And How To Correct It

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t get over a certain habit or issue? Or why some people heal and others have all the potential, resources and abilities but don’t? They might go to doctors and try numerous therapies never getting anywhere.

It used to be thought that it was all about willpower or resolve. Or that the person did not really want to really get better, wasn’t trying hard enough or was just lazy. However, psychological reversal implies that the problem actually exists at the level of the energy flow or “polarity” within the bodies energy meridian system. This energy and polarity is labeled “reversed”, thus it is flowing the wrong direction and causing effects that are not in our best interest or well-being. Healing is then impeded because the body and mind will actually fight against its own healing forces.

Psychological Reversal is predominant in those with depressive or addictive disorders. It is also predominant in those who suffer from chronic conditions as well as those with multiple chemical or food sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other 20th Century Diseases.

The first thing to test with an EFT client or with yourself if you have an issue (testing is performed with using muscle testing techniques) is if there is massive psychological reversal. The following statements are tested after one has established one is clear and the person being tested for hydrated:

“I want to get over {this problem}”
“I want to be successful at {acting, music, school, relationships etc}”
“I live for life”

Then try testing the opposite and see if you get the opposite response.

“I don’t want to get over {the problem}.”
“I don’t want to be successful at {acting. music, school, relationships, etc}.”
“I live for death.”

If you test psychologically reversed for any of these issues. You want to do a few rounds of tapping on the massive psychological reversal set up statement; “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself with all my weaknesses and limitations”, “I want to get over {this problem}” and “I want to be successful at { … }”. Then retest and find out if the client (or yourself) is clear.

If you don’t have massive psychological reversal or have cleared it, then you want to test for other reversals. Some people have more than one. Here are some reversals to test for:

Deserving: “I deserve to get over this problem”
Safety: “It is safe for me to get over this problem”
Safety for others: “It is safe for (or will not threaten) others for me to get over this problem”
Motivation/Willingness: “I am willing/will do what it takes to get over this problem.”
Permission: “I will allow myself to get over this problem”
Possibility: “It is possible for me to overcome this problem.”
Benefit: “It is good for me to get over this problem.”
Resource: “I have what it takes to make life work without this problem.”
Deprivation: “I will feel deprived if I get over this problem.”
Identity: “I will lose my identity if I get over this problem”
Never: “I will never get over this problem”
Readiness: “I am ready to get over this problem.”
Permanency: “If I get over this problem it will come back” and “I want to keep some of this problem”

Once identifying a reversal, then EFT or other Though Field Therapy techniques can be used to correct it. You just use the reversal in your “set up statement” and perform the tapping sequence. Example: “Even though I will lose my identity if I get over {the problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Then retest the reversal and see if it is clear. Most times, the reversal is cleared in 1 round of tapping. If its deeper it might take 3 but rarely more. If it does not correct there is another issue or deeper reversal in the way. After reversals are out of the way, the main problem can be tapped on.

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