Celestial Encounters Reversed

Celestial EncountersHeavenly or other-worldly beings may be attempting to communicate with you. Maybe they want to help you to see a bigger picture or seek to offer you insight regarding the human condition or humanity’s relationship with the natural world. However, you’re likely blocked from clearly receiving, interpreting, or acting upon such communications at this time.

Perhaps a message is having a hard time breaking through because you’ve never been taught how to read in a way that accommodates a bigger picture. You may not have even known this was an option. If not this, possibly a fear of seeing something negative may be acting as a block. If none of the above applies, it could be that a message is unable to reach you because some part of it doesn’t conform to a particular belief system you’ve adopted.

Receiving this card doesn’t imply you’re not intuitive. It’s merely letting you know you’re blocked, at present, from receiving a certain type of message. Its purpose is to make you more alert and conscious that there’s a new form of insight available to be shared with you. You’re asked to trust that when you are open and ready to receive it, you will.

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