July 10 Prediction Updates

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013

While Florida was being hit with Hurricane warnings and Oklahoma was recovering from two deadly tornado outbreaks, I predicted that somewhere close to me in Ontario was going to get hit by a disaster and there would be major losses and damages to possessions and property. Two days ago, Toronto got hit with a storm and flood and there are still thunderstorm warnings for many areas of Ontario. I told others that these events are signs that we are meant to begin to let go of our focus on materialism, ownership and possessions and that there will be more and more disasters that cause damage to property, floods, wind damage, etc.  In that time Alberta has had a flood and also germany/Europe, Panama City (FL) and china as well.

Rebuilding the same foundation is a waste of money and energy. Change is hard, but its time to embrace it. What needs to happen is that we begin to rebuild with new forms of construction, eco-mindedness, mobility or with simplicity in mind. It would be of more benefit to have concerts to raise money enough to begin this new foundation then to rebuild the old one.

At some point, I feel a volcano(s) will be an issue too. Possibly in Argentina or the Southern Hemisphere. I already previously predicted in my January 2013 predictions that my guides were pointing to Argentina for a potential volcanic erruption (there was a minor one but I sense more coming). I also wrote I was hearing Mexico with volcano (the volcano is currently active).  I wrote:

As I said in my 2012 reading, that 2013-2015 would see increase in natural disasters. Expect earthquakes, seasonal storms, typhoons/ hurricanes. I sense something hitting Florida…Today,  I heard the word “Argentina,” which have been hearing that word for a while. The feeling was two-fold. Like a volcano or earthquake and civil unrest, though that area of South America I feel something big coming. I’m also hearing “Mexico” and the feeling I get its the volcano. I also hear the word “Panama” and “flood”. I know that Panama did already have a flood in November, but possibly there is more coming. – Dec. 29, 2013

The polar icecaps are melting which affects the balance of everything else. I also sense something going on under the Atlantic. The mid altantic ridge (possibly involving an earthquake or volcanoes) and around the Carribean/Bermuda Triangle. * The mid-atlantic ridge had an 4.8 earthquake shortly after writing this blog though what I sense is more future and a bigger event. As I write this, I’m hearing the words “February.” I’m also hearing the words “8.9” and “Pacific Rim.”

As more disasters happen, insurance companies may be the first to collapse and our governments will simply not be able to afford to put money towards rebuilding. The real question is whether witnessing these types of disasters we can wake up now and turn toward a more simple and sustainable path. Saying this, I am not trying to prevent events as they are already in form. But, new ways of living that don’t rely on power grids will help us to pave a new road for our future.

Writing about power December 29, 2012, I wrote:

The second message is to start seeing everything in symbols, as without so within. The main one during these times is POWER. There are all sorts of power symbols and issues: personal power, electrical power, nuclear power, power sources, governmental power. Some forms are corrupt and create bad fruits, some are healthy and create good fruits. Think in terms of BALANCED POWER, owning your own power (literally and metaphorically through going off grid), and I hear the word “equilibrium.” If you attach yourself to corrupt power or give your power away to it, you become a part of this. This applies to beings, governments, power sources, cultures, parents, relationships, lovers, lifestyles, etc. Doesn’t mean you fight these power sources, it means you detach your energy from them, you stop feeding them and giving your own power away.

So as always, I still foremost promote that we, as humans, need to get a handle on how we use and abuse power (metaphorically and ecologically). People need to learn about the nuclear threat and what is at risk and what this risk symbolizes in a feng shui type of way. Everything around us says something about the human collective consciousness that all of us unite to form. This consciousness reaps and sows of its own harvests.  As disasters happen and power blackouts become an issue, the nuclear threat rises. Thinking about it will not create it, ignoring it and not caring to understand why it exists (from what thoughts of ours it originates) will.

Remember the bible prophecy that you will know the truth from its fruits. Don’t ignore the fruits, but instead use them to learn how to understand if you/we are living in alignment with Spirit or in alignment with Man. Yes, everything is illusion, but we live without seeing the fruits we are creating, thinking we are in alignment with truth when we are not. We have been a missing step. Use the fruits to see the truth till you are not living according to what is false. Then, once you truly understand truth and do not need to support illusions, even unconsciously, you can live more in alignment without focusing on what is “negative.”

The damage from Fukashima isn’t over. The nuclear power plant still has leaks.  Which I wrote in my 2013 predictions:

They warn me something affects water, as in contaminates it, like oil spill or nuclear accident or toxic issue. Something with a polluting effect. It brings a lot of concern.

I sense Japan could get hit with something big again. I hope I’m wrong. Peace and love will be our salvation, but not the peace and love that speaks about peace love and acts with disregard and lack of care for the whole. We can learn to care for the whole and not just the self. In fact, caring about the whole will help us learn where we have not been caring for the self, because it is a dual process, of coming to know the Self through the whole and the whole through the Self.