The Law of Balanced Reversed

You need to decide whether all living things and beings are worthy of your love and attention. For, when you can only show love to other humans, without concern for how different forms of life are affected by human efforts, you unknowingly support the disruption of balance. As a result, love isn’t shown equally. While one aspect of life is shown love, another ends up unloved and neglected, and the consequences of this imbalance reflect themselves through nature. Therefore, this card reminds you of your connection to all living things and beings and asks you to allow yourself to see that connection more fully. Try not to allow for the earth, nature, and fellow creatures to feel alienated from your love. Do not allow for anything living and connected to you and the web of life to feel undeserving of more loving action.

While it may be tempting to think that loving thoughts alone will restore the balance, the act of cultivating love solely on the level of the mind (and its thoughts) without fortifying it through the heart (and your actions) isn’t enough to achieve this goal. Love that isn’t fortified through loving action manifests a state of dissonance between your loving thoughts and your less loving habits or lifestyles. Though such lifestyles and habits may be culturally accepted, that doesn’t mean they are balanced or loving toward all-that-is.

Seeking to maintain the balance is an integral part of learning the true nature of love, including teaching you to love all aspects of yourself equally, not just those aspects the cultural web tells you are worthy of love. The cultural web does not know any better, so it tends to value materialistic advancement over keeping the balance. In other words, it discourages you from tending to all life equally. So, allow yourself to make your goal one of attending to life lovingly in all ways. When you can honor and respect the whole of life around you, you acknowledge that your own life is worthy and a blessing.

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