The Ice Thaws

The Ice ThawsIf you’ve drawn this card for its global and healing message, its advice is to find ways to chill out and unwind. Perhaps, you’ve felt overly tense about events happening in the world or your personal life. You might be finding it hard to relax. A feeling of lack of control could be causing you anxiety, or you could be dwelling on the negatives too much. You may need to open yourself to seeing and believing in the positive again, having faith that things can work out. Trust that it’s safe to let down your guard.

If you feel this task is too challenging to accomplish, imagine drawing your energy inward to focus on your heart chakra. Doing this will help you get out of your head. Breathe deeply into your heart chakra and allow yourself to feel your feelings. Then, breathe out the tension you’re holding.

It could be you’ve been focusing your energy in your mind or upper chakras for too long. Or you could be consciously or unconsciously focusing it outside of your body, attempting to pick up on every potential threat or danger (to prepare for the worst). Learning how to relax and become fully present in your body could be essential for you right now. If practicing visualization or meditation techniques isn’t something you’re interested in, perhaps exercising, dancing, singing, or feeling the ground beneath your feet can help you get back in your body again, able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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