Lucid Dreamer Dreams Of Peace and Love

Moving From Manifestation to Thought

How can we use what we know of Law of Attraction to move from what has already been manifested toward discovering the  thoughts we don’t know we are thinking?

When the Law of Attraction principles started circulating in the 1990’s, there was less of a movement toward social and ecological consciousness as there is now. So, during this current time frame, we may now find that many individuals are beginning to feel turned off by the former use of the Law of Attraction and its focus on material prosperity and money. After all, many of us may aspire to embrace ways of living that reflect simplicity, eco-sustainability, unity consciousness and less reliance on competition, external institutions and/or ego; which this can appear to turn the Law of Attraction on its head in some ways (how we have tended to view it, that is). Sites are beginning to spring up that offer ways to market more “spiritually” and “ethically,” while ascension itself is being redefined by new leaders who are emerging to offer a fresh and more enlightened approach.

As a result, many of us we may not really know what purpose the Law of Attraction serves anymore.  We were used to using the law to focus on outcomes and to advance in the material world of form.

All of this said, I still fully believe that our thoughts create our reality. I think most of us still believe this too. Thus, I still fully believe that the Law of Attraction serves a purpose; one which can accommodate the ideals that are focused upon social consciousness and altruism.  The task at hand is for is to begin use the principles of the Law of Attraction in a more awakened manner so we can know ourselves more fully.

What I have been discovering for myself is that part of this process involves learning there is more to what signifies ‘thought,’ and more to understanding:

  • how the Law of Attraction can be used
  • the different levels of consciousness and how they manifest
  • the different modalities of thought
  • how contradictions in intentions occur (for example, when you have two thoughts or intentions opposing one another, and this affects what is manifested)
  • our focus on ‘abundance’ and how abundance can be re-defined
  • our focus on the future and how we can move more fully into the present moment

Using the Law of Attraction To Wake Up To A Reality Already Manifested

People often ask me–when I speak of the collective consciousness and how we manifest–to give them examples of what we can do to become more socially aware and to manifest with a heart toward sharing in collective accountability. To me, the solutions to many issue seem to come through reversing various approaches that society upholds. For example, many of us within the developed world have been taught to focus solely within ourselves for what needs to be changed while still finding our self-definition outside of us (in the world). However, what would happen if we began to reverse this process, i.e. what if we were to begin to focus on the world and and what needs to be changed there while turning toward the self (our lotus nature) for our self-definition.

Some of you may be thinking; “Why focus on what is already manifested? I thought the point of the Law of Attraction was to focus on what we can manifest in the future?”

Here is the dilemma that is inherent within that line of questioning: concerning most of what is created collectively, there may be lack of understanding for what thoughts and beliefs have created it. This is particularly true if such thoughts and beliefs lie within the majority of us as a subconscious rather than a conscious level. But it is possible to track backwards in order for these collective thoughts and beliefs to be discovered.  Once understanding what types of beliefs  likely created a collective reality, we can then examine ourselves for where we have upheld similar beliefs. We can then begin a releasing process. We can realize all of the thoughts and beliefs that did not serve our social conscious goals (or goals toward unity consciousness, ascension, etc.).

So, to clarify, when used in a reverse fashion, the Law of Attraction can help us to uncover the thoughts that we do not even know we are thinking, the beliefs that we do not even realize that we believe, and the intentions we are making that conflict with one another (as well as where all these lead to when projected outside of ourselves and into our greater world and environment).  We can delve deeper than examining our superficial thoughts and prayers in order to uncover what we unconsciously and subconsciously want and desire, and why.  If we allow it to, our Earth dreaming can tell us some amazing things through its mirroring process and symbols.  As I discussed in chapter 2 [of the book] we can discover a whole new type of language that was always attempting to communicate with us if we were willing to listen and learn.

Once we realize what our true thoughts are, as well as what they are manifesting, we can then learn to separate these thoughts, beliefs and their manifestations from who we are in spirit (as the lotus, not the pond).  Otherwise, we may find we intellectually know who we are, but there is a part of us that is acting on autopilot, not really knowing the seeds it is sowing or the path it is traveling.  This same autopilot process can occur within our nightly dreams.

For those of us who have experienced lucid dreaming, there is an ability to take a detached stance within these types of dreams, because there is simultaneous understanding where the content arises from: i.e. our thoughts.  However, when we are not lucid within our dreams, we may wake and feel as if they seemed to meander aimlessly all over the place.  They meandered in this way because our mind, on autopilot, believed what we dreamed was real, and so it reacted to the dream’s various scenarios instead of taking a detached stance.

In the end, if the world owns us and we cannot release that ownership, it will be harder for us to awaken to what exists outside of the dimensions of materiality, and it will be harder for us to awaken to a higher understanding which exists outside of a current level of perception.  The unfortunate result, I believe, is present within all of the world’s chaotic symbols, which seem to be attempting to communicate—and very loudly—that what we believe to be a path to creating dreams of happiness and ease could in fact be a path to creating something else.

Keep all of this in mind, as I discuss various ways we can use and apply the Law of Attraction in our world to more clearly know what is beneath the surface of the pond we tend to collectively and unconsciously adhere to.

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge