buddha rainbowI asked my guide (Asuko) what he had to say about a channel who is well known but seems to teach a different message than his, and who states that there was “nothing enlightened about being impoverished.”  This is the answer I would receive:

There are energies among you which would attempt to confuse your mind by having you believe that your material wealth is a symbol of your enlightenment and your material lack is a symbol of your failure.  After all, many of you subconsciously interpret the Law of Attraction as a law that states that if you do not enjoy material comfort through “things” and “money” (which you are falsely taught to believe are symbols of your worthiness) then you are not thinking the right thoughts and must feel unworthy in some way.  The one who teaches this path can only do so unconsciously out of fear.  The one who teaches this and states, “There is nothing enlightened about being impoverished,” may be reacting in defensiveness to the teachers who have come before and who became enlightened through giving up their preoccupation with their material forms.

Here is the dilemma within this brand of thinking: it will be attractive to those who need their illusions,  lifeless things, or the approval of others in order to feel worthy and comfortable with what they have.  However, we are here to tell you with all the love and joy within our being that such a concept [i.e. your wealth being a reflection of your worth] was never true and could never compare to the Holy Spark of purity and beauty that resides within you.  Dearest children of the One who loves you Truly and Deeply, know that your worthiness is dependent on nothing in form.  It never was. Whatever or whoever speaks otherwise, be it an angel, being, or human form, may be speaking from their own agenda.  Turn to the Truth dear children.  Turn to the One Truth for all your self-definitions, because its agenda toward you is Holy Pure.

Hold close to your heart the affirmation that your worth was always determined by the nature of your Spirit alone. Examine any dual philosophies that split your focus in a way that asks you to believe that within your material life your worth is determined one way and within your spiritual essence your worth is determined another. Allow your worth to be firmly determined by the One.  Examine deeply any theories that would subtly attempt to distort your thinking to entice you to believe that you are less than who you are in order for you to conform to the unconsciousness within the world!  You feel attached to your various forms right now, but the light they shine is incomparable to the eternal truth of who you are.  Learn to fill your cup first from inside of you with the knowledge of your intrinsic worth.  Only then, will your perception of emptiness and lack be removed.

While living in abject poverty is not enlightenment, remember that any definitions created concerning “poverty” are formed solely within the mind that made such definitions real. What one man perceives to be poverty could be what another man considers quiet simplistic living.  Money is not in itself a good or bad thing, but when you and so many of your dear brothers and sisters live in addiction, obsession and dysfunction, this indicates that a more innocent way to perceive money has become corrupted into something needy and grasping. Then, this neediness results in unconsciousness and dis-ease.

The cure for the dis-ease is obviously the employment of simplicity and detachment while seeking to align with the One from a more purified, gentle and unhindered state.  Reflect more deeply upon any Western World philosophies that subliminally teach you to believe that a life of humility and simplicity cannot yield its own abundance.  Be discriminate concerning philosophies that leave you feeling that if you do not compete within the world in order to have money, possessions or recognition that somehow you have not used your gifts and abilities in a productive way.  People tend to fear what they do not understand, and because of this they become afraid of simplicity because they have subconsciously learned to equate it with being less than in some way.  Has the collective acceptance of this illusion and belief necessarily been an enlightened thing?

Change your definition of abundance.  Cultivate the ability to see and know it where it truly exists.  Do not seek to know it through the illusions and false light of the world.  Such illusions cannot give you a proper glimpse.  Begin to take a good look at the world around you.  See how what is most threatening to its existence is not a lack of material things but an over-abundance of man-made commodities which the production of and then disposal of this abundance of commodities has become a sight of pollution within your eyes. This pollution is then interpreted in a way that leave many of you consciously or unconsciously defining Nature as your enemy and a deliverer of punishment through creating something which you do not understand you asked for. Do you not ask to burn petroleum and to be able to live with the effects? Do you not ask to be able to manufacture to excess and to cope with the environmental upsets it creates? Many of you have not understood that perceived plagues within nature came by the work of your own minds, hands and requesting. Then, many of you envision or expect that prophecies of divine retribution or salvation through an external act of God will be realized. Numerous other examples could be offered in which Nature is only creating what the collective has asked of her to create within your dream of life.

Remember that it is only natural that this form of material overabundance would turn into lack as a depletion of energy and resources becomes a perception.  Wherever you see depletion, this is evidence that an overabundance of something (physical, emotional or energetic) once existed in its place.  This is a fundamental Law of Nature and a reason to strive for balance; for the root of everything that is collectively manifested lies within the root level of humanity’s collective thoughts and desires.  If you ask why you would ever need to create so much excess, the most logical answer would be that there exists a perception of depletion and lack. Then, ask yourself why you would ever perceive yourself to be lacking when nothing but abundance lies within you or surrounds you. There exists a middle ground of balance where the yin and yang of giving/fire/producing versus receiving/replenishment/yielding create harmony within your mind and life.

As you look upon the Earth, notice how you may perceive two forms of abundance. One form of abundance is Natural and full of breathtaking beauty. The other form of abundance is man-made.  It has no life within it. This form has become over-abundant to the point that it clutters almost everything.  When such abundance becomes unwanted and disposed of, it is no longer seen as abundance, but as waste.

Children of Love, can’t you see that when you focus too intently upon manifesting external abundance, you end up creating so much of it that you can neither see nor appreciate it anymore? You end up wasting so much of what could be your treasure. Then, you end up dwelling upon or praying concerning how little you have, or how you want or need something more.

As you look ahead to your future, trust that it is okay to be gentle with the perceptions you hold of your world and yourselves. Become miracle-minded in a way that allows you to use your love to honor all life as imbued with holiness. For all is worthy.Learn to stand outside of life with an open mind and ask to be shown its true beauty and worth. Ask life to show you the difference between false light (what you have been falsely trained to worship that was never real) and truth. The one thing you have been taught that you can allow to guide you is that Love is the way. You are whole and perfect regardless of your status, wealth or circumstances. And you have been deliberately gifted with free will and choice to be able to choose your own truth and way. God loves you whatever choice you make.

Beauty abides within…
Grace be to all…

Waling the Way of the Rainbow Bridge