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This deck was created for healing purposes. As such, these cards describe many different types of past lives, including those which might be connected with trauma or experiences (good and bad) that we may have reincarnated to heal. In some cases, cards drawn cold represent something symbolic or archetypal in nature as opposed to a past life. To use the spreads below, clear your mind and then ask your High Self what past life or archetypal pattern you would most benefit to focus on, or which lies beneath a particular issue or condition. Then, click the card backs to reveal your cards.

Simple Reading

For a one-card reading, draw only one card. The first two cards are major themes and the last card is a timeframe.



Exiled: In a past life, you may have been forced to leave your home or country to live somewhere else. Perhaps this was punishment for a crime. Or it might have been the result of religious or other persecution. If you were the weak member of a tribe, they might have left you behind, especially if they needed to move quickly and you were slowing them down.

Archetype: You may feel exiled, ghosted, or left behind by your family or someone you love. You may live with a profound sense of rejection or the feeling that others can’t stand the sight of you, causing you to want to hide.

Disowned: In a past life, you might have been disowned by your family or friends. Perhaps you refused to conform to something expected of you, such as marrying someone they approved of. However, if your children or friends disowned you, it could be because you treated them in a way they found difficult to forgive.

Archetype: You may feel unforgiven by your family or someone you love. Or you may feel cut out of someone’s life. Perhaps someone is punishing you for not meeting an expectation they had.


Ritual Sacrifice

Headhunter: In a past life, you may have lived in a culture that practiced headhunting. If not this, perhaps you were decapitated or had your head mounted on a spike.

Archetype: Where may you have “lost your head” over another person, situation, or cause? Or where have you cut yourself off from common sense or reason?

Cannibal: In a past life, you might have lived in a culture that practiced cannibalism. Cannibalism occurred for different reasons, including for survival or to steal a person’s life force. While some cannibalistic cultures targeted individuals within their tribe or group, others may have targeted people outside of it.[1]

Archetype: Where are you feeling consumed by something or “eaten alive?” What or who are you allowing to steal or siphon off your energy, and why?

[1] See the Wikipedia article Human Cannibalism at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_cannibalism



Early Modern Age: The Early Modern Age covers a period in Europe that lasts from 1450 to 1750 and includes the Renaissance period, Age of Discovery, Commercial Revolution, and Golden Age of Piracy. It starts after the Middle Ages and ends around the time of the French Revolution. This period marks a time of population increase, globalization, and changes for women in the workplace. Women also began marrying later (as opposed to marrying soon after entering puberty). Women were also closer in age to their husbands.

Protestantism and Catholicism each demanded uniformity, and there was a spread of Christianity through the colonization of the Americas. This age saw the decline of Feudalism and the end of the crusades and the European Wars of Religion.[2] However, the inquisition was still on-going, as was a rise in heterodoxy, witch-phobia, and the belief in magic and witchcraft (which became widespread). In 1486, the Hammer of Witches (aka the Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer) was written.[3] The church embarked on a witch hunt in Europe and the Salem Witch Trials in the New World. Those who suffered mental disorders, or who were rural healers, midwives, or non-conformists, endured persecution. Jews faced lowered status and discrimination. The Black Death occurred during this age, as well.


[1] See the article Aspects of Early Modern Society at https://www.britannica.com/topic/history-of-Europe/Aspects-of-early-modern-society

[2] See the Wikipedia page Early Modern Period at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_modern_period

[3] See the Wikipedia page Witch Trials in the Early Modern Period at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch_trials_in_the_early_modern_period

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Relationship Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition. The “you” card represent who you were in a past life with a current love interest (which may be affecting them or your relationship now). The “Love Interest” card represents who  your love interest was in a past life with you (which may be affecting them or your relationship now).  The past life lesson, is the lesson you were supposed to learn in relationship to your past life with your love interest (or a lesson you were meant to learn together). The current lesson is what you are meant to learn in the current time frame. For the last two cards, you can read using the archetypal message or your intuition for what those cards would symbolize in the current time frame.



Special Intelligence: In a past life, you might have been part of the Secret Service, Special Forces, CIA, or something similar. As such, you may have been involved in covert operations or used various means (including deception) to gather intelligence or secret information.

Archetype: You’re extra-sensitive to your surroundings. You’re always on the lookout for what could pose a threat to your security or that of an important relationship. You’re not opposed to spying on others, performing covert operations, or using deception or manipulation if it helps you gather valuable information. You’ll use this information to fish out who or what to trust and who or what not to.

Mercenary: In a past life, you were a professional soldier who was paid to fight in battles or to defend territories which you may have been an outsider (such as if you were from another country). You didn’t mind serving this role as long as you were adequately compensated. This calling gave you a sense of purpose and a means to support yourself.

Archetype: You’re a determined, powerful, and assertive individual. You’re willing to do difficult jobs for others as long as you feel adequately compensated for your efforts. While others might question your intentions or methods, for you, the ends justify the means.




Prisoner of War: You may have been a man, woman, or child in a past life who was captured in war (or by pirates ) and held hostage, forced into servitude, or sold into slavery.

Archetype: Are you trapped within an abusive relationship, family, or work situation? Do you feel helpless to save yourself? Perhaps you don’t have the means or resources to leave this situation or have become too dependent or complacent. You may passively dream of being rescued by another person or desire to attract an opportunity that will make it easier for you to become free. Alternatively, you may have been a casualty in a contentious divorce or war-like family environment. Perhaps one family member used you to hurt or manipulate another, or one of your parents held you hostage and kept you from seeing your other parent.

Concubine: In a past life, you may have been a concubine or sex slave. If your service was involuntary, you likely had no choice whether you wanted to leave your master or give up performing sexual services. Whether your service was voluntary or involuntary, you may have been lower in status to your master’s wife or not entitled to an inheritance, and any children born out of your service were likely considered illegitimate.

Archetype: You may tend to fall for lovers who have a marriage partner or other love interests who act as competition. The presence of a third party allows you to use your beauty, charisma, and sex appeal toward winning first place in your lover’s heart. If the above doesn’t apply, perhaps you tend to subjugate yourself when in a relationship, allowing your partner to have power over you and to make your decisions.

Love Interest



Possessive: In a past life, you may have been possessive or controlling with a partner or lover. It might have been hard for you to feel secure in a relationship or to believe that your love interest could be faithful.




Self-Love: Your lesson involved learning to love and accept yourself as you are and to become less reliant on others for a sense of self-worth.

Past Life Lesson

Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition.



Weapons Development: In a previous life, you may have helped with weapons development. Perhaps you were involved with weapons research, development, testing, or the manufacturing process (making swords, shields, cannons, or more advanced weaponry).

Archetype: You’re an intelligent, creative, and resourceful person who can represent yourself well in an argument. You feel the most secure when you’re able to protect and stand up for yourself, using the right words to do so. Thus, you may pre-rehearse what you want to say to others before heading into an argument.

Navy: In a past life, you may have been part of your country’s navy or sea force. Or perhaps you captained a ship, ocean liner, or submarine.

Archetype: You’re an emotionally stable and resilient person. You need organization and discipline in your life. Your emotional strength helps you to confront and overcome obstacles. You work well with others and enjoy serving a protective role.




Use of Technology: In a previous life, you may have worked with technology in some form. Perhaps you were part of a highly technologically advanced society[1], or you used a type of weaponry, factory machine, utility, or vehicle (such as a ship, train, or plane).

Archetype: You may be a logical, mechanical, systematic, and intelligent person who understands how things work or what makes things tick.

[1] For instance, this may have been during the industrial age, an antediluvians age, or as a star being.

Abuse of Technology: In a past life, you may have been part of a culture that misused technology. Perhaps you experienced how technology could be dangerous or used to harm others (such as with biochemical warfare, weaponry, nuclear weapons, inhumane experimentation on animals, etc.).

Archetype: You know what makes a person tick. You’re also resourceful and understand how to use what you know to manipulate a person or situation (or to win an argument). If someone dares to pick a fight with you, they’ll likely end up regretting it. Perhaps you would “go nuclear” on them!




Other Relative: With a past life you are reading, you may have played the role of an uncle, aunt, or distant relative. If not this, with someone important in your current life (or a relationship in question), you may have been their aunt, uncle, or a distant relative.




