I asked my guides how to make sense of the rift and arguments currently occurring between two factions of spirituality. One faction focuses on inaction, feeling that this is a peaceful and loving path. It perceives that to give any attention to problems in the world is “negative” or focusing on “illusion.” The opposing faction believes in seeing everything clearly. It feels that the way to peace has to be established through overthrowing those structures in the world that keep us dependent or “slaves” to a corrupt “agenda.” It is focused on action and revolution. This is the answer I received through automatic writing:

While humanity is abundant in knowledge, it is lacking wisdom. Wisdom, after all, is the ability to use knowledge wisely; which you will know when true wisdom has been applied from its fruits. Until humanity can perceive the fruits of its miscreative thoughts and behaviors, it will continue to miscreate[i] and produce unloving fruits.

This problem of miscreation occurs when individuals possess knowledge, but do not yet fully understand it inside their hearts. They only know it within their brains. 

Think of it this way: if a person truly believed in transcendent love or in serving only what was “positive,” while rejecting what creates a “negative” or unloving effect, they would automatically cease to partake in what corrupts the world. This is because their mind would no longer comprehend any need to have fear. It would no longer have a need to serve a way of life that is polluting. Nor would it need to live a lie that has them walking a path between thoughts which manifest something loving in spirit and thoughts which manifest something ugly and unloving into the world of form. Many can’t see this yet, and this deserves compassion. It is merely out of misunderstanding that many of you and your brothers and sisters can only understand Love, Light and Oneness in a mental way while remaining addicted and attached to what destroys Love, Light and Oneness at the same time.

The ability to transcend this dilemma lies with bridging what you intellectually know [such as of concepts] through the wisdom of the Heart. Then, the path of love can be redefined as simply what produces loving fruits. All that produces unloving fruits must be defined as something else. Only then will the Mind, desiring to be in Love’s service, know through the wisdom of the Heart what action is required: the act of ceasing to partake in what corrupts the world.

As for those individuals who feel the corruption and negative fruits of the world must be denied because they are “illusion,”  the Wisdom of the Heart does not judge and merely sees such fruits as a form of miscreation that has manifested from unloving thoughts.

Beauty abides within,

Grace be to all.


[i] To “miscreate” is to manifest in material, emotional or spiritual ways that are not loving, peaceful, or respectful of life/living beings. “Miscreations” are creations that are the opposite of what we may truly intend to manifest (life, abundance, love, peace).