There's a story that the Earth would tell
Of man that did not know himself,
Yet God granted him His Earth to rule it kindly.

And, what the Earth does know and ever tells,
Though man chooses not to hear it well,
Was through how he ruled he'd know himself more clearly.

Dear Ones, if you could only see
Your reigning glory like the tree,
Made of Oak, so strong, its leaves so green. It grows for All…

So, think first before you'd cut it down,
Or scatter parts of Earth around,
To build castles made from Him, but made unloving.

Your Earth still waits for man to see
His reigning glory like the tree,
To find shelter there from wind and storms surrounding.

Know God's love for you throughout His Earth,
And, make life around you One to serve,
The One, your King, who knows his son so kindly.

Within man and Earth lives God, so love Him kindly.