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This deck was created for healing purposes. As such, these cards describe many different types of past lives, including those which might be connected with trauma or experiences (good and bad) that we may have reincarnated to heal. In some cases, cards drawn cold represent something symbolic or archetypal in nature as opposed to a past life. To use the spreads below, clear your mind and then ask your High Self what past life or archetypal pattern you would most benefit to focus on, or which lies beneath a particular issue or condition. Then, click the card backs to reveal your cards.

Simple Reading

For a one-card reading, draw only one card. The first two cards are major themes and the last card is a timeframe.



Other: In a past life, you might have been a hunter, tanner, butcher, horseshoer, or similar profession. Alternatively, you may have had a past life where you incarnated as an animal (non-human).

Archetype: You’re in touch with your passions, desires, and animal side. You aren’t afraid to feel a full range of your emotions or to show others who you truly are.

Animal Lover: In a past life, you may have felt a genuine love for animals. Perhaps you were known for how you cherished a pet. Or you may have been an animal communicator, protector, rescuer, or care-provider. If you practiced animism or totemism, you may have revered animals for their spiritual qualities or ascribed to them supernatural abilities.

Archetype: The above applied to your current life and time frame.



Murdered: In a past life, you might have been a victim of foul play. Your death may have been the result of involuntary manslaughter (such as in the heat of passion) or something more sinister. You likely didn’t see it coming.

Archetype: Where might you have “killed off” an essential part of your identity or values? Or perhaps you’ve given up on an important dream, talent, or relationship. Giving up on a piece of you this way might have been your own decision or something you did feeling pressured by others.

Murderer: Murderer: In a past life, you may have murdered another person or others. With this card, it’s less likely this occurred in an organized way (such as through being an executioner or military person). It’s more likely you acted out of jealousy, anger, or desire for revenge (unless surrounding cards indicate the contrary).

Archetype: Where do you carry aggression or rage at someone who hurt or betrayed you? Where do you feel guilty for severing ties or cutting someone out of your life? Hopefully, cutting people out of your life hasn’t become a pattern. If so, you might need to learn not to run away from relationships when things get difficult or when painful emotions are triggered.



The Crusades and Inquisition: The Crusades and Inquisition covered a period that started in 1095 AD and ended approximately in 1826 when the last execution happened in Spain.[1] Notable events that occurred during this period include the Salem witch trials, the launch of several catholic crusades to take back the holy land from Muslim control, and the rise of monastic military orders (such as knights Templar who were employed in the crusades and often fought along-side infantrymen and peasants).[2]

Campaigns were also directed against those considered threats to Christianity, including heretics and schismatics.[3] With this, there rose the implementation of the inquisition. The church began using horrific forms of torture to elicit confessions of heresy or other crimes. Those who confessed and later recanted became labeled “relapsed heretics,” which the punishment for this crime (or other crimes) could include imprisonment, being burned at the stake, or other forms of persecution.[4]


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[4] A good book on this subject is A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages (Complete – Volume 1, 2 and 3) by Henry Charles Lea

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Relationship Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition. The “you” card represent who you were in a past life with a current love interest (which may be affecting them or your relationship now). The “Love Interest” card represents who  your love interest was in a past life with you (which may be affecting them or your relationship now).  The past life lesson, is the lesson you were supposed to learn in relationship to your past life with your love interest (or a lesson you were meant to learn together). The current lesson is what you are meant to learn in the current time frame. For the last two cards, you can read using the archetypal message or your intuition for what those cards would symbolize in the current time frame.


Childhood Trauma

Kidnapped or Sold: You may have been abducted, captured in war, taken from your parents, or sold into slavery. Or maybe you were handed over to a priest to serve a spiritual function (such as ritual sacrifice).

Archetype: You may feel as if your childhood or identity were stolen or hijacked in some way. Perhaps you feel as if you’ve spent your life fulfilling someone else’s goals and dreams instead of your own.

Abandoned: In a past life, you may have felt abandoned as a child. Perhaps you were dropped off at an orphanage or left alone to fend for yourself. Or your father may have denied paternity or one of your parents didn’t want (or couldn’t handle) the responsibility of raising you.

Archetype: You may carry unresolved trauma due to feeling emotionally or physically abandoned as a child. Perhaps you struggle with feeling unloved or unwanted.




Competitor: In a past life, you may have craved competition or felt you had to compete with others to prove your worth. Alternatively, being involved with some form of competitive sport or contest played an important role in shaping who you were.

Archetype: You seek to be the best at whatever you make your focus. It may be hard for you to settle with being average or second-best.

Celebrity: In a past life, you may have received some measure of fame, honor, or recognition. This type of attention likely brought with it particular challenges or responsibilities.

Archetype: You tend to attract recognition or honor for your efforts. Or you might be someone who likes the spotlight.

Love Interest



Adult Female: With a past life you are reading, you were an adult female. If reading a current relationship, the other party saw you as an adult female in a past life. You may not have been close, or any relationship you shared was likely platonic.




Abuse of Technology: Abuse of technology can include the misuse of tools, weapons, torture instruments, utilities, or science. Or it could pertain to using technology in a purely self-serving manner, especially if it takes advantage of others or leads to the destruction of someone or something (such as the environment or a civilization). Thus, your lesson may have been to use technology in a responsible way that serves a greater good, as opposed to seeking to gain domination or control over others.

Past Life Lesson

Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition.



Entertainer: In a past life, you may have been an entertainer of some kind. Perhaps you were a comedian, jester, or someone called upon to entertain kings, queens, pharaohs, or other important personages (such as through singing, dancing, or playing an instrument).

Archetype: You’re an energetic, playful, and outgoing person who likes the limelight and to be noticed. At a party, you seek to be the center of attention. However, this isn’t purely for selfish reasons. You know that you can best help others through uplifting them or provoking them to get in touch with their emotions.

Dancer: In a past life, you might have been a dancer. If you didn’t dance professionally (such as in a ballet, the can-can, or another form of professional dance), dancing might have played an essential role in cultural rituals or ceremonies in which you took part. Or you may have danced for a king or pharaoh, or as a harem girl.

Archetype: You are a passionate, creative, and flexible person who has a natural sense of rhythm and flow. You understand how to read people through their body language or posture and know how to express yourself by using your body and movement. Dance or physical exercise provides an essential tool for you to use to keep yourself balanced and in good health.



Water Disaster

Drowned: You may have drowned in a past life.

Archetype: You may be a codependent and dramatic person who feels overcome by fear, confusion, or other heavy emotions. It may be hard for you to move forward after a misfortune. Perhaps you’ve become chronically depressed or have given up on life.

Tsunami or Tropical Storm: In a past life, you might have survived a tsunami or tropical storm, or perhaps you perished during one.

Archetype: You may have weathered turbulent storms or upheavals in your life. Alternatively, it may be time to deal with powerful and destructive emotions that are wreaking havoc on your life or relationships.




Hypothermia: You may have frozen to death or died from frostbite, gangrene, or hypothermia.




Polytheistic: You may have been part of a faith that worshipped multiple gods. Some examples of polytheistic religions include Ancient Egyptian Religion, Religions of Classical Greece or Rome, Hinduism, Paganism, Santeria, Taoism, and some Neopagan Faiths.[1]


[1] See the Wikipedia article Polytheism at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polytheism



The Law of Balance

Upright: You are balanced, fair, open to compromise, or weighing your decisions carefully. Perhaps due to your equipoise or ability to consider all perspectives, you’re delegated to a management position. Or maybe you’d make a fair and stable leader, judge, counselor, mediator, or friend in need.

