Dashing Through the Snow Reversed

Dashing Through the Snow ReversedThe global energy of this card asks you to notice where fear or paralysis has been blocking you from taking a path you’ve wanted to take. Especially pay attention if you’ve been holding yourself back from embarking on a course that serves a more global cause. Such a course could involve speaking up about a matter, expressing your opinion, going against the norm, changing your lifestyle, or doing something which requires you to embrace the new and unknown. Perhaps, you’ve even thought about becoming a leader in some way, starting a group or service, authoring a book, becoming a healer, or doing something else that would take you out of your comfort zone.

In place of giving in to feelings of fear and paralysis, visualize yourself following your desired path and moving through any blocks or limitations that are holding you back. If you can practice this type of visualization regularly, you’ll likely find that what’s holding you back begins to lose its power.

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