We are entering a phase where, as “lightworkers,” we are not meant to just think the loving thoughts in our head. We are meant to become the loving “rainbow warriors” who are learning to bridge what we know of heaven with the Earth plane.

Right now we are waking up to heaven, but we have not learned, as a collective, how to bridge Heaven with Earth. We are still in our earth lives going on like everything is normal while messages and symbols try to speak to us all around us, trying to lead us to the truth. Through not listening, we become very unhealthy, very polluted, and we can’t really see past the smog to see the language that is being spoken all around us. Learning to read the language of the symbols is part of this next step in our awakening.

* I sometimes use words that I see are common in the new age to make a point. For example, a “rainbow warrior” according to prophecy is one thing but according to new-age philosophy becomes something so much more passive and conformist and about being “loving.” But it depends how one defines being loving and whether being passive and conformist is being a true “rainbow warrior” (how it is defined by prophecy) for “love.”