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This deck was created for healing purposes. As such, these cards describe many different types of past lives, including those which might be connected with trauma or experiences (good and bad) that we may have reincarnated to heal. In some cases, cards drawn cold represent something symbolic or archetypal in nature as opposed to a past life. To use the spreads below, clear your mind and then ask your High Self what past life or archetypal pattern you would most benefit to focus on, or which lies beneath a particular issue or condition. Then, click the card backs to reveal your cards.

Simple Reading

For a one-card reading, draw only one card. The first two cards are major themes and the last card is a timeframe.

Uncover Your Past Lives
Healer 2

Healer 2

Faith Healer: In a past life, you may have been a spiritual healer who used energy work, prayer, or faith healing to help people heal their physical or emotional issues.

Archetype: You have a sixth sense about people and know things about others that they might not know about themselves. You can see into a person’s soul for what is needed to support their greatest health. You know that it is God’s gift to each individual to be healthy and vital.

Doctor: In a past life, you may have been a physician or nurse. Therefore, you likely played a role in diagnosing and treating physical or psychological issues. You might have worked in a hospital, mental hospital, or did house calls.

Archetype: You’re an intelligent, informed, and sometimes critical individual who knows what the healthiest path is and how to live it. You can zoom into situations and people to see the negative or what isn’t working to come up with a solution. Due to this, others may turn to you for your expert advice on how to deal with any crisis they are encountering.

Uncover Your Past Lives


Infantry: In a past life, you may have worked in the military as part of your country’s infantry. If so, perhaps you traveled by foot or on horseback, performing hand-to-hand combat against enemies you encountered. If you lived in a more technologically advanced society, you may have used weapons such as bombs, cannons, or tanks. See to other cards to determine whether you joined the infantry voluntarily or were conscripted.

Archetype: You’re a committed, resilient, and disciplined person who’s willing to soldier on when things get difficult. You’re ready to unite with others behind a cause. You have to be careful not to get drawn into fighting battles that aren’t your own.

Air Force: In a past life, you may have been part of your country’s air force. If not, you may have worked as an astronaut or in the aerospace industry. If this wasn’t during or after the World War Era, this card category might point to an extraterrestrial lifetime.

Archetype: You’re a logical, intelligent, and courageous person who can see all angles of a situation or a bigger picture. This ability can help you formulate the right plan of attack with a goal or project you hope will be successful.

Uncover Your Past Lives
Timeframe - Early Middle Ages


Early Middle Ages: The Early Middle Ages is a period that occurred between approximately 400 AD and 900 AD. Notable events that occurred include the Gothic Wars, the decline of Roman Empire (it became the Byzantium Empire), the attempts of Christian Missionaries to Christianize European pagans, the birth of Muhammad and Islam (as well as the Islamic Caliphates), the growth of seaborne commerce, the birth of Attila the Hun, the migration of Germanic and Eastern Tribes into Rome, the Viking raids on Britain, and the Rise of the Franks in Gaul and the Lombards in Italy. The period also witnessed the rise of monasteries and the feudal system.[1]


[1] For more information, see the Wikipedia article Early Middle Ages at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Middle_Ages

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Relationship Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition. The “you” card represent who you were in a past life with a current love interest (which may be affecting them or your relationship now). The “Love Interest” card represents who  your love interest was in a past life with you (which may be affecting them or your relationship now).  The past life lesson, is the lesson you were supposed to learn in relationship to your past life with your love interest (or a lesson you were meant to learn together). The current lesson is what you are meant to learn in the current time frame. For the last two cards, you can read using the archetypal message or your intuition for what those cards would symbolize in the current time frame.

Uncover Your Past Lives
Magic 2


Wiccan: You might have been Wiccan in a past life or someone who practiced witchcraft[1]. You likely felt a connection to Mother Earth and nature’s elements and cycles (seasonal, lunar, etc.). You may have known how to make use of plants and herbs as medicines for common ailments. In the Middle Ages, as Catholics attempted to convert those who belonged to nature-based religions to Christianity, magic and witchcraft came to be strongly connoted with evil and blamed for causing misfortunes.[2]

Archetype: You’re a nature-loving person who prides yourself on your authenticity, self-awareness, and ability to be real with others. You’re in touch with your intuition, natural cycles, and the light and dark parts of yourself. Being in touch with these parts of yourself helps you to know how to heal situations and conditions. Those who are in denial of their shadow side may misunderstand or mistrust you, projecting onto you their undesirable qualities or emotions.

[1] See the web page What is Wicca by The Celtic Connection at https://wicca.com/celtic/wicca/wicca.htm
[2] See the article What sparked our fear of witches–and what kept it burning for so long? by Brunonia Barry of the Washington Post at https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/what-sparked-our-fear-of-witches–and-what-kept-it-burning-so-long/2017/10/12/084ad90c-aebc-11e7-be94-fabb0f1e9ffb_story.html

Alchemist: In a previous life, you may have had an interest in alchemy or spiritual-based sciences. Perhaps you were interested in topics related to spiritual transformation, shapeshifting, turning lead into gold, or acquiring magical artifacts (such as the Holy Grail, Shroud of Turin, or Ark of the Covenant). At times, this card category can indicate being part of the gold rush.

Archetype: You’re a shapeshifter who’s always changing and growing. You aren’t afraid of looking directly at your shadow side or the less desirable qualities you possess. Being willing to see these parts of you in an honest but detached light helps you to transform them, leading to the purification of your soul.


Uncover Your Past Lives


Imprisoned: In a past life, you may have been imprisoned. Perhaps you were committed to a mental hospital or spent time in jail. If not, possibly you were kidnapped, taken hostage, or otherwise held against your will.

Archetype: You may feel trapped, pent up, or that you’re unable to break free of a constraint. Perhaps you’ve become a prisoner to a relationship or situation you can’t escape. Alternatively, your conscience could be bothering you regarding an offense you feel you’ve committed (real or imagined). You may be holding yourself back from finding happiness as a form of self-punishment.

Imprisoner: In a past life, you may have helped to imprison another person. Perhaps you committed someone to a mental hospital, turned someone in for a crime, worked as a prison guard, or made a ruling (as a judge or jury member) that caused someone to be sent to jail. Or, maybe you kidnapped someone, owned a slave, took someone hostage during a battle or war, or kept a person otherwise confined.

Archetype: It’s time to let go of a grudge you’ve been hanging onto or to let others off the hook for something they did to disappoint you. Alternatively, you may need to lighten up a little. Let go of controlling others’ lives and allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes. For some, this archetype could indicate you are acting as your own judge, jury, and imprisoner, holding yourself back in life or preventing yourself from being free or happy.

Love Interest

Uncover Your Past Lives
Identity of Young Male


Young Male: With a past life you are reading, you played the role of a young or immature male. If reading a current relationship, the other party saw you as a young male. Your bond was likely platonic.


Uncover Your Past Lives
Lesson - Overcoming Loss


Overcoming Loss: Your lesson may have involved rising above feelings of loss or disappointment. Your challenge may have been to find things to be grateful for, as opposed to focusing on what you lost.

Past Life Lesson

Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, it can be clicked on to see its definition.

Uncover Your Past Lives
Destruction 2


Fool: In a past life, you may have played the role of a fool. Perhaps carelessness or foolishness led to either an accident or some other misfortune. For instance, you might have turned a blind eye to trouble when warning signs were present. Perhaps a disaster could have been avoided if you were able to act more wisely.

Archetype: The above applied to your current life and time frame.

Saboteur: In a previous life, you may have wanted to see someone or something fail. You may have done what you could to interfere with a person’s happiness or make achieving success difficult. Perhaps you were jealous or insecure.

Archetype: Where might you have intended to sabotage your own or another’s growth, relationships, or projects, out of jealousy, revenge, or to hold yourself or someone back? Where do you fear that you can’t be successful based on your own skill, aptitude, and merit? Alternatively, where are you prone to acting out impulsively, unintentionally causing chaos or upset feelings (perhaps pushing opportunities or people away)?


Uncover Your Past Lives
Psychic 2


Astrologer: You might have studied the stars in a past life. Maybe you used your knowledge of astrology to read the future, interpret events going on in your times, or to offer advice to prominent individuals or leaders. If not an astrologer, it’s possible you were an astronomer.

Archetype: You are intelligent, educated, and cosmic in your consciousness. You may know how to live in both the intuitive and rational realms (and how to bridge them). Perhaps you’re a believer in fate and destiny, but to you, there’s a science behind this. For you, life might be a cosmic story in which you feel part of something bigger.

Gypsy: You may have worked as a fortune teller, palm reader, tarot card reader, or diviner in a past life. You likely worked one-on-one with others, using your intuitive ability to help them with their love lives or other personal matters. You were probably paid for your services, allowing you the means to support yourself.

Archetype: You’re an independent, intuitive, and resourceful individual. Through your skill and the tools you use, you can read into a person’s life and soul. The insight you provide can help others avoid obstacles on their path and know what to look out for in the future.


