In my mind’s eye…
…as if in a dream, I see the White Buffalo Calf Woman approaching me. She knows she needs no introduction. Without a word, she takes my left hand within her right palm and leads me through a meadow to the bank of a river. She motions for me to sit down with her and I happily oblige.

In the trees nearby, the birds look down from their high branches and I can hear their pleasant tweeting amidst the sound of the rushing water as it streams by. A clear sky overhead, the sun casts its brilliant light upon the river; which its ripples appear to sparkle as they reflect the light.

White Buffalo Calf WomanThe White Buffalo Calf Woman sees what has caught my attention. She watches my face with a pleased but curious glance. Then, she finally speaks; “See how the sunlight sparkles upon the river, but never reaches too far below the surface… its beauty can only go so deep. The story it would tell, if it had one, would be a happy tale, however. It would be a story of joyfully dancing and playing upon the water; having no real concerns at all.”

“I never noticed that before.” I responded.

“Very few do.” she remarked.

We looked upon the flickering light together and then she shared a perception; “The world is advancing so very quickly in its process toward awakening. However, one must also remember that the collective mind-set has been trapped in darkness and powerlessness for a very long time. It is only now beginning to wake up and look for a new direction to turn.”

Motioning toward the sparkling river she continued, “At times, the only way you could see the light was if it caught your attention on the surface… never reaching much deeper than this. Oh yes, that light made you feel light and playful, and this playfulness and innocence is a beautiful quality. However, when locked into the surface of anything, you can become stunted in your capacity for greater depth, understanding and growth. Fortunately, the time has come where the lock can finally be released.”

“What kind of lock was it? Was it created deliberately?” I asked.

The white buffalo calf woman replied, “It was created by unconsciousness, and such unconsciousness is capable of being woken from. As for your second question, everything can serve a purpose, even unconsciousness.”

She then turned her gaze away from the water and took my hand and placed it inside of hers. With a more serious tone she spoke, “For a very long time, mankind has felt a void within…a state of unconsciousness regarding who he is. This left man continually trying to find a way to fill this void from without, only to have his efforts leave him feeling unfulfilled. Whenever a spiritual light began to emerge, it was played with in various ways, but could only ever offer a small taste of its magic… a taste that could escape from the mind of mankind just as quickly as it could be happened upon. Men would then return to the harsh and structured ways of the world, while left with a feeling of longing in their soul for the Light’s return…”

“That is something I can definitely relate to.” I said.

She then asked, “Have you noticed how such a feeling of longingness can feel particularly difficult to cope with during times the skies above become overcast with clouds? Many of you can fall into a deep depression and wonder if the clouds will ever part again. This keeps you longing for the sun in an external way or through external acts that keep you waiting. You are left with the subtle realization that this playful light can only behave in a superficial and temporary manner before your mind is drawn back to how dark your world has truly become.”

“What else can we all do?” I asked.

Placing her hand over her heart, the lady calf woman replied, “The answer to that question lies with where you choose to find the spiritual light. For example, if you keep looking for a light to shine down upon you from heaven above, it blocks you from looking within your heart for the warmth of a different kind of sun that shines from heaven within.” She continued, “Look for the sun which arises from the holy spark within you. This sun is also a Son of the Great Spirit; which if you cannot see it in yourself, you miss it everywhere–within the trees, within the grass, within the creatures that stir.”

We both pause for a moment in order to observe all of the breathtaking beauty that surrounded us. Then, the buffalo calf woman picked up the conversation where it was left off. She stated, “The next phase of the world will see a return to recognizing sacredness. For a long time, sacredness was lost when you would greet a person, a creature or a part of nature. Now the world can enter a new phase where the focus is not merely an attempt to use the natural world and its creatures solely as a means to create something lifeless or transitory to indulge in or worship. In place of this, you can come to greet and revere the natural world–as your companion on your Earth journey–through recognizing the holy spark you share.”

With this, the White Buffalo Calf Woman looked down to the ground and shook her head. She stated, “In the past, there has been no responsibility…no accountability…”

“In what way do you mean?” I asked.

She answered, “Because many of you innocently played with the Light while looking for it externally through various forms of religion, doctrine, concepts of material abundance or other means, you could not see the Light where it truly was.  This was neither right nor wrong, but a step in your development.  But, a change is now beginning to stir within many of you. Many of you will begin to know the truth of who you are before long.”  Which, pointing to my heart with a smile upon her face she exclaimed, “It’s in you, dear one! It is within your blood, within your heart, within your lungs. It is within the song your life sings and dances to! It is in all you have formerly thrown away and took for granted.  For, both you and mankind lost the way of sacred prayer and the knowledge of how to smoke my sacred pipe.  But, such knowledge lost can be returned to you again; in a way which appreciates it in a new light.”

“Is this what many of us are starting to do through focusing on love and light?” I asked.

“A small taste.  A small sweet taste.” she answered.

Silence passed for a few moments between us, and then she began to speak again.

“Remember, love is like a mirror in which you can see a reflection. Love is reflected all around you; in the trees, in Nature, in your heart, and in one another.  This mirror has been lost and shattered; replaced instead with a broken record that keeps spinning out the same tune over and over; a tune which has you feeling mesmerized and lost.”

Asking her what she meant, she replied. “Your ideas of love are overly passive. What I mean by this is that love is carried out primarily on a mental level rather than through your walk of life. For, in your walk of life you have resigned that you have to conform to lifestyles which were not created to focus on the whole but only the self. Such a way to love cannot fathom change or rocking the boat. Then, love becomes something that fosters and enables weakness instead of integrity and truth. It needs to deny the truth in order to feel cultivated in itself. Yes, Yes! Love is gentleness, but it is also power and strength! It is responsibility!  It is sharing and caring! It is the life giver and it never seeks to ungratefully take another life!”

