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Over the past few years I’ve come to notice that whether we are Christian, New-Age, Buddhist, or Muslim, something is missing when it comes to what many of us call our ‘spirituality.’  Even those of us who were brought up as Christians seem to be missing a step when it comes to fully appreciating the glory of Nature.  We can even read in the scriptures how the seraphim angels unceasingly praise God’s glory throughout all of His creation; which, of course, includes mountains, streams and other forms of natural life.  Despite reading this type of scripture, however, those of us who are Christians still do not really know how to live it.

As for the new-age, while it attempts to take on some of the knowledge and traditions of other forms of religion, including that of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, it only ends up embracing Nature superficially.  For example, new-agers can tend to think in terms of quick fixes and superficial attachments. We try to bond with nature through thinking ‘thoughts’ of love or sending energy healing.  But, does all of this help us to truly feel for and treasure what Nature encapsulates in order to value Her above our love for acquiring consumer products, conveniences and other non-living things?

There are many ideals we hold as true within the new-age movement, which developing an ability to connect more with Nature might help us better put these ideals into practice.  For instance, the more we can learn to connect with Nature, the more we can connect to an energy of ‘wholeness.’  The more we can reflect upon and listen to Nature, the more we will realize that She has a mirror like quality that can reflect the predominant energy of the whole.  The more we can realize Her reflective qualities (both positive and negative), the more we can allow her to communicate to us through our examining what is being reflected.  After all, She is energy; she is communication. Everything within the universe is energy that is in constant communication. And, right now Nature is communicating to us that there is a lot of abundance and beauty in Her. However, she also communicates where we are not treasuring or appreciating it. As a result, because we haven’t been able to see what was sacred within Nature (i.e. we couldn’t see the communication within/from Her), we can’t see very well what is sacred and eternally ‘abundant’ within ourselves.

In fact, if you look at human life at its current and collective level of expression, what is occurring is that the beauty and abundance of Nature, as well as our appreciation for this living abundance, is being eclipsed by our appreciation for something else: man-made objects. These man-made objects are lifeless things that we create through using Nature and Her resources; sometimes taking from Nature bits of Her life in some way.

We do this because we feel that we need all the toys that we create; we need all the gadgets.  It seems that we have even forgotten how to play or have gratitude.  As a result, the main mantra that we collectively end up repeating is centered on ‘not-enoughness,’ when all throughout creation beauty is all around us; enoughness is all around us—waiting to be of service.  Many of us forget that the majority of us within the developed world have ample enough for our own needs.  However, we have been subtly brainwashed by the dominant streams of collective consciousness to think that we always need more and more and more.

Because we are left persistently focused on needing more, we become focused on the future instead of the present moment.  Which, it makes sense that if we focus too much on the future, we will become anxious over it; thinking about all of the things we would like to attain or fearing what could be lost.  How many of us miss the beauty of what is already there?  The more this beauty is missed by the majority, the more Nature reflects back to us how we’ve replaced life with the lifeless, as well as how well we are coping with this type of exchange (in internal and external ways).

I believe that this is why manifestation is occurring in a predictable way with regard to our world and environment. While many Law of Attraction enthusiasts would like to hypothesize that disasters and dis-ease states are manifesting because a collective body of individuals fear Armageddon or that harm will come to Nature, the explanation is simpler than this.  In truth, people fear that harm is coming to nature because they see that harm is coming to nature; the fruits of what we reap and sow are becoming more and more visible within the world.  There even seems to be an attitude that we can solve this problem through learning not to care about it.  However, if we stopped caring about the fruits of our behaviors (rooted in deeper thoughts and material fears and addictions), then there would be something wrong with us emotionally.  This is because we are supposed to care. Not in a way we worry, but in a way we learn where we have strayed from a path of Love in order to find our way back on the path again.  It can help us on our path if we can more fully understand that Nature is a part of us and we are a part of Her.  If we can learn to love Her and Her Sacred Spark, we can learn to love our own (and vice versa, though when reversed our ego can cause us to see less clearly what is truly needed).

