I remember way back in the 1990’s, when I first had muscle testing performed on me, I did not understand what it was or why the person performing it was having me hold out my arm and then trying to push it down (one form of muscle testing). I also did not understand why, when she asked certain questions while pressing down on my arm, my arm would go weak and fall. However, for other questions, it would remain strong and parallel to the ground. Often, the muscle tester didn’t even audibly ask the questions so that I would even know what they were.

I now see muscle testing as a way your energy field is having a reaction to certain stimuli or thoughts being presented into it. It seems that when one asks a question to the energy field, or even places an object in its aura which it doesn’t like or correspond with, it will react by going weak, thereby causing any muscles being tested to lose strength. Anyways, however it works, muscle testing can often be very helpful when used in EFT session, as well as with other therapies, to get information about the body, the state of emotions, or what the energy field feels is true or false.

So, What Exactly Is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is a way to use the body as a tool to connect with it’s innate wisdom to obtain “yes” and “no” answers to questions related to healing.  My first time trying it, I found it less complicated and quicker to use then a pendulum. Though pendulums are better with charts for other forms of testing.  If not comfortable with muscle testing or other “energy methods,” I have developed a divination deck that clients can use in place of these techniques. See here for how to make your own deck >>. See here for a deck that you can purchase>>.

Muscle testing techniques these are really valuable for testing for blocks or what are caused “psychological reversals,” which stand in the way of clearing energy states and conscious and subconscious issues.  See here >> for more information.

How To Perform Muscle Testing

There are many different ways to perform muscle testing, either on yourself or another person. You can also act as a surrogate and muscle test for another person. The three methods I have used are:

1.The standing method is likely the simplest method. Many theta practitioners teach to their clients and have them test themselves instead of doing the testing for them. You can see an article on how to use the standing method here>>, though it isn’t a practical method if you want quick results without having to stand up.

2. Another common method is to pinch both of your thumbs and forefingers together so that they make the shape of an eye. Then, insert the eye you formed with the right hand into the hole/eye made on with the left hand. Then, using the thumb and forefinger as a lever, open the eye of the right thumb and forefinger, pushing the forefinger up (pushing on the forefinger of the other hand) and the thumb down towards the ground (pushing on the thumb of the other hand). You want to see if pressure applied by the right thumb and finger will cause the eye of the left hand to open and break. If the answer is yes, or “strong”, your left hand finger muscles will stay strong, so that your pressure exerted using the right hand will not break the connection between thumb and forefinger of the left hand. If the connection breaks, it means your energy went weak and resulted in a “no” response.

3. The  method I use is similar to #2, but I find it quicker and easier. I learned it from Gary Craigs DVD’s. It involves pinching the thumb and forefinger of your left hand to make the shape of an eye and using the forefinger of your right hand as a wand (will explain it in greater detail further below). This method also helps me to break through any ego interference that might stand in the way of accurate results. In other words, I find I can use it in ways where there is less time to think about if the answer will be weak or strong. Therefore, there will be less chance of my receiving a inaccurate result (which can happen in muscle testing if one isn’t relaxed or detached enough).

How to Begin with Method #3?

To begin a muscle testing session, one of the first things you may want to make sure to do (after making sure you are hydrated), is to do an initial test for a proper”yes” and “no” response. To do this, you will need to choose statements to muscle-test that you know would elicit a “yes” and “no” response. For example; if I muscle test the statement, “My name is Mandy,” I should get a “strong” (i.e. a “yes”) muscle response, because this is my name. If I then test the statement, “My name is Mary Ann” (which it is not), my muscles should go weak (i.e. a “no”).

Once you have your “yes” statement ready (i.e. “My name is Mandy”), pinch your thumb and forefinger of your least dominant hand  in the shape of an eye. Then, use your right forefinger as a wand and insert it into the eye almost as deep as your second knuckle on your finger. See the image below:

Picture 30

Now, state your “yes” statement to yourself as if asking your body to give you an answer if it is true or not.  Use your dominant forefinger as a wand, lightly sweeping it through where your left hand fingers are pinched together; like a sword sweeping through a joint where a twig meets a branch. You want to know if the sword will break through that joint, or if it will it stop at the joint because the twig and branch connection is too strong for it to break. You want to keep your left hand fingers pinched together in a strong but relaxed manner. Try not to let your mind interfere. Try to abstain from judgment regarding if the answer should be true/false, yes/no.

If your finger does not swipe through (I usually move from left to right), then that is a “yes.” See image below:

Picture 31

If your finger is able to sweep through the connected fingers, like below picture, it is a “no” cause your pinched fingers muscles went “weak.”

Picture 32

If you tested strong to your real name (the eye didn’t break) and tested weak to your fake name, then you are ready to test on other questions. If not, then read the below sections on “Keys To Success with Muscle Testing” and “Switching.”

Keys To Success With Self-Muscle-Testing

  1. Make sure that you are properly hydrated (muscle testing makes use of the bodies electrical system which functions best when we are hydrated).
  2. Try to remain as detached as possible to the answer/outcome. Anticipation and conscious resistance can both influence results.
  3. You may wish to start by rubbing the collar bone points (the junction where collarbone meets breast bone) to get the meridians flowing in the right direction.
  4. Make sure you are focused on your question for valid results. If you are distracted, your body may be confused what it is testing on.
  5. Try not to hold breath or tension in the body.

Switching/Homolateral Energy/Neurological Disorganization

EFT tapping pointsMuscle Testing might be less accurate if one has a condition called “switching” (polarity switching) or “neurological disorganization” (when to much energy is running through the meridian system). It you have this condition, you might feel spacey, disorganized, or ungrounded. It can sometimes be caused by things such as food or environmental sensitivities, or exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. To correct “switching”:

1. Stimulate the navel/ belly button while rubbing the collar bone points. You can hold the belly button or rub is lightly. Rub the collar bone points a little more deeply than the belly button. About 10 seconds.

2. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing the point under the nose in the same fashion as step 1.

3. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing a point directly under the bottom lip (centered) in the same fashion as step 1.

4. Stimulate the navel/belly button while rubbing the coccyx (lowest point on spine) in the same fashion as step 1.

See if your testing improves.

You can also buy Donna Eden’s book “Energy Medicine” to understand more about energy medicine and corrections. I’ve recommend her Energy Medicine Kit cards as well for those wishing to learn more about energy medicine and how to balance their energy.

As stated earlier in this article, if still uncomfortable with muscle testing, I have created a divination deck to use and also have instructions for how you can make your own (the newer version is at TheGameCrafter.com ).  The deck has cards in it which will indicate if there is an issue with energy overcharge or an energy crossover issue (homolateral energy).