The Stars: In a past life, you may have lived in an area that was not of this earth.



Fungi Funeral

Upright: Lately, you’ve been realizing that too much fun, over-indulgence, or avoidance of responsibility isn’t always a good thing. Maybe this is the motivation behind a desire to clean up your life, give up a habit, or go on a diet. Or you could feel motivated to let go of a relationship or something else that is toxic, becoming unmanageable, or creating an unhealthy dependency. Because giving up a pleasurable temptation isn’t always easy, you may have to undergo a process of release. If you can allow yourself to grieve the loss of what you’re giving up, it will help you move forward—as opposed to backward, into old temptations. Accordingly, if you can resist the temptation to revert to old ways or to second-guess your decision to embark on a healthier path, you’ll open yourself up to attracting a healthful future.

Reversed: A lifestyle change may be in order, but you could feel unready or resistant. Perhaps, despite witnessing the negative effects of not changing course, you still find you can’t motivate yourself to give up something beneath you for your own good. Maybe you’re in denial that change is necessary, or you’ve come up with too many excuses. Or you might only feel interested in change if it’s painless or effortless. Possibly, you already tried to give up a temptation, only to experience a relapse. Whatever your case, if you can allow yourself to make a needed change—and process any grief involved with what you would be giving up—you can get your life on a more productive course. This course, unlike your current one, will more likely lead to positive developments and growth.



Seer of Souls

Upright: This card calls you to use your empathy and insight to understand what someone close to you is thinking or feeling, or the psychological dynamics influencing a relationship. Or perhaps, you can offer someone a shoulder to lean on if they need it.

On the work front, if you can get into the head of a person (or people) you seek to impress, it could help you with your job, an interview, marketing efforts, or attracting the right backers or followers.

If your question involves your spiritual growth, this card encourages you to use your telepathy, empathic sensitivity, or emotional intelligence toward a higher purpose, such as to cultivate a greater understanding of the world and the life forms that inhabit it.

Reversed: You may want to be sensitive or intuitive to what someone close is thinking or feeling, but your ego could be getting in the way. This could cause you to misinterpret a situation or what someone else truly feels.

If the above doesn’t apply, consider whether a tendency to be overly attuned or sensitive to what others are thinking or feeling has led to codependency issues or problems with setting boundaries. If you should find yourself feeling overloaded due to dealing with others’ projections, emotions, or problems, you could be taking too much on. If so, you may benefit from finding ways to pull your energy back from focusing on others so you can focus on your own emotions and what your triggers are.

The more you can excel with this ability, the more you’ll be able to face and process any painful feelings or fears you have of being rejected, disapproved of, or unable to control how others think or feel. You can still be a sensitive, insightful, and empathic person if you follow this advice. However, your sensitivity won’t need to overwhelm or drain you. With increased self-awareness, you can become more skilled at using your empathic ability productively.



Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Upright: You may want to create a backup plan in case a relationship, job, or opportunity you’re interested in doesn’t turn out to be the “one.” Even if what you’re investing in is the “one,” without proper foresight, action, or planning, it could end up the “one that got away.” Life, like the weather, offers no guarantees. Therefore, it sometimes pays to plan for contingencies.

Generally, this card warns against taking the easy way out, winging it, and pinning all your hopes on one approach, person, prospect, or opportunity. Instead, it counsels the querent to be flexible, adaptable, and willing to employ a proper strategy where needed.

Reversed: You may feel overwhelmed or that you’re drowning in difficulty. Perhaps you let the water rise over your head through mismanaging your finances and now you’re flooded with debt. Or maybe none of it was your fault. Even with a good plan and the proper foresight, unexpected difficulties might’ve cropped up.

In matters of work or love, perhaps you invested your time, money, planning, or commitment in a relationship, job, or prospect that didn’t pan out as you hoped. While part of you may want to stick with a certain strategy and continue to make an effort, the difficulties involved in carrying your endeavor through to fruition may feel insurmountable. You may feel tempted to jump ship to head for more peaceful shores

Whether you can improve the energy of this card and bring about a more satisfactory outcome may depend on your attitude and willingness to be flexible, adaptable, or open to taking a new approach.