Seer of Souls

Seer of SoulsYou possess an abundance of empathy right now. Due to this, you might feel inclined to protect the less fortunate, care for others, or help others with their problems.

For some who draw this card, maybe listening to other’s hardships brings out the counselor, wise person, or compassionate activist in you. Perhaps you find you have an innate understanding of psychology or the more in-depth aspects or causes of issues. If so, you can use this understanding to help others around you to heal themselves. Even if you do not currently think of yourself as a healer in the traditional sense, you likely qualify as one. For, you heal others through the emotional support you offer and your capacity to see, understand, and explain psychological and other concepts that others might find difficult to grasp.

For others, this card’s message could be asking you to use your innate compassion toward a larger collective cause, such as protecting children, the disadvantaged, animals, nature, or wildlife. Or maybe through using your empathic ability, you can gain unique insight or understanding into specific events or the emotions and challenges that certain groups experience. Perhaps you are gifted at reading the collective emotional climate in a way that allows you to counsel others or groups of people. If so, you might be able to use mediums such as social media, blogs, YouTubes, or other avenues to enlighten others on how to use collective events and energies to evolve and grow. Know that as you go out into the world, your empathy has the power to help transform the world.

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