Attunement: In spiritual or healing terms, this is a process of transferring energy, healing ability or knowledge from one person to another. This is achieved through the person giving the attunement sending energy or symbols into the energy field, meridians or chakras of a person being attuned.

As Without, So Within: For those who have not heard of this term, it suggests that everything we perceive in our outer world is a mirror for what is within us on some level. For example, if one perceives greed in the outer world, it is because it is a mirror for this same emotion within oneself.

Automatic Writing: A form of psychic channeling whereby channeled information is delivered automatically and without conscious thought. A message is received through putting pen to paper while allowing spirit, the unconscious or the superconscious to guide the hands or to determine what is written.

Chakras: Energy centers in the body located at certain points. See

Clairaudience: A psychic ability where one receives insight through intuitively hearing words, phrases, songs, or message as opposed to seeing images or visions (known as clairvoyance), or simply knowing something (known as claircognizance).

Codex Alimentarius: Codex Alimentarius is a collection of internationally recognized standards for foods, herbs, natural remedies, etc. It is regulated by a United Nations Agency and its sponsors (World Health Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization). It places control over food and natural remedies in the hands of large money-making pharmaceutical companies who get to decide what we can or cannot use according to their standards. It claims to do so in for the protection of the public, but conspiracy theorists see a more ominous agenda. See more at

Discarnate: Is a ghost or other being which is not incarnated in a physical body.

Earth Dreaming or Dream of Life: The experience of viewing our material existence and its action or stories as a form of dream or illusion similar to our dreams at night.

Earth Empathy: An ability of being able to feel the energy of Mother Earth and for when earthquakes or other events are happening or will happen. Some individuals with earth empathy feel physically unwell during times where there occurred natural disasters or other events that have caused collective states of panic or distress.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): Is a healing modality that involves the employment of ‘tapping’ upon certain meridian or acupressure points on the body in combination with focusing on an emotion or statement in order to induce a healing effect. See

Energy Psychology: This is a branch of alternative healing that involves muscle testing and performing various movements or exercises to bring about healing. EFT is a branch of energy medicine.

Energy Overcharge: A condition of overcharge within the energy field or overactive chakras (specially the upper ones), which makes people feel overcharged, restless, hypervigalent or ungrounded.

Etheric: In the non-physical dimension. Our etheric field is seen as an energy field that surrounds us and which can become positively or negatively affected, which in turn can have an affect upon the body or the mind.

Feng Shui: The Chinese art of arranging objects within a space in order to improve energy flow. Certain areas of one’s livings space have symbolic significance so that when energy flow is improved or blocked in certain areas (called baguas) it has an ‘as without so within’ type of effect upon the inhabitant.

Geopathic Stress: Biological stress that occurs from being sensitive to or affected by geomagnetics such as power lines, electrical equipment, or anything else that emits low or high frequency waves. It may also be implicated in a condition known as ‘sick building syndrome.’ See

Grounding: A process of becoming more present within the physical body and connected to Earth. When one is not grounded one may live in the mind and be out of touch with the body or feelings. A good grounding exercise is to focus on the body, to walk barefoot, or anything else that helps one feel more connected to their body or to earth.

Hypnogogic Hallucination: These are auditory, visual, tactile or kinetic hallucinations that can occur as an individual moves between sleep and wakefulness (such as when falling asleep or waking up). They are often very vivid. See

Illusion: When something appears real even though it is not. In new-age philosophy our material reality is generally considered to be illusion, meaning it appears to be real even though it is not.

Law of Attraction: A metaphysical concept which theorizes that the events, objects and challenges that manifest within our lives first arise from thoughts, i.e. our thoughts determine what we attract to us by way of experiences, money, and other things.

Neurological Disorganization (aka Switching): Involves the nervous systems electrical energy and switching of polarity. A broader definition can be found at

OBE (Out Of Body Experience): Is a conscious experience of being outside of the body. The spirit or soul detaches from the physical body for a time and can view life or the body from outside of it.

Off-Grid: Off-grid refers to taking ones source of power off the main connected energy grid, developing more self-sufficient power choices rather than depending upon power companies. See

Psychic Attack: A projection of emotional energy onto another person. Usually this is unconscious. However, individuals who are empathically sensitive may feel these energies that are projected onto them as sensations in the body.

Reiki: A form of hands on healing which involves channeling ‘chi’ or energy through the body and hands into a living thing that is desired to have a healing effect toward. Many modalities require that to be able to channel the healing energy one must receive an ‘attunement’ from a Reiki Master (someone who has been attuned to three degrees of Reiki).

Self-undoing: This is another term for self-sabotage. It occurs when our own actions and behaviors lead to our downfall, breakdown or collapse.

Sleep Paralysis: When we sleep at night our body becomes paralyzed so that our body does not carry out the movements we are making in our dreams. When the mind wakes and the body is still paralyzed this is called sleep paralysis. While usually only momentary, this condition occurs due to the movement between stages of sleep and wakefulness and can occur during falling asleep or waking up. With sleep paralysis, there is awareness one has woken up and is awake but there is the inability to move or speak. Sometimes hypnogogic hallucinations can simultaneously occur.

Totems: Animals believed to have spiritual significance to the person who carries a specific animal’s medicine or ‘powers’ (i.e. their symbolic qualities, strengths or weaknesses).

Twentieth Century Disease: Includes conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Environmental Illness, Sick Building Syndrome, Candidiasis, Fibromyalgia and similar conditions. They have been labeled ‘twentieth century diseases’ due to their arising as a result of increased exposure to manufacturing, synthetics, chemicals, pollution, additives, preservatives, pesticides, vaccines, antibiotics and other exposures that largely began in the twentieth century.

Twin Flame: Some individuals consider twin flames to be two parts of the same soul incarnated upon earth at the same time. As the theory goes, there is an intense feeling of desire and recognition when two twin flames incarnate, meet each other, and pursue a relationship together.


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