“To me, it makes sense that true love would treat everything as sacred.” I said.

“Yes!  Yes!  For, would not love protect its mother and the giver of its life?” exclaimed the white buffalo calf woman. “Would not Love know that within Her lies the very spark of the Holiest of Holies; which this holiness lies within all living things and beings.”

The lady calf woman continued,” The mother who gave you life is One with the Mother of all natural life. It is this Mother of all natural life that is the giver of your mother’s life and your own; which She, Herself, first took form within the womb of a greater Mother.  Yet, in many ways, she has been unintentionally abandoned and disowned… this mother who shared with you and yours her great abundance.  Man did not know any better, for to know better would be to know the beauty and holiness that exists first within the Self.  Many of you have been unconscious for a very long time; which in order not to feel Mother Nature’s pain as your own, you taught yourselves not to feel for Her at all.  Though, this will change.  You are now beginning to experience that what seeds you sow for your Earth Mother reap a harvest that affects you as well…”

The lady calf woman then stood up and approached the nearest tree.  One of the leaves she took within her fingers, and then she spoke,” Man has not yet learned to even love one leaf upon one tree most days.  This isn’t conscious or intentional.  He simply doesn’t know better. It is coming… it is coming as now an increasing number of Earth children are stepping forward to teach other men how to love one leaf upon one tree most days.”

“But man does love its offspring and family.” I replied.

“Man currently loves the idea of romantic relationships, offspring and family.  This is because man loves not to feel alone,” said the white buffalo calf woman.”  If he truly knew what love was, then he would surely love his offspring and family.  But, he will not love as long as he is lost in darkness and trying to find himself in the external. He has to first unlearn the teachings that falsely taught him that he has to compete for love. Because of this, he cannot find peace; he cannot find happiness.  He has never learned to love himself. He was never truly given permission. He thinks he needs permission and for this permission he waits.”

I asked her what could be done about this.” Speak.” she simply said.” Don’t enable this lack of love any longer. Would you enable a child to wander into the busy traffic with no one to guide its path?”

“But people don’t want to listen.” I responded.

“Of course they do not want to listen.” she answered. “They are afraid of being shown that what they thought was light was only mediocrity and what they thought was only mediocrity was light. But the light is coming, and the light is increasing; whether they like it or not.”

She spoke again, “For the sake of the Oneness experiment–in other words, for the sake of a Oneness experience which you call unity consciousness–those who know the truth must get past the fear of knowing it. If they know where love exists, then they must have the strength to show where to find this love; so that others can learn in order to join with it. When people conjoin in love, love then becomes strengthened.”

“What if it is too late?” I asked her.

“It is never too late for love.”  She said. “No…For love is not about achieving any outcome.  Love is justified through its expression alone.”

She continued, “Seek to love. Seek to always be loving.  But, love from a place within the heart that knows what love is and what love is not.  Love from a place that knows where love is, and where to greet it. If you do not know what love is and where to find it, it is not hard to learn.  Simply look around you, because the opportunity to see and learn is everywhere. Love is the language of Nature and the Universe. It endlessly speaks to us of its great love. But, learn first for yourself what love is. Listen to what it has to teach you, and then teach it.”

“How will we know what love is and what it is not” I asked her.

“You will know if you can separate yourself from the world and its consciousness enough to begin to see life and love from a perspective that is unclouded by popular beliefs, stories and thought forms.  For, the world loves to be carried away in its own stories and beliefs.  In getting carried away, however, the collective consciousness has become slightly infected.  Neither this infection, nor the collective consciousness, represents the truth of who you are, however. Such an infection is only a story each person weaves while united in consciousness and thought with brothers and sisters who were taught to weave the same story.

She continued, “Nature communicates everything…it always has. Nature is part of the Universe which communicates everything….and always has. Some of the beliefs that infect the collective consciousness arise from mankind, while other beliefs arise from other sources. So, you must separate yourself from the world for some time, even from what appears to be “light.” While separated from the world for a time, you can then learn the ways of sacred prayer and how to smoke the sacred pipe.”

“What is the sacred pipe?” I asked.

“I will save this discussion for another time.” she stated, letting me know she would return to speak to me again.

At this point, the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s expression and demeanor changed. She approached the nearby tree and placed her hand upon its body. She then looked into its branches for the bluebird that was singing. With a playful grin on her face, she exclaimed to the bird, “Spread your joy little bluebird! For pure joy is what you are! And, when you spread your wings to fly, please carry on your wings my own joy. For such joy arises in the recognition of your sacred spark; the same sacred spark which lovingly gave birth to all of Creation.

Then, she turned around to speak to me once more; this time with a grin upon her face. She informed, “Despite all that I have said, remind yourself never to forget to play. There is always time for it. If you watch little children, they know how to play. They know how to play with nothing man made, and they rarely focus upon an outcome…”

She continued, “Play like the light that dances on the water, but go deeper. Bring light forth from your internal sun as well. Let that light greet everyone, not just of human form, but of animal and plant as well…”

And with this the lady calf woman began to sing a song; she sang a song of prayer to the east, to the west, and all directions. Then, the white buffalo calf woman merged into the tree and I was left standing by the river alone. Amidst the sound of the water rushing by and the birds chirping, I could hear one last faint whisper… “I will be back,” it said. “Remember, we are collectively One.”

Note: These are fictional stories rather than “channelings.” See the main page for more information>>

Mandy Peterson is a psychic visionary, empath, channel and EFT Practitioner. She is the author of the book “I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond,” and a regular columnist for the metaphysical magazine, Bellesprit. As an empathic healer and reader, Mandy works 1-to-1 with clients, helping them to achieve clarity, peace and balance. For more information, see the “About” page.