How Mandy Works

When it comes to Mandy’s reading style, her readings are considered to be blunt but detailed regarding the psychological and other dynamics within a situation.  She works best when given direct questions to answer. This said, there is no need to send her an email listing your questions before a session. However, you can (if you wish) keep a list for yourself during a session, if you feel you will forget to ask something.

Though Mandy will provide outcomes at times, she specializes in empathic readings, guidance based readings, dream interpretation, and reading the energy of a person’s body, mind, intentions or situation. She uses empathic ability, as well as cards (ones she designed herself), clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

For example, Mandy answers questions around love relationships, such as:

  • questions concerning whether there will be or should be a re-connection, if so, will it be lasting, meaningful and, if so, will you be treated as you deserve to be.
  • questions concerning what different types of paths lead to different types of potential outcomes and whether these are what you truly want to create for yourself. What outcome your current path will mostly likely create, what action can be taken to create more of what you want (again, not to become dependent upon, but more from the approach of what would help you create the best path for yourself).
  • helping to read what is in your best interest with a chosen path rather than what you want to attract
  • helping to make a decision whether it is better to move on or not (noting psychological dynamics involved).
  • what are the intentions of a current or prospective love interest
  • is it requited or unrequited love and the why’s/psychological dynamics
  • why have you not heard from someone, gotten an email response, etc and the psychological dynamics involved.
  • other insight that may help with understanding a romantic partner or situation or which can help with getting closure
  • helping with blocks to making a relationship work or with finding love (psychological dynamics to work on)
  • do your dreams mean they are thinking of your/wanting a reconnection
  • are you picking up the other persons emotions, if so, why are you picking up their emotions and are you interpreting them accurately (eg. even in the case that they might really be thinking of you, missing you, does this mean they want a relationship, are not thinking of others, a Casanova or player, etc.)

Mandy also advises others around how to ground their perceptions in reality when dealing with obsession or after having seen other psychics who have offered encouragement yet nothing has transpired.  Mandy is often a psychic who is sought by those who are frustrated and confused after having spoken to other psychics who have said there is a “twin flame” connection or that they were “picking up” on a love interest’s love/energy/etc  when nothing is manifesting to validate that this is true.

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