Law of Attraction. Entering into a Collective Consciousness

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Originally written in March 2011.

The first time I heard about the law of attraction was in 1996. It wasn’t called the law of attraction yet, but the main precept was largely the same: as within, so without. Our outer world was a mirroring process that reflected our inner thoughts. It was becoming more widely accepted that there existed a body-mind-spirit connection beneath every illness and situation we might face in life.

I’m not here writing to refute this; I just feel something is yet incomplete in what seems to have become a primary focus. I have not addressed this until now because I’m afraid to be a hypocrite. Who am I to say anything, when I’m as trapped in the whole system as anyone else? And how do I know what I say is going to be of any real or practical truth when this world, in the end, is just an illusion? Even so, I feel compelled to put some of this information forward, to go beyond my fear with the knowledge that none of us are perfect.

Some of this information is already out there and attached to giving our power away to “Illuminati” or banking conspiracies. However, if we can see the truth beneath those conspiracies, then we can have the awareness to make new choices from a place of knowing not only what we want, but also what we do not want and how to play a part in not creating it… if one chooses to take this route. As I already stated earlier, our earthbound experience may be considered to be illusion anyways, so you can always start from this point too.

The “Me First” Movement Has a Purpose

How the law of attraction is being used now is still a crucial step towards moving to the next level. How can we really understand how the law works on a collective level if we have never experienced it on a personal one?

However, the planet is evolving in ways where we will always have choice. And possibly, just possibly, a small doorway can open towards new possibilities if we don’t run away in fear and close it shut. We have been falling into the illusion that we are powerful because we are manifesting “things” and “creations” within a “box.” What does this “box” serve and manifest? Only when you attempt to break free of that “box” will you realize exactly what you are manifesting yourself into. This is not negative or positive, it just is, and it has been a choice we have been making for a very long time. And ask yourself, would you be trying so hard to manifest within the structure of chasing after money and “things” if society wasn’t set up to trap you those ways? And, how do you even know what thoughts and wants and needs are even really your own when you have been exposed to constant advertising on a continual basis?

The truth is that “The Secret” did bring forth a lot of new information on our power to manifest. However, we are getting stuck on the personal level. Why? Because we still believe that collectively we have little power to change. This is an untruth of course,  but our inability to see this as our prime motivator in everything we want to create, keeps us creating within the “box” rather than outside of it. We can’t create anything outside of us if we are not yet taking responsibility that it was first created from within. Responsibility is the key. Because, if we can look beyond ourselves into how we are manifesting collectively, then we can come to understand that we have more collective power than we acknowledge. And with power comes responsibility to use it wisely.

By using our power on an individual level, and by manifesting in our own little worlds, we are affecting the collective – sometimes even negatively. I am emphasizing our desperation to use the Law of Attraction to give our power away to things, like more money, fame, fortune etc. We have power within our manifestations to affect both the material world and a collective stream of consciousness. We use this power every day, but do we really understand what we are manifesting collectively with it? Or even why?

Moving Out Of A “Me First” Mentality and Into The Idea Of A Collective

We have been locked within an age of “me first” for some time now. This has not necessarily been a “bad” thing. Many of us needed to know we had value and that we could be creators in our own right. As a society we became more individualistic, had more dreams, aspirations, roles and destinies. We realized that we didn’t always have to be slaves to other people and their ideas. We could have and find our own.

Moving out of this “me first” mentality, we still can and will have dreams, aspirations, roles and destinies, but we may now wish to move towards making our dreams and aspirations more holistic — to come together in new ways to get ourselves out of the box we have collectively created.

As individuals, we can choose to not think collectively, but the end result will not be our freedom. We cannot logically keep going how we are going and keep everything on earth in balance and treated with the respect that it/we truly do deserve. However, it is not productive to go into thinking about all of this too deeply. However, there are some things you can do. Give yourself permission:

  1. to think as a collective rather than just an individual
  2. to stop waiting for something outside of yourself to bring the collective back into balance
  3. to take responsibility for your role in manifesting a collective state
  4. to distinguish what is True Light (within yourself) from what is False (outside of you)
  5. to go beyond applying affirmations

We can advance to the next level. We can think individually, but in a more collective way, without waiting on anything or anyone else to support us in this.


Visualize something higher than yourself and your own world for a moment. Take your vision through the light of your entire energy field and use it to feel the whole planet and its entire people, plants and animals as if it was ONE living being. Feel the energy and go into it. What is that energy saying? What is it asking for? What is it feeling? As you sense the collective Earth energy and allow yourself to truly “feel” these energies, your heart may wish to overflow with love, compassion, or even other emotions you might deem as negative. Allow it. You do not have to judge any of this as good or bad. This will be open to your interpretation and coming from a place of mirroring something within yourself, because you are a part of that collective and how you perceive it reflects how you perceive your own personal world. If you go even deeper you can feel into the Oneness and Expansiveness of the all “that is” in its perfection, free from the illusionary dream. It’s about moving your consciousness the step beyond where you have it right now and becoming more aware of a collective energy and experience.

Now move your awareness back towards just your own energy field. How does that feel? What is the difference between the two feelings?

Now look in a detached way at the new and flashy gadget you’ve always wanted to by or any inner drive for money, fame or power. Without judgment, just step outside of yourself. Why do you want it? Who or what (ie commercial, media, person etc) has influenced you to want it? Do you really need it? Will it make you free? How can it impact the collective if everyone is going after or buying the same thing? What is the energy of the company you will be manifesting into if this is about a purchase you want to make? The list goes on. Now bring yourself back to your heart in an expansive sense again by imagining your heart is not just in your body but expands out into the totality of everything. What is your heart saying? If you can feel these with your heart and again expand yourself rather than contract yourself, you can gain a lot of peace and awareness.

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