What is really happening on this planet right now, however, is a worship of the anti-life. Protecting the lifeless and all our possessions and what is unnatural (un-nature-al) takes precedence to protecting Nature and what has life.  For example, we would rather worry about our need for speed, have conveniences, use toxic forms of energy, and drive around in our cars, than understand how Nature and life is being affected by these choices and behaviors.  If we currently were given the choice between protecting Nature or any of these destructive behaviors, we would likely choose our destructive behaviors (which I’m not saying I’m not guilty either).  Which, Nature reveals that up until this point, this has been our collective choice.

Returning back to the question of what thoughts of ours are causing harm to come to nature, it is clearly revealed through Nature Herself that the by-products of our worship of lifelessness are what creates the disappearance of life.  We create what we ask for in an indirect way through what we focus on: lifelessness, suppression of emotions, going against our natural cycles in order to be more productive, and everything that shuts us down and makes us a producer of products and a product ourselves. We suffer from lowered vitality and stress, and the environment mirrors this stress and low vitality as well.  We try to fill a void within with external lifeless pursuits, rather than with the recognition of the life that is sacred within all living things.

All of the environmental by-products that result and appear to reap havoc within our external world can still be considered to represent manifestation that is following thought; which the external havoc merely mirrors the internal havok that the majority of us live with.  And, if you focus on lifelessness enough and start to shut yourself down when it comes to appreciating what has life in it, what begins to happen (physically, emotionally, internally, externally)?  If we work all day and drive home without even noticing the beauty of nature around us—not deeming it worthy of notice—and return to our homes only to notice and give value to what is lifeless or what is human, is it not understandable that everything else starts to disappear?

In addition to this, there are other laws that need to be taken into consideration. For example, in our rush to manifest and have many lifeless things, there is an expenditure of energy and the use of our own and Nature’s resources.  It makes sense that it would be a Law of Nature that where ever you have excess, wherever you pursue excess, you are going to create depletion, because you are using up resources and energy in some way.  The depletion that results can even be of our own energy (which would need to be replenished and restored through rest, food, etc.).  This explains why some individuals will burn out if they attempt to create too much.  It also explains why the environment will burn out (experience a burn out of resources), as well.  This all occurs because Nature likes balance.

What we are being asked to do as we move into the future is to recognize what is sacred again and what brings everything back into balance.  We can come to understand that our outer world is a mirror for our inner one, and we can look for what is out of balance externally in order to find our way back to balance internally—at a personal and a collective human level. We are being asked to return to a place of being able to honor the Holy Spark that is not only within humankind, but within Nature and all of her plants and creatures, as well; since all parts of creation and life are part of a Oneness experience.  We are being asked to get back in touch with the place within us that knows that we have enough, that we are enough, and that we do enough.  We are asked also to realize what we are manifesting on a bigger level in order to begin to ask why we choose to be part of a collective choice to manifest in these ways.  For example:

  • Why do we need to create as we do? Who tells us too and why do we listen?
  • Why do we focus so much upon the lifelessness? Why don’t we focus on the life?
  • Why can’t we enjoy Nature anymore?
  • Why can’t we protect Life? Why is Life not worthy of our protection?
  • Why are our children not worthy of protection (e.g. when we cannot protect Nature or Life we cannot protect ourselves or our children)?

My guides state that we all need to learn how to grow things. This is so that our energy and thoughts can become somewhat refocused upon nurturing life—knowing how to take care of it—within  Nature, our own bodies, etc.  When we can take pleasure in seeing life grow and be nurtured, it distracts our mind so that it is not always focused on the anti-life and the life that is being destroyed.

We are also being asked to begin to awaken to the collective consciousness, and to understand that collective consciousness isn’t simply about protecting human energy.  Only when we begin to see a bigger picture, can we begin to understand that many of us don’t even know how to truly protect human energy in any case, because we have had our minds in a vice for so long that what is self-sabotaging or self-destructive is seen as ‘normal’ and ‘okay.’  So, by looking at the collective and what our consciousness is creating on a greater scale we can learn more about what the same consciousness is creating on a smaller scale; i.e. the scale that we try to cover up with quick fixes, medical treatments, attunements, healing techniques, “grin and bear it” mentalities, or through learning to tolerate an acceptable degree of lack of health, anxiety or fatigue.

In the end, though making a place for Nature and a reverence toward all life within our spiritual worship, we can more effectively learn the dance of energy and communication that occurs all around us; we can see how this energy of Creation is communicating to us throughout Nature.  We can learn this miraculous language and this dance of energy if we allow.