Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle

Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle Cards

86 Circular Divination Cards 

Peacemaker I created this deck to be a tool that can help a person detect the types of past lives that lie under phobias, fears, relationship issues, and other concerns. This deck contains every type of theme I could think of, including both positive and negative scenarios.  It needed to include all types of negative past life experiences that could lie beneath a person’s unconscious decision to suffer, punish themselves, or hold themselves back.

The circular shape was chosen because it offers the ability to explore different aspects of a major theme. For instance, if you draw the murder card, there is the possibility that you may have been a victim, perpetrator,  committed suicide, or were a witness or accomplice. Each theme on a card front is divided into 4 categories in this fashion.

Using the Fronts and the Backs

Like most of my decks, both the card fronts and card backs can be used to give a reading. Why waste all that extra space and functionality? Thus, the card fronts can provide the more “theme-type” information while the card backs may offer extra details. There’s some overlap, however, and the card backs do repeat (there are 20 card backs, each repeated 4 times, making 80 cards).

The card backs also allow the reader to ask specific questions about a past life, such as, “How did I die?” “What time period was this life?” “What was my love life like?” or “What was my lesson?” Alternatively, you can use the card backs together with the card fronts to create a reading with a couple of theme cards and a couple of extra details from the card backs.

The Guidebook

The guidebook is 180  pages, 6″ x 9″ format. It might be adjusted a bit as editing occurs.

The first chapter gives an overview of this oracle deck and why it was created. The second chapter contains information on different spreads that can be used. The third chapter contains the definitions for the card fronts. The last chapter discusses how to use the card backs and contains charts with definitions.  With the definitions for the card fronts, the guidebook contains both a literal and symbolic meaning for each of the four categories on a card. This guidebook is offered in pdf format unless a perk is selected that includes a printed copy.


The cards are100mm in diameter, printed on matte card stock. The box is a magnetic book box (since we met that stretch goal). A downloadable 180-page physical manual is included. The card stock is FSC (forest-friendly) and the printer has told me the shrink wrap used is biodegradable. I will plant one tree through onetreeplanted.org for every reward backed as an environmental off-set to the printing process.

The Artwork

The artwork is a compilation. I did make use of stock images. I used them to create line drawings and then digitally colored them, using photoshop and photoshop brushes.  I then applied filters from Filter Forge (works with photoshop or without) to create a watercolor effect. I also used watercolor photoshop brushes from Kevin Designs and Obsidian Dawn.

The Two Font Styles

The two font styles to choose from are Daniel and Ink Free. See the below image for what both fonts look like.

Triggers and Political Correctness

This could be a challenging deck for some individuals. I created the cards to be ethnically diverse and the guidebook doesn’t shy away from topics like slavery, oppression, religious persecution, prostitution, alternative sexuality, sexual assault, and other tricky subjects (including being a perpetrator). It was created for healing, to know what lies under phobias or other sticky issues. So, it wouldn’t have served its purpose if it failed to be inclusive of a diversity of subjects and scenarios. It was created as a tool to replace muscle testing and pendulum charts.

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