what is natural to choose something else.”

“So creating nuclear plants are miscreations?” I asked.

“Yes.” she responded. “You’ve taken knowledge and refused to turn it into wisdom. You’ve filled your brains, but left a void within your heart.”

“Many see that not as their fault.” I said. “They see that they didn’t create the nuclear plant and don’t even want to see it sustained.”

“They can choose to see it that way if they want, but it won’t be the whole truth. For, the lesson is a collective lesson, not just for the individual to learn, but for a collective to share responsibility for.”

“So, what can I do?” I asked

“Take knowledge and turn it into wisdom. Then you will, for your part, cease to be part of creating unloving fruits.” she said.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It is not enough for you and mankind to carry ideas of representing love, light and wholeness. That is simply the act of carrying knowledge that has been given to you. You must also learn to transmute knowledge into wisdom and allow the wisdom you gain to teach you how to change the way you treat life. You must begin to care for what is greater than yourself and your own advancement while at the same time not taking it too seriously. You must begin to care for the advancement of the Earth Herself. She is waiting.”

“Wow, she is actually waiting?” I asked.

“Yes.” answered the White Buffalo Calf Woman. “She is waiting for the sons of daughters of Earth to understand who they are and what the truth is. She is waiting for you to understand who She is and what Her truth is.”

“What is Her truth?” I asked.

“Her truth is love, sweetness. Her truth is a sacred truth. In Her own way She is knowledge and wisdom combined. She can teach you the meaning of true beauty and miracles, but only if you let Her. So, she waits for mankind to let Her.”

She continued, “Her truth is the One truth which many of you do not yet understand. So this makes your intentions honorable, but not necessarily wise.”

“What does all of this have to do with Fukushima?” I asked.

“If you can collectively unite in ways that allow you to use knowledge that has been passed down to you wisely, there will be no more Fukushimas. And you will know how to heal the Earth of what has already been miscreated. You will know how to separate the path of knowledge from the path of wisdom.”

She continued, “The majority within the collective generally live split between thought and action, what is conscious and unconscious, and what is spiritual and what is lifestyle. This manifests in split intentions concerning what many of you within the spiritual community are attempting to accomplish; which is ultimately Love.”

“I think it’s a question that we want to know love, but have never truly known it to know what it is or what it truly encompasses.” I offered.

“True. It is a journey where you have to re-learn something you have long forgotten; and you have to learn it from scratch again.”

The Lady Calf Woman continued, “What creates more of a challenge for you—though not a bad challenge because you chose to experience these challenges—is that you are immersed in streams of consciousness that place a fog over your perceptions. Then, you have to find your way through this fog to arrive at the truth.”

“True.” I stated.

“You are born into this fog and consciously remember nothing outside of it,” said the White Buffalo Calf Woman, “So, it becomes hard for you to grasp any other way to live, feel, think and breathe. But live, feel, think and breathe you must. For, you are all on an amazing journey to find completeness. And you will not find it without challenging some of the fog and more unconscious thoughts that you prefer to remain blind to. Until you are willing to see that the path of blindness is not the path of love, you will not know how to truly bring peace into your world. In such a case knowledge of love has been acquired butthe wisdom regarding how to make it a walk of life is still absent to a large degree.”

“People think that we can just use our thoughts to heal the waters.” I told her.

“And this is not without truth” She stated. She then closed her eyes and looked deep in concentration. As I looked down at the water, it had become clean and pure and the lesions around our ankles were healed and removed.

“That’s incredible” I told her. “I would like to have this ability.”

“All in time, my child” she stated. “You first have to pass the test of knowing the difference between knowledge and wisdom. You then have to be able to use wisdom to create love and trust. You have to be able to know why you are miscreating, so as to refrain from miscreating anything more. You have to know what you are truly thinking, asking for and why. Otherwise all your efforts will yield some form of result and yet be returned back to dust.”

“So what is the first step?” I asked.

“The first step is to pray. Sincerely pray to have more than knowledge. Pray to also have wisdom. Pray to be able to recognize your miscreations and why you miscreated them. And then pray to know how to use love to create something else, instead.”

She continued “Use nature as your guide. She will speak to you about your miscreations and what wisdom can be applied. But you will only be able to hear her if you listen. You will only be able to love her if you can put aside your love for material things enough to feel an opening in your heart. For, she is your true treasure and the spark of holiness and life within her—the spark of miracle—is part of what you are as well.”

“That all seems like it would be so simple, but it is difficult at the same time.” I responded.

“You don’t need to make it so confusing for yourself.” She stated. “Simply be willing to recognize how your soul and Her soul are partners on this journey. Treat Her with respect. Care for her as your Mother, your elder, your teacher, your lover and your heart. For if you take the ‘h’ off of the word “heart” and put it on the end of the word, you have the word “earth.” It is not an accident that the words “heart” and “earth” are of the same numerological vibration.”

“Yes, I have heard that before.” I said.

With this the White Buffalo Calf Woman took my hand and had me kneel down in the pure water with her. Using her hands as cups, she scooped some water and poured it over my head. She then stated, “You have now been baptised in the purity of Nature. Keep Her waters pure. Encourage others to baptise themselves as well. For water is what your body is made of. It is the same substance that makes up the lakes, rivers and oceans of Mother Earth.”

With that, she began to sing a prayer as we waded in the water together; a prayer to the east, a prayer to the west and to all other directions. Her last words to me were: “Remember the rainbow bridge. That bridge is your bridge home.”

Note: These are fictional stories rather than “channelings.”  The original one started with a dream which I recreated the best I could. See >> 

I took this story down and others I had written because I am white. I am only reposting these after being encouraged to by a friend who is Native American. I recommend for those who want to learn the real story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman to research her on the web from authentic sources. A few good books to read are:

Walking the Way of the Rainbow Bridge