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This deck was created for healing purposes. As such, these cards describe many different types of past lives, including those which might be connected with trauma or experiences (good and bad) that we may have reincarnated to heal. In some cases, cards drawn cold represent something symbolic or archetypal in nature as opposed to a past life. To use the spreads below, clear your mind and then ask your High Self what past life or archetypal pattern you would most benefit to focus on, or which lies beneath a particular issue or condition. Then, click the card backs to reveal your cards.

Simple Reading

For a one-card reading, draw only one card. The first two cards are major themes and the last card is a timeframe.


Ice Disaster

Ice age: In a past life, you may have lived during the Ice Age or perished due to extreme cold or changes in climate.

Archetype: You may be a little cold and untrusting, finding it hard to open up to others or to display warmth. Alternatively, you might have been raised in an emotional climate that was harsh and unfriendly

Hypothermia: In a past life, you may have perished or suffered trauma due to hypothermia. Perhaps you fell through the ice into freezing water, got trapped under an avalanche, or experienced some other misfortune in which you froze to death.

Archetype: You may feel weighed down by too many responsibilities or stresses. Or perhaps you’re trying to remain strong after withstanding an avalanche of criticisms or complaints. As a way to cope, you may have become more withdrawn or aloof.



Explorer: In a past life, you may have loved to travel and explore new destinations. Or perhaps you did a lot of traveling for work or due to being in the military.

Archetype: You may embody the archetype of an explorer. You’re adventurous and like to try new things or to visit exotic places.

Crusader: If you were a crusader in a past life, you likely traveled a lot in your efforts to defend the Holy Land or those making pilgrimages. In doing so, you may have encountered new and different belief systems. If myths and legends are true, you may have also been a relic hunter in search of holy artifacts.

Archetype: You’re a brave, loyal, and passionate individual who’s willing to risk everything to serve an important cause or protect those under your protection.



The Crusades and Inquisition: The Crusades and Inquisition covered a period that started in 1095 AD and ended approximately in 1826 when the last execution happened in Spain.[1] Notable events that occurred during this period include the Salem witch trials, the launch of several catholic crusades to take back the holy land from Muslim control, and the rise of monastic military orders (such as knights Templar who were employed in the crusades and often fought along-side infantrymen and peasants).[2]

Campaigns were also directed against those considered threats to Christianity, including heretics and schismatics.[3] With this, there rose the implementation of the inquisition. The church began using horrific forms of torture to elicit confessions of heresy or other crimes. Those who confessed and later recanted became labeled “relapsed heretics,” which the punishment for this crime (or other crimes) could include imprisonment, being burned at the stake, or other forms of persecution.[4]


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[4] A good book on this subject is A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages (Complete – Volume 1, 2 and 3) by Henry Charles Lea

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Relationship Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition. The “you” card represent who you were in a past life with a current love interest (which may be affecting them or your relationship now). The “Love Interest” card represents who  your love interest was in a past life with you (which may be affecting them or your relationship now).  The past life lesson, is the lesson you were supposed to learn in relationship to your past life with your love interest (or a lesson you were meant to learn together). The current lesson is what you are meant to learn in the current time frame. For the last two cards, you can read using the archetypal message or your intuition for what those cards would symbolize in the current time frame.


Rise of Civilization

Developer: In a previous life, you may have lived during a high point of civilization or helped with a civilization’s development. Perhaps you were a real estate developer who knew how to take a piece of land, envision what can be constructed on it, and have builders erect something according to your ideas and designs.

Archetype: You excel with helping your own or other’s projects to succeed and grow. You enjoy being part of a project’s development from its beginning (when it is merely an idea) to its completed form.

Organizer: In a past life, you may have lived during a high point of civilization or were part of its growth. Perhaps you helped with the organization of society, or with implementing new social systems, hierarchies, laws, or infrastructures. Or you may have been someone who helped others become more organized in terms of their work or personal life.

Archetype: For you, everything has its right place and time. You know how to keep things organized and compartmentalized. You know that success needs the right plan, framework, and a step-by-step process to ensure growth. You plan for minor obstacles in advance so that if you encounter a setback, you’ll know what action to take.




Trauma: In a past life, you might have been wounded in battle, held hostage, lost a loved one, or endured another type of trauma due to war. For some, it could be that your home or village was pillaged or destroyed.

Archetype: Where might you have unhealed trauma or scars connected to a devastating argument or due to being physically or verbally abused? Alternatively, where have you felt wounded by witnessing others’ arguments, such as through being a child of divorce?

Conscripted: In a past life, you might have been conscripted into battle. As such, you might have felt coerced into fighting a battle you didn’t support.

Archetype: Where are you fighting battles that are not your own? Do you tend to feel caught in situations where others demand you choose sides? If so, how might you release this role.

Love Interest



Separated by Distance or War: You and a partner or love interest may have been separated by distance or war and thus spent a lot of time apart or without contact.




Peace: Your lesson may have involved finding peace through releasing over-attachment to the world, dramas, or relationships. Perhaps you tended to anxiously cling to material possessions, romantic interests, or people in your life. It may have been necessary for your soul’s growth to trust it was safe to release these attachments—to find peace of mind.

Past Life Lesson

Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition.



Deposed or Loss of Title: In a past life, you may have been a royal who was deposed or a person with a title who lost it (such as a duke, duchess, count, countess, etc.). If deposed, perhaps you had a sibling who was fighting for the same title, or your whole family was overthrown (such as after a revolution or shift in power ). Consequently, you may have felt demoted in status, losing the perks of having a title that you once enjoyed.

