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This deck was created for healing purposes. As such, these cards describe many different types of past lives, including those which might be connected with trauma or experiences (good and bad) that we may have reincarnated to heal. In some cases, cards drawn cold represent something symbolic or archetypal in nature as opposed to a past life. To use the spreads below, clear your mind and then ask your High Self what past life or archetypal pattern you would most benefit to focus on, or which lies beneath a particular issue or condition. Then, click the card backs to reveal your cards.

Simple Reading

For a one-card reading, draw only one card. The first two cards are major themes and the last card is a timeframe.



Imprisoned: In a past life, you may have been imprisoned. Perhaps you were committed to a mental hospital or spent time in jail. If not, possibly you were kidnapped, taken hostage, or otherwise held against your will.

Archetype: You may feel trapped, pent up, or that you’re unable to break free of a constraint. Perhaps you’ve become a prisoner to a relationship or situation you can’t escape. Alternatively, your conscience could be bothering you regarding an offense you feel you’ve committed (real or imagined). You may be holding yourself back from finding happiness as a form of self-punishment.

Imprisoner: In a past life, you may have helped to imprison another person. Perhaps you committed someone to a mental hospital, turned someone in for a crime, worked as a prison guard, or made a ruling (as a judge or jury member) that caused someone to be sent to jail. Or, maybe you kidnapped someone, owned a slave, took someone hostage during a battle or war, or kept a person otherwise confined.

Archetype: It’s time to let go of a grudge you’ve been hanging onto or to let others off the hook for something they did to disappoint you. Alternatively, you may need to lighten up a little. Let go of controlling others’ lives and allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes. For some, this archetype could indicate you are acting as your own judge, jury, and imprisoner, holding yourself back in life or preventing yourself from being free or happy.



Mania: In a past life, you may have suffered from mania,[1] manic depression, or mood instability. Or perhaps you engaged in some form of erratic or risk-taking behavior.

Archetype: Where might you have dualities within yourself that you need to harmonize? Where are you failing to find a balance between extremes? Or, do you tend to engage in risk-taking behavior more than you should?

[1] See the Wikipedia article titled Mania at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mania

Hallucinations: You may have suffered from hallucinations in a past life. Perhaps you had a mental illness, experimented with drugs, or your hallucinations had a physical cause (such as St. Anthony’s Fire ).

Archetype: Where is a little voice in your head telling you people are out to get you when they aren’t? Where do you tend to see things in people or situations which aren’t there? Or where have you heard someone say something they never said, causing you to misunderstand their intent?

[1] St. Anthony’s Fire was a form of ergot poisoning caused by ingesting bread made from contaminated flour. This type of poisoning can lead to sickness and hallucinations. See the article St. Anthony’s Fire – Ergotism at https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=14891



Viking Age: The Viking Age occurred between approximately 793 AD and 1066 AD. During this period, Scandinavians started to migrate and settle in Ireland, Britain, Whales, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Scotland, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland.[1]


[1] For more information, see the Wikipedia article Viking Age at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_Age

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Relationship Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition. The “you” card represent who you were in a past life with a current love interest (which may be affecting them or your relationship now). The “Love Interest” card represents who  your love interest was in a past life with you (which may be affecting them or your relationship now).  The past life lesson, is the lesson you were supposed to learn in relationship to your past life with your love interest (or a lesson you were meant to learn together). The current lesson is what you are meant to learn in the current time frame. For the last two cards, you can read using the archetypal message or your intuition for what those cards would symbolize in the current time frame.



Social: In a previous life, you may have been a victim of social oppression. You might have endured persecution or bullying due to your gender, sexual orientation, race, or class. If not, you may have felt discriminated against due to a limitation or disease (such as leprosy).

Archetype: You’re a sensitive soul who has been picked on, discriminated against, or bullied for a social reason. This may have affected you profoundly, especially if you didn’t feel you could adequately stand up to your bully or protect yourself

Oppressor: In a past life, you might have oppressed others (or condoned oppression). Perhaps you were taught to have strong judgments against others or to discriminate based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or other differences.

