“In the special relationship, you are allowing your destruction to be. That this is insane is obvious. But what is less obvious to you is that the present is useless to you while you pursue the ego’s goal as its ally. The past is gone; seek not to preserve it in the special relationship, which binds you to it and would teach you that salvation is past and that you must return to the past to find salvation. There is no fantasy which does not contain the dream of retribution for the past. Would you act out the dream or let it go?” ~ A Course In Miracles

Two happy young dates lying in bed and looking at one another

Two happy young dates lying in bed and looking at one another

In today’s world, the internet is overflowing with information. All of this information we receive can be overwhelming, or even hold us back, if we do not know how to filter it through discerning what truly serves our best interests and what does not, including when it comes to forming healthy relationships.

For example, as certain ideas began circulating within the new-age, it seemed as if many of us were becoming captivated by what could offer us a fast food type of approach. After all, much of the information we receive is geared toward:

  • learning how we can have “unlimited” wealth and abundance
  • helping us to feel special through labels and definers (e.g. “starseed”, “blue ray”,  twin flames, etc)
  • helping us to feel good in general through focusing on positives and denying what is negative
  • etc.

It seems we are being mentally conditioned to think in ways where we not only want to have it all, but we want to have it all faster, sooner and better, including finding the “one” we are destined to be with. And like with any type of fast food, the more we consume, the greater is the potential for this type of empty nourishment to deplete our health.

The providers of this fast food spirituality profit the same way regular fast food industries do. They make money off the packaging and selling of fast food spirituality which isn’t really about what true and grounded spirituality is about. When it comes to twin flames, some of the suppliers of fast food spirituality will offer all sorts of programs for our consumption, such as for how to find a twin flame, how to recognize false twin flames, or why twin flames run.  Just make sure to consume this type of spirituality only in moderation or you could end up confused, clinging to a relationship that has long been over (or was never meant to be), or struggling with symptoms of obsession or codependency.

Another thing I’ve noticed in this fast food age is that because the focus is on profit and personal gain, we are largely conditioned to employ very little consideration when it comes to moving beyond our focus on the “I” and “me, my, mine.” Even when it comes to “twin flames,” I find that the focus is often upon outcomes or manipulation rather than something more altruistic. The main goal seems to be come one of self-gratification of all our desires and a feeling there should be no boundaries. Yes, it is true that within the spiritual realm there are no boundaries. However, it is because there are no boundaries that there is no real need to cultivate a special relationship except with God and/or the whole.

“It is impossible to let the past go without relinquishing the special relationship. For the special relationship is an attempt to reenact the past and change it. Imagined slights, remembered pain, past disappointments, perceived injustices, and deprivations all enter into the special relationship, which becomes a way in which you seek to restore your wounded self-esteem. What basis would you have for choosing a special partner without the past? Every such choice is made because of something “evil” in the past to which you cling and for which must someone else atone.” ~ A Course In Miracles

In order to find our way out of our love and fascination for these kinds of fast-food idealogies we need to begin ask questions such as, “What are some of our philosophies and fast food approach to spirituality doing to us? What is it about certain beliefs; that instead of bringing people more peace and contentment, they are making a great number of individuals feel ungrounded, codependent, addicted, anxious, or depressed?”

Now that the twin flame philosophy is starting to show its weaknesses, if you do research on the internet you can discover all the replacement philosophies that have been set up to account for its failings. There are an abundance of websites which discuss the concept of “false twin flames,” how “dark forces” are intervening to keep twin flames apart and other ideas. Sites abound on how to determine whether your twin flame was a “narcissist,” how to tell the difference between someone who is “love bombing” you and a genuine twin flame (real vs fake twin flames), and other things. Anything other than to find our way back to our inner core and to keep us locked in outer searching.

It is understandable our desire to find a perfect love, however. And this does deserve compassion. We, after all, live in a day and age of free love, broken homes, damage from divorce, casual sex, sex selling, sexting and sex addictions (on the internet and off), which leaves us empty and with more wounds which we search for a salve. But, the way back toward finding health and completion cannot be found through indulging in more and more fast food spirituality. It can only be found through adapting a more grounded form of spirituality which directs us to find completion within.

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