The EFT Divination Kit

2008 – long definitions manual for the EFT Divination and Chakra Deck (aka Path to Emotional Freedom Deck: click here>>
2021 Manual (pocket manual format) for the EFT Divination Kit click here >>

The Color of Love Kit

For the instruction sheet (sheet format) click here >>
For the mini manual (pocket manual format) click here >>

Healers of the Earth Oracle (73 Card First Edition)

8×11 Personal Oracle Definitions and Guidebook [For Download]

Healers of the Earth Oracle (80+ Card Editions)

6×9 2020 Kickstarter version manual including collective definitions (downloadable pdf)
6×9 2021 Rainbow Edition manual including collective definitions (downloadable pdf)

Printed Rainbow Edition manual including collective definitions (link to purchase through Lulu)

The Kickstarter and Rainbow Edition manuals above contain both the personal and collective definitions for the cards.

11:11 Oracle

The circle version of the cards comes with a physical manual, so there is no pdf version available.

Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle (Do NOT Contact Me For a Manual)

The authentic version of this oracle comes with a physical manual. A PDF manual is not available. Manuals are not printed or sold separately from the boxed set. If you’ve received only cards from a seller without a manual, please understand that you possess stolen product (i.e. a counterfeit).  In my effort to protect my creation, I do not provide manuals to those who have purchased stolen product, whether deliberately or accidentally, or whether purchased through an online distributor or physical shop.

What To Do if You Purchased a Counterfeit

If you purchased a counterfeit by accident, I suggest you request a refund from the seller. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR A MANUAL so that you can use the counterfeit.

If you haven’t already purchased a counterfeit, please understand that this isn’t an ordinary oracle that is easy to use without instructions. 

A Guest In Their Universe (Book)

PDF Version >>

I am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond (Book)

PDF Version >>

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The Healers of the Earth Oracle

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