Nirvana Quartz (Himalayan Ice Quartz)

Himilayan Ice QuartzFor the month of October, the stone that was shown to me was Nirvana Quartz. Nirvana Quartz is a stone found high in Himalayan mountain ranges of Northern India. The spirit within Nirvana Quartz may be invoked for the purpose of helping us to open up to the future, to trust, and to overcome and learn from hardships. This helps us to transform, grow, and evolve into our highest potential. Himalayan Quartz is reportedly an excellent meditation tool, helping individuals create more inner stillness and greater alignment between the brain and the heart.

Through automatic writing, the message I channeled reads:

“Invoke this stone’s medicine for courage. Know yourself as I know you. Blessings are coming in disguise. Criticism yields rewards at this time. Allow yourself to be critical concerning what matters. Behaviors need to be challenged. Blessings need to be counted. Harmony needs to be restored. For, your true nature is one of harmony and blessings. Feel, participate, and rejoice in the now.”

Continuing a meditation, I was shown a vision of two hands holding the Earth as if it were an egg. Suddenly, the ‘Earth’ cracked open. Out of the crack a strawberry plant emerged. Looking up the symbolism of the strawberry I found:

Strawberry: Symbol of purity and sensuality, fertility and abundance, humility and modesty. The strawberry’s fruit is made the symbol of perfect goodness because of its delicious flavor and fragrance. Strawberries have been associated with goodness and purity in Christian history. The strawberry was once believed to be a holy symbol of the Virgin Mary. In paintings of Mary, many artists used strawberries in the detail of the picture or as border.” (Source

Then, the vision shifted, and I saw the statue of liberty, but she was not herself anymore. She had been transformed into a statue of Jesus who was wearing her crown and holding her torch of freedom. The feeling I received from this vision was that events may be coming which are sudden and appear to be negative, but many of them may be blessings in disguise that help us to bring about more freedom for ourselves individually and collectively. Even our perceptions of freedom could be transformed. To me, the statue of Liberty represents freedom as determined by our man-made ‘rights’. Jesus replacing it, possibly represents our rights to freedom as determined by God rather than man.

With this, I hear the words,

“Use the Earth, but remember to treat her kindly.”

I feel that we are being encouraged that there is a way to use the medicines of Earth and her stones without feeling a need to possess, buy, or own them. Their energies may be invoked in similar fashion as one would invoke the medicines of totem animals. Alternatively, one can connect with them through prayer or visualization.

Then, a different kind of energy steps in. Through automatic writing, I write down,

“Earth’s ancestors wish for humankind to understand that the Earth is not theirs to own or abuse as they feel. Humility has been lacking in this regard… To evolve, humankind must learn to find self-worth within a greater Self, rather than within worldly deeds. Worldly deeds cannot provide the appropriate medicine for what ails within.”

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge