I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond

I am the Lotus by Mandy PetersonI Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Achieving Peace Through Non-Conformity is a response to what author Mandy Peterson sees as a philosophical “split” that occurring within the mind and intentions of those who have been part of the New Age movement for the past two decades. Providing numerous examples, she shows us the difficulties that arise when individuals pursue ascension and higher consciousness while being encouraged to remain locked in an unconscious mind-set of materialism that fosters anxiety, paranoia and fear, and which negatively impacts our individual and collective health, happiness and overall well-being.

Throughout the book, Mandy explores the collective mind that has programmed us to think and believe things as we do. She shows how focusing too much on positives versus negatives can often influence us to reject our “darker” emotional side, and how this creates a lost sense of Self, and feelings of disconnection and unworthiness. Boldly challenging pop-culture ideas about the Law of Attraction, she shows how to understand more deeply what we are really manifesting in our lives, and turn it all around so we can create balance, inner peace and love—at a personal and planetary level.

I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond: Achieving Peace Through Non-Conformity reveals how to un-weave our unconscious, self-destructive thought patterns, so we can rise above the “Muddy Pond” of conditioned beliefs and social conformity, and step into our true, unique and perhaps even radical essence—“The Lotus”.

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Forward & Introduction

We live in an age where our spiritual beliefs, intentions, and energy are constantly changing. However, our fear of change, concerning the material realm, leaves us stuck and destined to repeat the same lessons in ever more, potentially destructive ways. As our spiritual and material worlds continue to diverge, and this “split” continues to widen, my hope is that a new accountability and willingness to love–beyond a superficial level-may become more actualized, so that balance can be restored…

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Chapter 1 – Philosophical Splitting: A New Age Dilemma

Prior to 2010, I had experienced various uncomfortable feelings and inner voices that told me something was not quite right concerning my spiritual beliefs and practices. However, I did not at the time realize that what was creating most of the conflict was my attempt to go along with abundance-focused philosophies (as prescribed by the leading spiritual gurus within the new age community), while simultaneously seeking to embrace other new age ideals such as nonduality and oneness. In fact, I did not recognize that my spiritual and material goals expressed opposite agendas….

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Chapter 2 – Awakening to The Dream of Life

I presume that most new-agers readily accept as truth the notion that life is in many ways an illusion. For me, I now see life much like a dream; one which we do have free will and can dream whatever our hearts desire. However, our heart’s desires can reflect both conscious and subconscious levels of desire, will, thought, and emotion. As a result, we may not always be lucid concerning the choices we make or why we make them. Not that the choices we make are necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ They merely affect our earthbound experience, rather than affecting who we truly are in Spirit….

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Chapter 3 (Part 1) – The Law of Attraction – Its Real Secret

So, what is going on with the Law of Attraction? Men who had not fully awakened became teachers of metaphysical concepts. They taught such concepts from a state of not fully knowing their lotus Self. Because they did not fully know their lotus Self, they were unable to teach others how to fill an inner void with anything other than aspects of the muddy pond. If they had first understood that such a void can only be filled with self-love and Self-understanding, things would be very different. While my intention is not to fault them for what they did not understand, they taught metaphysical concepts from a perspective that involved listening to what their egos told them was the way for such concepts to be used: to advance in the world of form, in order to try to fill an inner void through external means…

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Chapter 3 (Part 2) Giving The Law of Attraction A Meaning & Purpose

In the first part of this chapter, I discussed how ideally the principles of the Law of Attraction could be used in a more conscious manner after one had fully awakened, rather than before. Otherwise, we would likely end up using what we know of these metaphysical principles to become further lost in the muddy pond of our dreaming, as opposed to realizing our lotus nature within. This does not mean, however, that the Law of Attraction does not have a useful purpose for those wishing to awaken…

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Chapter 4 – The Various Levels of Consciousness & Thought

In the last chapter, I discussed the Law of Attraction in a very personal sense as it relates to dreaming the personal dream of life. I had actually been planning to write a book a few years ago about my feeling that the prevailing understanding of the Law of Attraction is incomplete. I am glad that I waited, because I had not yet grasped that there existed a whole other dimension of thought and manifestation that I had never before considered….

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Chapter 5 – Functioning In A Dysfunctional World

Possibly, we can observe that some of the prevailing issues of our world do not necessarily point to an imbalance within ourselves as individuals. By exhibiting signs of stress and imbalance, perhaps we are just having a normal reaction to a world mind-set that is insane. The world, after all, has become a place where an increasing body of individuals can only cope by succumbing to various addictions, healing efforts, and reliance on psychiatric medications. Observing this, we may wish to ask ourselves at what point will the world become sufficiently intolerable that we will become brave enough to examine what is driving our societal wants, fears, and definitions, i.e. such as of success and failure? At what point will the world’s dysfunction become so exhausting that we will choose to let go of the need to exhaust ourselves?

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Chapter 6 – Illuminati Conspiracies: As Without, So Within

If you have never heard of the illuminati or other various conspiracies, you are not alone. I did not really know anything about conspiracies until 2009 when I began dating a man who was interested in certain types of documentaries. It was a real revelation. What I learned the most was that while various documentaries seem to blame an outside force for all of the world’s problems, I saw things a bit differently. In essence, I saw a bigger picture of ‘as without, so within’ (see glossary). I even felt a bit confused that others were not seeing it as well….

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Chapter 7 – Do We Serve the Lotus or Do We Serve the Pond?

These are exciting times! On both an individual and collective level, we have the potential to make choices that can change our present course and create more true freedom. We might also move into a more holistic view of life and our interconnectedness with everything. Perhaps our biggest choice set before our path right now is this: will we live our lives in faith and service to Spirit, Love, Peace and Oneness, or will we live our lives preaching Love, Peace, and Unity Consciousness, while leading ourselves down another path?

