ceasing-to-do-evil-1024x768Lately, I’ve been confronted a lot with “It’s the 1% of rich in the world who are responsible for all the world’s problems, environmentally and other ways.”  There seems to be a lot of blame and not much responsibility for we, the public, as consumers. We are 99% after all. That gives us a lot of power.

When thinking about this, the message I then heard was “Mother Nature is incapable of differentiating between whether a polluter or destroyer of Her bounty is either a consumer or producer.” Which it makes sense that we would all share equal responsibility in Her eyes.  When it comes to how the laws of the universe operate, it makes sense thee would not really be any room for blame or excuses either.  If we were honest with ourselves, there are only choices humans can make to either honor what is living or continue to see treasure and value in what is lifeless (supporting all the producers that feed this type of preoccupation).  We can also learn to tread the path between these two extremes. Yes, it might be true that humans have been brainwashed for centuries, however many of us are waking up now. Are we not?? And this is a good thing! So why keep blaming the 1% for our unloving behavior to living things and to future generations which we are becoming more conscious of.

While, yes, we are learning that there is a Law of Attraction, we can also begin to notice that there is also a Law of Balance and a Law of Supply and Demand. No demand = no supply. Also, the creation of excess using resources and energy to create it = creation of depletion on another level. We can make, as humans, all the excuses we want for why we feel helpless, enabling, dependent, excessive, and can’t or won’t change our consumptive behaviors. However, Mother Nature cannot really differentiate. I imagine that She can only be unbiased and see what has been done to her as a human problem; a technological problem where humans have become dependent on and addicted to a technological world and its need for quick fixes, conveniences, etc.

The only way to solve the problems of the world (environmentally, socially, poverty, war, etc) is to begin to start looking at them as a human problem rather than blaming what we enable. As Gandhi stated, we can “BE the change” we hope to see in the world. I highly doubt, after all, that all the forces around us are going to magically change and make things easier for us without any sacrifice on our part. We tend to want the sacrifices to be made by those we tend to blame, hoping if they make changes then it will allow us to make changes more easily ourselves. Unfortunately, problems will get worse until we truly understand how everything is connected and how we are a part of that connected-ness.

The best way we can create change is to remember that everything we do, say, buy, sell, eat, conform to, believe (socially, abundance-wise, etc), and more affects a bigger picture. It may seem like our contribution would be small, but when you consider all of us, as humans, banding together in like action and like thinking it creates a highly potent force. We can choose to withdraw our energy of what creates a potent force for what doesn’t serve the whole and we can choose to contribute our energy to what creates a potent force for what creates good fruits for all. Any place we see we have gone off track we don’t need to project our sense of responsibility and guilt onto 1% of the population. We can instead use these signals to show us where loving changes can be made.

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge