Intense Feelings Reversed

Intensity ReversedYou’re asked to examine where your emotions and obsessions are leading you into unhealthy patterns, especially as it concerns your role in service to the environment or a larger cause. Possibly world events have you feeling overemotional or obsessed, or you have taken to being fanatical in some regard. If not this, perhaps you feel easily led and influenced by advertisers, conspiracy theories, or religious, spiritual, political, or social ideas that cause you to think or respond in ways that don’t truly benefit the whole. Or maybe you have given into unhealthy buying and spending habits—perhaps impulsively buying what you know you don’t need or feeding consumer addictions that only serve to put a hole in your bank account.

Whatever your case, it might be wise to get applicable habits or emotions under control so that they don’t have a chaotic or destructive impact on your life. Doing so will not only support your health and vitality but that of the world as well.

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