Archetype: You may have impossibly high standards or tend to be hard on yourself and others. Perhaps this is due to having had a parent who was rigid, judgmental, or perfectionistic, and you took on some of their values. If not a parent, it may have been a community or group that you were part of.




Famine: In a past life, you may have experienced hunger or starvation. For some, this may have been the cause of your death.

Archetype: Where do you feel deficient or lacking what you need to sustain yourself? Where are you going through a dry spell in your love life? Where do you perceive that you lack the necessary affection you need to feel nourished? Or where is a current relationship leaving you feeling starved or malnourished? Most importantly, how can you learn to better care for and nurture yourself?

Dispossessed: In a past life, you may have become dispossessed. You may have lost everything due to a war or disaster. Other causes of dispossession included persecution,[1] being accused of a crime, ex-communication, disinheritance, or disownment.

Archetype: Where do you feel that you’ve lost everything important to you? Where have you thought you stood on solid ground, only to have your foundation ripped out from under you? How can you heal and begin the process of rebuilding?

[1] Accused heretics could find themselves, their partners, and their children dispossessed

Love Interest



Affair: You may have been romantically involved with someone who was married or in a committed relationship.




Overcoming Fear: Your lesson may have involved overcoming fear, insecurity, or paranoia. Perhaps you felt challenged to take more risks or show courage in the face of adversity.

Past Life Lesson

Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition.


World War

Allied Defender: In a past life, you may have played a role in a world war (such as that of a soldier, nurse, administrator, communications facilitator, or other). You were likely part of the allied forces that were defending areas or countries against an aggressor (such as Hitler or Mussolini). If this past life did not take place during World War I or II, it might have occurred during the Seven Years War or Napoleonic Wars.

Archetype: You are a dependable individual who can be counted on to be loyal to others or to serve a protective role. You aren’t afraid to stand up to a bully who is picking on someone weaker than they are.

Hiroshima: In a past life, you may have been impacted by a nuclear event or the bombing of Hiroshima. See other cards for more in-depth insight into the role you played or how you were affected. This card can also indicate a nuclear event that occurred in the earth’s prehistory or during life as an off-worlder.

Archetype: Where in your life have you experienced someone going ‘nuclear?’ For instance, someone may have unleashed their pent-up hostility or rage in a way you felt negatively impacted. Perhaps some form of fallout or toxic effect continues to linger, affecting your relationship.



Childhood Trauma

Kidnapped or Sold: You may have been abducted, captured in war, taken from your parents, or sold into slavery. Or maybe you were handed over to a priest to serve a spiritual function (such as ritual sacrifice).

Archetype: You may feel as if your childhood or identity were stolen or hijacked in some way. Perhaps you feel as if you’ve spent your life fulfilling someone else’s goals and dreams instead of your own.

Abandoned: In a past life, you may have felt abandoned as a child. Perhaps you were dropped off at an orphanage or left alone to fend for yourself. Or your father may have denied paternity or one of your parents didn’t want (or couldn’t handle) the responsibility of raising you.

Archetype: You may carry unresolved trauma due to feeling emotionally or physically abandoned as a child. Perhaps you struggle with feeling unloved or unwanted.




Early Bronze Age: The Early Bronze Age lasted from approximately 3300 to 2000 BC (different civilizations entered the Bronze Age at different periods) and witnessed the end of the stone age. This period saw the construction of Stonehenge and the pyramids, the first dynasty of Egypt, the use of papyrus, and the Minoan, Sumer, Ancient Greek, and Indus civilizations.[1] Large scale civilizations began arising under a centralized government. There was the rise of trade and the spread of ideas. This period also marks a time when humans began to work with metals. Tin was combined with copper to make bronze.[2]


[1] For more information see the Wikipedia article Timeline of Ancient History at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_ancient_history

[2] For more information see the Wikipedia article Bronze Age at https://www.history.com/topics/pre-history/bronze-age




Separated by Distance or War: You and a partner or love interest may have been separated by distance or war and thus spent a lot of time apart or without contact.