Regarding legal or other matters where you desire to know how you’ll fare, it’s likely that the outcome will be equitable or involve compromise. With this card, any question you’ve asked may not necessarily have an all-or-nothing answer, or “yes” or “no” response. Instead, the result you end up with may be a grey area that lies between extremes.
In matters of healing, spirituality, or personal growth, you could be learning to balance yin and yang, or the masculine and feminine.

Reversed: Nature likes balance. In this theme, Nature uses the Law of Balance to show the rewards of walking a path between dualities and extremes. She also shows the ramifications of straying from this path, such as through falling into one form of extreme or another, being too yin or too yang, or succumbing to all-or-nothing thinking. Perhaps you’re experiencing these ramifications. Sometimes, they may be subtle, while other times, they may be more obvious.

If the above doesn’t apply, consider whether this card is counseling you to understand how the Law of Attraction operates in conjunction with the Law of Balance. Begin to notice when and in what situations you’ve striven toward one extreme and found that you’ve manifested its opposite duality at another level. For example, where has overstriving to create excess manifested that excess but also depletion or burnout at another level (such as with time, money, resources, energy, etc.)? As you notice the patterns that begin to emerge, think of ways that you can work with the Law of Attraction while also respecting the need to keep everything in balance.



Quench Your Thirst

Upright: Have you been thirsting for something? If so, this card encourages you to take measures to ensure that this thirst is satisfied, especially if it represents a physical need rather than a desire. Perhaps you’re even about to be given (or will receive) what you thirst for. Or a gift could be coming your way. If so, be thankful!

A second aspect of this card asks you to remember to keep your needs and desires in balance. While it’s desirable to have the fire and energy to pursue your aspirations, it’s important to make sure your needs for water, sleep, and rest are met simultaneously. Likewise, while it may be honorable to be a giver, you have to allow yourself to receive at times. Therefore, the best approach is one that respects a balanced, give-and-take process. If you can take this approach, you’ll avoid becoming drained or exhausted.

<p?Reversed: Are you feeling a sense of lack right now? If so, this could be merely a perception rather than an actuality. Such a feeling could be arising because it’s difficult for you to trust that you have or are enough.
For some who’ve drawn this card, it’s possible you’ve allowed a perception of lack to convince you that you need to overstrive in order to compensate. If this is the case, you could be playing with the masculine energy of fire (the yang) in a way that’s led you to become too focused on acquisition, winning, and producing something that you can interpret has value. This could lead you to become genuinely depleted, dehydrated, sleep-deprived, or in need of rest—thus, thirsting for the feminine element of water (the yin).

You can correct this type of energy imbalance by allowing yourself to focus on and appreciate all you’re already blessed with. Know that you don’t have to overstrive to have or to be enough.



Fungi Funeral

Upright: Lately, you’ve been realizing that too much fun, over-indulgence, or avoidance of responsibility isn’t always a good thing. Maybe this is the motivation behind a desire to clean up your life, give up a habit, or go on a diet. Or you could feel motivated to let go of a relationship or something else that is toxic, becoming unmanageable, or creating an unhealthy dependency. Because giving up a pleasurable temptation isn’t always easy, you may have to undergo a process of release. If you can allow yourself to grieve the loss of what you’re giving up, it will help you move forward—as opposed to backward, into old temptations. Accordingly, if you can resist the temptation to revert to old ways or to second-guess your decision to embark on a healthier path, you’ll open yourself up to attracting a healthful future.

Reversed: A lifestyle change may be in order, but you could feel unready or resistant. Perhaps, despite witnessing the negative effects of not changing course, you still find you can’t motivate yourself to give up something beneath you for your own good. Maybe you’re in denial that change is necessary, or you’ve come up with too many excuses. Or you might only feel interested in change if it’s painless or effortless. Possibly, you already tried to give up a temptation, only to experience a relapse. Whatever your case, if you can allow yourself to make a needed change—and process any grief involved with what you would be giving up—you can get your life on a more productive course. This course, unlike your current one, will more likely lead to positive developments and growth.