Wounded Healer

Wounded HealerYou’re asked to embody the healer that you know you are. To do this, you don’t need special abilities or a certification in a particular healing modality. Nor do you need to perform it flawlessly or be perfectly healed from your own struggles. All that’s important is for you to use your innate healing ability, the power of prayer, or your compassion toward helping another person, animal, or aspect of nature or the world.

Sometimes receiving this card offers the reminder that we’re all healers and in need of healing. We’re always giving and receiving healing of some form, even if merely through the oxygen we breathe and the carbon dioxide we exhale that helps feed plants around us. Healing is an ever-present and ongoing process.

Furthermore, it is a law of the universe that as you give to others, you give to yourself; and as you give to yourself, you give to others. Ultimately, as you allow others to give to you, you open yourself to becoming a healer who is both receiving healing and helping to heal the world too.

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