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Chapter 8 – True Abundance : Finding Our Innate ‘Enoughness’

The symbols of the world take their original form within predominant streams of collective consciousness that feed on creating or recreating scenarios. As I have said many times, if we can look at the world, it will tell a story. The story I am told seems to be a sad rather than happy story. I am not trying to be negative here. I know this story is not the truth of who we are, nor does it represent our beautiful potential. However, in this story, mankind never feels quite whole or enough. He is forever striving to buy enough, invent enough, implement enough, do enough, be enough, and more. As I stated in chapter 5, this striving prevents many people from being able to relax. Many may even end up suffering from various forms of energy depletion, anxiety, depression, and feelings of emptiness, however subtle.

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Chapter 9 – The Non-Duality of Our Emotions & Experiences

I have learned that when people polarize their emotions and experiences in their minds—separating them into columns of good and bad, or things we can or cannot experience—it creates tension and fear. I know this entire book seems to be creating a polarity in this regard. It is difficult to discuss the causes of mankind’s incompleteness and split self, without encouraging him to fully embrace that split—in living color. The last chapter discusses the final stage of dropping the pollution of the pond in its entirety. At this stage, one needs not to interpret the symbols of the world, nor understand what they reveal of mankind’s mind-set. But, for those not ready to make this leap, I put forward a few intermediary steps that I am guided by within my own life, and which work for me.

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Chapter 10 (Part 1) – The Lucid Dreamer Dreams of Peace and Love

Earth feng shui is a name I gave to a technique for using the earth as a dreamscape to see what we are creating, see how our energy is moving, and see how to more successfully and intentionally bring peace and love into our world. This process involves using our favorite metaphysical principles of attraction and co-creation in a holistic, unified way. As I have discussed in other chapters, this process requires stepping outside of our habitual and conditioned pattern of striving toward personal pursuits in order to realize there is a bigger world picture that represents a part of who and what we are, as well as what we think and do.

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Chapter 10 (Part 2) – Earth Feng Shui: Where do We Start?

To affirm every day, but only within the mental realm, that we do not want our energy to be aligned with an entity that is corrupt or destructive, is not the same thing as living a life that emulates the peace and love that we are in Spirit. One form of thought is superficial. The other form of thought comes from deeply knowing who we are, what we serve, and the ideals we truly wish to manifest in the dream of life. In truth, the majority of us get by ‘thinking’ one way, while emulating a different way of ‘being,’ because we feel a void. We do not know how to fill this void. We have become empty, we feel empty, and we want approval and relief from the stress that we have created in our world. The same escapes we use which might not promote health in our personal lives, likewise might not promote health in our greater environment or world.

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Chapter 11 (Part 1) Releasing the Need for Dreaming and Creating a New Mantra for Life

One reason that I wrote this book—apart from being asked to—was to reach out to others who might feel as confused as I did about how to separate the spiritual reality they wish to honor as truth from various rules of living (which stem from collective illusions that confine us). What I learned for myself was that without some form of middle step, we may end up trying to be the lotus and the muddy pond together. We thus mistake mud for something that contains some version of truth and purity within it, instead of seeing mud for simply what it is: mud…

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Chapter 11 (Part 2) – Envisioning a Rainbow Bridge

As she turned to face us, she asked, “Look upon the Earth more clearly, dear ones. May you all stand upon this bridge between Heaven and Earth and gain a higher perspective looking down… a higher perspective of all your collective fruits. See the path you paint upon your Loving Earth with all the colors of your conscious and unconscious prayers and energy. Look upon your creations with loving and unbiased awareness. From the top of the rainbow, you understand your true perfection. Only from this viewpoint, having risen above form while standing in the truth of who you are, it is possible to look down for how to intend, think, pray and live in new ways which recognize the Earth as a being who is joined with you on your amazing journey to know One and All. This is how to have your bridge to heaven, return itself to Earth again and touch ground….

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“I am so proud to launch a author who I really admire and love for what she has to share with the world She is some one who has been a hidden genius about what the NEWAGE is all about… We just launched her wonderful book today and we are reeeaaaly excited !!” 

Sandeep Goswamy

The LightWorks Publishing

“It is one of the best books I have read thus far in my entire life. Because it is helping me realize my true nature and what I need to do to materialize real abundance.  Of course, life is not about reading books for knowledge, life experiences teach us far more. But with the reflective tones of Mandy Peterson’s book, I feel sure you will engage more fluidly with understanding your/our true nature and what that will me to your/our decisions making with regards particularly; abundance.” 

Peaceful Warrior


“This is one of the most amazing books I have read along the topic of spiritual growth. The knowledge you will gain from reading this book is mind-blowing! Many parts of this book will become ‘ah ha’ moments for you as you awaken to the truth and realities of our existence on this earth. Mandy puts into words what many have been feeling yet, didn’t know how to express…We are at a place at this time in our existence that, as you read each chapter, you will find it speaks directly to your higher self as an affirmation to its truth. You will find that this is a book to be read, and re-read again and again as we grow along our spiritual development.” 

Belle Salisbury

Bellesprit Magazine

“The book is a singular, but what was inside the book was a wealth of knowledge beyond measure. If you haven’t read this book; buy it, read it, and read it again. It’s available for your kindle too! This book took me on a journey from a budding lotus flower to a fully bloomed beauty. The author teaches how to become a person who can achieve a wholeness with the universe. We are all beautiful lights of energy and we can spread our energy all around us. There is no need to conform to the world and the thoughts of society as a while. There is peace in nonconformity and this book teaches how to grasp and spread the peace.” 

Jennifer Johnson