I wouldn’t feel the need to write about this topic if it weren’t that over the past few months, I have had people on a daily basis reaching out to me asking for a digital manual for a deck purchased from a counterfeiter.  Many are confused and don’t know they purchased a counterfeit copy. Some even bought their copies at physical stores or crystal shops. There are many ways to know whether you’ve purchased a counterfeit copy:

  1. Counterfeiters have put a QR code on the deck’s box (authentic decks don’t have this) that is supposed to allow buyers to access a digital manual. These QR codes could either no longer work or don’t work for everyone. The number of requests I get on a daily basis tells me they probably never worked or have been disabled.
  2. Counterfeit copies of the deck do not have the purple edging, are smaller in size than the real decks (which are 100mm diameter), and come in a tuck box rather than a magnetic flap box or the 2022 box that includes a deck and book. They don’t have my name on the front of the box.
  3. If the deck is less than 45USD it is likely a counterfeit. I have agreements with wholesalers that they can’t sell copies for less than 45USD. This was done by request to protect wholesalers who didn’t want to lose sales due to someone on the same platform selling them at a cheaper price.
  4. The fact the deck doesn’t come with a book is a sign as well. When I sell to wholesalers, I sell the decks with physical books. So most shops and stores that have authentic copies should be selling them as a set. If you purchased a cards-only version that is legitimate, it would have been from my shop, which orders I get for the cards-only version have been rare and since Jan 1, 2022, everyone who bought a cards-only version was sent a pdf.

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If you have purchased a counterfeit deck by accident, I suggest instead of approaching me for a manual, that you contact the seller to get a refund, notifying them that they are counterfeit copies. Unfortunately, the only option to get the manual at this time is to purchase a legitimate copy of the physical deck and manual together.

There is a seller (IWA Acadamy) who has bought the copy rights to print the deck in Chinese. These versions will have a QR code on them to access video demonstrations etc. However, the agreement is that this deck will not sell for less than 45USD and the writing on the cards and manual will be in Chinese. So, this is the only legitimate copy that will come out with a QR code. For authentic English copies, they have an ISBN number on the back with a standard bar code.

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