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Lessons & karma

Lessons & karma

You may hang onto an issue because you believe it’s karmic or that you can learn from it. Tap this block as a main issue. Clear any blocks to its release.

Grounding: Your progress might be blocked by a lack of grounding. Tap: “I’m fully grounded and vitally alive. My body is a safe place to live.”

Emotions Deck
I forgive myself

I forgive myself

Tap: “I release and let go of all guilt and inability to forgive myself that blocks me from overcoming this issue.”

I forgive others: Tap: “I release and let go of any feelings of unforgiveness that block me from overcoming this issue.”

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I release all sadness

I release all sadness

Tap: “I release and let go of all sadness that blocks me from overcoming this issue.”

I release all anger: Tap: “I release and let go of all anger that blocks me from overcoming this issue.”

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You may be hungry, or may benefit from tapping through nutritional issues. Alternatively, tap through blocks to receiving and digesting love.

Dehydration: You may need to hydrate yourself before proceeding. Alternatively, tap through issues of feeling emotionally depleted, spent, or ‘sucked dry.’

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You may need to hydrate yourself before proceeding. Alternatively, tap through issues of feeling emotionally depleted, spent, or ‘sucked dry.’

Nutrition: You may be hungry, or may benefit from tapping through nutritional issues. Alternatively, tap through blocks to receiving and digesting love.

Emotions Deck
I can receive

I can receive

Tap in the positive: that you can receive love, nurturing, and healing! It’s safe to receive!

I know what it feels like: Tap: “Even though I’ll never know what it feels like to be free of this issue, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”

Emotions Deck
Clear contracts

Clear contracts

Tap: “I release and let go of all
contracts I have made to suffer in
life. Life doesn’t have to be hard.
I don’t need to feel punished.”

Using EFT to clear your energy and
chakras might assist you
with healing your issue.

Emotions Deck
I am supported

I am supported

EFT to release the effects of toxic relationships and to help you feel worthy of love and support.

Tap in the love: Use EFT with whatever statements you sense will help you feel lighter, more loving, and more loved.

Make Your Own EFT Muscle Testing Deck

This article is intended for those who are familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For those who are not familiar, and who would like to try, EFT is simple to learn and you can find a wealth of information on the internet as well as demonstration videos (simply do a search on for “EFT demonstration”).

While I have in the past encouraged clients to learn a complementary tool called “muscle testing” (e.g., see my “How-Tos” on muscle testing here >> ), many will never end up using it because they don’t trust that they are objective and detached enough to get accurate results. Without the ability to apply muscle testing, however, some individuals working with EFT might find that their progress is more blocked, especially those individuals who may suffer from what is termed “Massive Psychological Reversal” (for what this is, see here >> ). Some forms of psychological reversal can also impact your ability to receive accurate results with the muscle testing process itself. So, what can a person do if they find themselves in this situation?

If you don’t feel comfortable muscle testing, you are not without hope! Divination is a wonderful tool that can be used in its place. I started as a card reader, so making my own deck came natural to me and resulted in my being able to detect blocks other than the typical types of psychological reversals that I wouldn’t have considered or intuited. If you wish to try using cards, they are really easy to make. You can use a package of perforated business card stock that you would buy at an office supplies store like Staples. Because each card is perforated, you don’t have to do any cutting. Then, all that is left for you to do is to define each card. For example, create:

EFT Business Cards

Tools needed: Perforated business card stock and a pen.

  • 3 cards with “I deserve”
  • 3 cards with “It is safe”
  • 3 cards with “It is safe for others”
  • 3 cards with “I am willing”
  • 3 cards with “It is possible”
  • 3 cards with “I allow”
  • 3 cards with “I benefit”
  • 3 cards with “Others will benefit”
  • 3 cards with “I have what it takes”
  • 3 cards with “Deprivation”
  • 3 cards with “Loss of Identity”
  • 3 cards with “Never”
  • 3 cards with “I am ready”
  • 3 cards with “I choose”
  • 1 card with “I can”
  • 1 card with “I want to”
  • 1 cards with “I need to keep (some of this problem)”
  • 1 card with “This issue does not have to return”
  • 6 cards with “Blocks are clear”

For my own deck, I made three cards for each of the main psychological reversals, so that these block would be available to be drawn from three different card pulls. This feature also allows for a particular card to be drawn repeatedly if the reversal was not fully cleared. Optional cards you may wish to include are below. Some of these may be useful if you are someone who tends to heal slowly and who feels blocked using the more traditional EFT process:

  • 3 cards: “Tap Main Issue” ~ for if it isn’t necessary to tap on blocks, or one can move on towards tapping the main issue
  • 1 card: “Another Issue Takes Precedence” ~ for example, if you are tapping on a health issue when you should be tapping an emotion around it.
  • 1 card: “Fear of Change” ~ for if the subject of fear of change needs to

    Dehydration EFT

    A sample of a card from the EFT Divination Kit sold at

    be tapped before another issue can be more successfully transformed.

  • 1 card: “Clear Chakras and Energy” ~ in the case you would get better results clearing the energy field.
  • 1 card: “I Deeply and Profoundly Love and Accept Myself” (with all my weaknesses and limitations) ~ for if there is a massive psychological reversal needing correction.
  • 1 card: “I’m Tapping in the Love” (the light, the ability to be who I am and let my light shine) ~ for clearing the energy and infusing oneself with light.
  • 1 card: “I Am Forgiven by Others” ~ for if a there is a sense of not being forgiven by others which is acting as a block to healing.
  • 1 card: “I Forgive Others” ~ for if a lack of forgiveness of others is blocking resolution
  • 1 card: “I Forgive Myself.” ~ for if a lack of self-forgiveness is blocking resolution
  • 1 card: “Heal the Cause” ~ for if you need to find a deeper issue that lays underneath the one you are tapping and which acts as a cause.
  • 1 card: “Clear Memories” ~ for if the main issue cannot be cleared until an original trauma or certain memories are dealt with.
  • 1 card: “Dehydration” ~ for if dehydration is blocking positive EFT results.
  • 1 card: “Nutrition” ~ in the case a nutritional issue is acting as a block.

I also included cards that could help to detect “switching” (polarity switching) and “homolateral energy flow”/”neurological disorganization.” This kind of energy imbalance can negatively affect the healing process, muscle testing accuracy, and the efficacy of EFT.

Lessons & Karma EFT

Another sample of a card from the EFT Divination Kit, sold at

You can include in your deck any other cards you can think of. I incorporated into my deck some of the potential blocks that I found through other healing modalities such as theta healing, TAT, energy work, and more. I color coded each card (easy to do with your own deck) in order to use it for chakra work (if you wish to learn how to apply EFT with energy and chakra work, I provide a sample tapping script at my website here >> ). Find what works for you. You may start seeing patterns, such as common cards draw repeatedly for various situations and/or conditions.

For a booklet of definitions for the EFT Divination and Chakra Deck, how to use the cards, and for a complete list of all the cards I used and how I color coded each, see the downloadable manual available at my website. Also at the website is an app here you can try using the cards for free. Visit


Disclaimer: This article and the divination deck being suggested are intended for entertainment purposes alone. They are not offered to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions, nor to recommend specific products or services as treatment of disease or to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles, to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition. Therapies that may benefit are recommended based upon traditional uses and are not yet generally recognized as substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence. Any use of products or services is experimental and based upon your informed consent and private license. Readings are for entertainment only.

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