Safe in Your Bubble Reversed

Safe if Your Bubble ReversedYou may feel extra sensitive when it comes to events happening in the world or ongoing negativity. Hopefully, your sensitivity is not causing you too much pain or suffering, leading you to retreat from the world too intensely. If you’re feeling sensitive to environmental events or occurrences, you could feel nature is attacking you (or humanity) or lashing out somehow. If you feel empathically sensitive, you could feel attacked via the intense emotions you pick up from others or the collective climate. It could feel like others’ emotions are attacking you, causing you to experience unpleasant symptoms (physical or emotional). Alternatively, you could feel sensitive to spiritual phenomenon or vulnerable to curses, spells, or other forms of negative projection.

Instead of feeling overly self-protective or on the defense, imagine opening your heart more fully, allowing whatever you’re experiencing to flow through you. Try not to fight against it. If you feel vulnerable to taking on others’ emotions or spiritual or psychic phenomena, try centering your consciousness and energy in your body. Being more fully present in your body will help you feel more grounded, protected, and strengthened. It also allows you to access who you are more fully (and what you believe and feel) as opposed to having your consciousness and energy focused outside of yourself. When not grounded in your body, you’re likely to feel more vulnerable to the impressions, emotions, and disturbances of others and the world.

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