Good Vibration

Upright: You could feel in sync with others, or a relationship could be especially harmonious right now. Or if you’re looking for a job, you might soon find something that would be the perfect fit. Alternatively, a project you’re working on could flow smoothly or resonate with you deeply. In matters of spiritual growth, you could be feeling a lot of harmony, synchronicity, or that the positive energy you’re putting out is attracting good things back to you. You could feel particularly abundant, grateful, tuned in to the universe, or able to live more fully within the present moment.

With health matters, engaging in dance, exercise, or other endeavors that focus on rhythm, movement, or uplifting your spirits might prove beneficial.

Reversed: If you’re going through difficult times, know that anything that’s out of balance can be brought into harmony through learning to go with the flow. Perhaps you’ve too much on your plate, you’ve been pushing too hard, or the symphony that’s your life has become a cacophony of noise, drama, or distractions. If so, you might want to slow down the pace, let go of force, and learn to go with the flow a little more.

If your question involves your health or spiritual growth, make sure you’re spending ample time outside, where you can connect with the heartbeat of the earth and Nature’s Schumann Resonance. This resonance is neither too high nor too low and is balanced for optimum health and well-being. Or perhaps doing something uplifting or rhythmic, such as dance or exercise, could help bring you more fully into the present moment.

If you can get in-tune with a more inspirative and resonant flow, it is likely that circumstances in your life will improve.



The SKy Bridge

Upright: Your intuition and psychic ability may be especially high at this time. You may find yourself able to easily cross over into other states of perception, consciousness, or reality. Perhaps you even possess the ability to connect with guides, angels, or departed loved ones to obtain their wisdom and guidance. If there’s a problem you need to solve or an important decision to make, you might want to pay close attention to hunches, gut feelings, dreams, psychic impressions, or any other type of insight that’s coming through. Alternatively, you’ll benefit from heeding the sage advice of a psychic, counselor, friend, or someone else who can use his or her intuition to shed light on your situation.

With this in mind, if you’re receiving the same message from different sources, pay extra attention! And, whatever question you’ve asked, be open to receiving intuitive guidance.

Reversed: This card reversed urges you to be careful not to mistake wishful thinking for genuine intuitive insight. There’s also the possibility that what appears to be wisdom coming from a higher source may, instead, be misleading information that originates from your ego or another source. Similarly, perhaps a dream you had while sleeping was merely a dream, or the signs you think are coming your way may not mean what you think. If seeking insight from a psychic, counselor, or friend, it might not be entirely reliable or may have become distorted through being filtered through your ego.

Blocks to genuine intuition tend to happen when there is too much attachment to an outcome or desire. Unless you can achieve detachment, you might be better off sticking with what is right before your eyes and common sense.
Whatever your situation, if the intuitive insights you receive now are trapping you in a dream world that’s more dream than reality, it might be time to wake up!



Wounded Healer

Upright: You may have endured a period of suffering, either recently or in your past. Due to what you’ve persevered, and having found a way to heal yourself, perhaps you’re granted the opportunity to be a healer to another (or others). This isn’t the type of healer who is elevated above others who are suffering. Instead, it is the type of healer who stands on equal footing, having the capacity to relate to others who are imperfect or in pain due to his or her own experiences with pain and imperfection.

If you’ve become this kind of healer, you’ve learned that the most powerful medicine is self-love. You also know that a person’s self-worth isn’t determined by his or her worldly achievements. You’ve likely experienced the healing that can occur through sharing your experiences with others and what you’ve learned. Most importantly, you know firsthand that your wounds and what you’ve experienced don’t make you weaker than others. If used the right way, they can help you become a stronger and more compassionate person.

Reversed: If you’re going through a period of suffering, you’re encouraged not to give up hope. There is a light at the end of every tunnel, and you’re meant to make it to the other side! Perhaps there’s even a lesson you can learn through transcending a form of suffering or limitation. This lesson needn’t be considered negative, nor meant to infer that you’re being punished. It’s even possible that you’ve been given such a lesson to help you step into the role of a healer, to have compassion for your own and others’ limitations, or to learn the true nature of love and self-worth, which isn’t dependent upon worldly achievements or receiving others’ approval. Therefore, whatever trial you’re undergoing, try to make the most of it. Use it as an opportunity to become transcendent, rather than to feel limited or inferior.