Archetype: You possess grace, poise, leadership ability, and the desire to serve others. Unfortunately, this seems to trigger the envy and jealousy of other strong-willed individuals who want attention and recognition for themselves. Perhaps someone around you (or a family member) wants to knock you off your pedestal, dominate you, or prove they are superior.

Illegitimate: In a past life, you may have been a direct descendant of royalty but in an illegitimate way. Perhaps you were born out of wedlock or were the result of an indiscretion or affair. Whatever the case, you likely weren’t recognized as an heir or given a title.

Archetype: You want others to recognize you as someone who possesses grace, authority, or power, but deep down, you may feel inadequate. Maybe you feel unable to pull off this type of role or that others wouldn’t respect you in it.




Non-Conformist: In a previous life, you may have had a rebellious spirit. Perhaps you were unafraid to go against norms, rules, laws, or authorities (religious, parental, or political). You weren’t afraid to be different.

Archetype: The above applied to your current life and time frame.

Revolutionary: In a past life, you may have been a bold, passionate, and freedom-loving person who felt dissatisfied with society or constraints imposed. Perhaps you used your energy to inspire others to believe that change could happen or that they could gain freedom from oppressive circumstances. You may have even been a revolutionary writer or part of an underground resistance movement.

Archetype: The above applied to your current life and time frame.




Accident: You may have suffered trauma in a past life due to a personal injury or accident (such as a fall, fire, building collapse, or something similar).




Child: With a past life event or situation you are reading, you may have played the role of a child in an important way (or it defined how you saw yourself). If reading a current relationship, you were the other party’s child in a past life.



The Dining Table

Upright: A form of emotional, physical, or spiritual nourishment could be on the menu. Perhaps you’ll be the recipient of the support or nourishment of others’ (or their company), or you’ll be providing support, company, or nourishment for others. This could take the form of an admirer asking you to go out on a date. Or you could be hosting or attending a social or family gathering. If the latter, a special occasion (such as a wedding, holiday, or celebration) could be what brings you and others together. Whatever the case, you’ll likely enjoy good food and entertainment.

With health matters, the appearance of this card can indicate you’re making an effort to eat healthily, to follow a balanced diet, or to see that your nutritional needs are met.

Reversed: A get-together, celebration, or party you were looking forward to attending (or hosting) could get canceled or may not go as well as expected. Hopefully, you haven’t been stood up! If not this, perhaps you feel invisible to others, that you’re feelings and needs don’t matter, or that you’re not getting the recognition or attention you deserve. This could be a valid perception or a false one. If false, it could indicate you’re expecting too much of others or underestimating how much you’re cared for.

If your situation is one where you’ve become too withdrawn or isolated, you’re urged to become more sociable. Perhaps attending events or joining clubs can help you connect with others or meet new people.


In matters of health, this card reversed can indicate dietary or other food-related issues. You may benefit from ensuring that you’re eating right and not deficient in important nutrients.



Hands that Heal

Upright: You may be blessed with hands-on healing ability or a Midas touch. If so, perhaps it can be used to offer healing or assistance to a particular person or situation. Or, if a situation you’ve inquired about is somewhat delicate, this card could be counseling you to treat it with extra care, attention, or a soft touch. On the other hand, if the hands on this card do not represent your own hands but those of another person, it could be you who’d benefit from receiving someone else’s support. This type of support might be provided by a healer, coach, or business consultant who can help you turn your ideas into gold.

If your question should involve a love relationship, the appearance of this card could signify that you and a lover cannot keep your hands off each other. On the other hand, if a relationship is currently undergoing difficulties, it could be that being more physical or hands-on will help create more chemistry or closeness.

Reversed: You may experience difficulty turning a dream or goal into a tangible reality. Perhaps this is because you’re lacking a hands-on approach, don’t know what to do with your hands, or you’re being too idle. Or you could be rejecting practical aid that’s being offered.

If it’s you who’s trying to lend a hand to someone else, perhaps you’re finding your efforts, gifts, or generosity are unwelcome or rejected. Or maybe you have to allow others to sort out their issues for themselves.

If your question involves a love relationship, this card in its reversed position could indicate that physical contact or affection could be lacking. Or you could be rejecting someone’s physical advances, or someone could be rejecting yours.

With matters of health and spiritual growth, this card asks you to work to overcome any fears you have of giving or receiving healing or love.




Upright: Something miraculous is about to happen for you! It could be that something you’ve been praying for materializes. Or it could be that your positive thoughts, affirmations, or openness to receiving blessings are helping to attract good things your way. In relationship matters, perhaps you’ll reconnect with someone you thought was lost forever. Or maybe a new love relationship will blossom unexpectedly, or the depth of a current bond will deepen—potentially leading to a marriage proposal.

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties in any area of your life, take heart. It’s possible that improvements are occurring behind the scenes, unbeknownst to you.

On the work front, perhaps the raise you never thought you’d receive comes through or you land the job of your dreams!
If your issue pertains to your health, perhaps you experience improvement or a spontaneous remission. Whatever miracle is taking place, treasure it!

Reversed: Whether your question involves a work, health, relationship, or other matter, trust that any difficulties you’re experiencing are likely only temporary. A full recovery could be coming soon. If not a full recovery, you could at least experience significant improvement. Thus, you’re asked to keep hopeful and positive, believing that prayers can be answered and miracles can happen! Don’t give up on your efforts to look for a new love, to apply for new jobs, to make amends after a quarrel, or to eagerly explore opportunities, resources, treatments, or practitioners that present themselves (if applicable). If you’re willing to keep your intentions and prayers positive and see that they are supported by the appropriate actions, you’re likely to generate favorable results.