Uncover Your Past Lives
Timeframe - Pre-Columbian Americas


Pre-Columbian Americas: The Pre-Columbian Era is the period before Columbus settled America. It occurred between approximately 10,000 BC and 1492 AD. This period covers the history of the indigenous cultures that existed before the Americas were given this name. Notable cultures that existed during this time include the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Huastec, Purepecha, Toltec, and Aztec.[1] This age also witnessed growth with the knowledge of astronomy, maths, pyramid building, medicine, and the creation of accurate calendars.[2]


[1] See the Wikipedia article Pre-Columbian Era at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Columbian_era

[2] See the Wikipedia article Pre-Columbian Era at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Columbian_era


Uncover Your Past Lives
Location - Northern Europe


Northern Europe: You may have lived in an area currently part of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania. If not on land, you may have lived off the coast or in a proximate area that is currently underwater.


The Dining Table

The Dining Table

Upright: A form of emotional, physical, or spiritual nourishment could be on the menu. Perhaps you’ll be the recipient of the support or nourishment of others’ (or their company), or you’ll be providing support, company, or nourishment for others. This could take the form of an admirer asking you to go out on a date. Or you could be hosting or attending a social or family gathering. If the latter, a special occasion (such as a wedding, holiday, or celebration) could be what brings you and others together. Whatever the case, you’ll likely enjoy good food and entertainment.

With health matters, the appearance of this card can indicate you’re making an effort to eat healthily, to follow a balanced diet, or to see that your nutritional needs are met.

Reversed: A get-together, celebration, or party you were looking forward to attending (or hosting) could get canceled or may not go as well as expected. Hopefully, you haven’t been stood up! If not this, perhaps you feel invisible to others, that you’re feelings and needs don’t matter, or that you’re not getting the recognition or attention you deserve. This could be a valid perception or a false one. If false, it could indicate you’re expecting too much of others or underestimating how much you’re cared for.

If your situation is one where you’ve become too withdrawn or isolated, you’re urged to become more sociable. Perhaps attending events or joining clubs can help you connect with others or meet new people.


In matters of health, this card reversed can indicate dietary or other food-related issues. You may benefit from ensuring that you’re eating right and not deficient in important nutrients.




Upright: Your imagination could be especially strong right now. If so, perhaps it can be applied to solving a problem, especially if it’s one that keeps cycling round. You might finally break the cycle and find freedom.
Or you could be using your imagination to engage in reveries or daydreaming, such as through fantasizing about your family, career, or a new love relationship. Alternatively, you could feel lost in memories of your childhood or a past relationship.

Because this is a card of imagination and fantasy, it could also represent the conception phase of a new idea, invention, project, or plan. Maybe a pregnancy is even a possibility. If it hasn’t yet happened and isn’t desired, it might be a good idea to invest in birth control.

With healing matters, perhaps guided or other forms of positive visualization would prove beneficial.

Reversed: You could be losing yourself in daydreaming, to the point it’s hard to get much accomplished. Just make sure you’re not using daydreaming to refuse to grow up or to avoid real-world responsibilities.

With respect to your relationships, remember that liaisons based in fantasy, idealism, or pseudo-intimacy can create intense or addictive feelings.

For some, drawing this card could represent that your strong imagination or sense of visualization is making what you imagine seem true. If so, you may want to make sure that what you’re imagining really reflects the truth. Also remember that trauma or memories from childhood can influence a person’s perceptions, in some cases triggering paranoia, hypochondria, or trust issues.

In the case that a fantasy you believed in was recently shattered, trust this was for your highest good. Through being allowed to see the truth, you can take appropriate action or make more informed decisions.


Ocean of Love

Ocean of Love

Upright: You feel loved, cared for, and supported by friends, family, or a partner. This helps you feel safe when it comes to opening your heart and letting down your guard.

In a romantic situation, you and a love interest could enjoy physical chemistry and the desire to bond more deeply. Perhaps this relationship even has the potential to be lasting.

With work matters, you may feel supported or on good terms with a boss or co-workers. You might even find romance on the job! Or maybe you receive emotional, practical, or even financial support from others who believe in you and want to help you meet your goals. Alternatively, if you’re trying to do everything alone, this card could signify you’d benefit from eliciting support from friends, family or even an inspirational coach or business consultant.

When it comes to your health, surrounding yourself with loving, supportive individuals will likely have a healing effect and help you feel accepted for who you are.

Reversed: Whether your question involves your work, health, finances, or a relationship, this is a time to go it alone. Don’t expect to be taken care of.

Maybe you’ve drawn this card because you’ve forgotten how to meet your own needs. If so, you could be expecting too much from others, looking to them to provide what you can’t provide for yourself. Possibly, your experiences and the circumstances you attract could even be attempting to teach you how to release unhealthy codependency so you can become more independent and self-reliant.

Whatever your question, this card in this position asks you to trust that it is safe to release your grasp over others. Allow yourself and those you care about more freedom. Be willing to face your fears of being alone, abandoned, or uncared for. Find out who you are and what you’re capable of achieving on your own, without relying on another person to complete you.