Healers of the Earth Oracle – Personal Health and Self-Care Readings

Healers of the Earth Oracle – Self-Care and Personal Health Apps

This app is for using the Healers of the Earth Oracle to receive insight into personal healing and self-care. Working as an EFT practitioner, I have spoken with a lot of clients who are empaths or feel all sorts of sensations or symptoms which they want to know what is causing it, how to bring relief, etc. will not pick up serious issues. So, part of the reason I developed this deck is so that it could offer a tool to play with to trigger insights into what might be physical (as in minor physical complaints), emotional, empathic, past-life-related, or spiritual/energetic.  Please do not use this app as a substitute for professional advice, therapy, or care as it is not created to even be able to detect serious issues.

Simple Reading

Click on the cards below to receive two card combinations.


Collective Emotional with Dolphin Song

Upright: Something you are listening to from a culture, group, or popular books has a healing effect on you. It might provide you a direction to follow or helps you overcome obstacles. Alternatively, you may have past life or other memories to work through involving being an explorer, ocean traveler, or someone who sailed overseas to new lands.

Reversed: Something you are listening to from a culture, group, or popular books may be causing you to lose direction or hampering you from finding your destiny or a path to follow. Alternatively, you may have past life or other memories to work through involving getting lost at sea. Or perhaps you were captured by pirates or were on an ocean vessel that never reached its destination.


Collective Emotional with The Sky Bridge

Upright: You could be experiencing prophetic visions, premonitions, or psychic intuition into social, political, or other events taking place in the world. Perhaps something you see unfolding isn’t for the greater good or brings upheaval and suffering. This could create stress and bodily symptoms, especially if you feel you cannot talk about or share your visions. Maybe you played a similar role in a past life or have past memories to work through of a parallel nature.

Reversed: You might think you are experiencing prophetic visions, premonitions, or psychic intuition into social, political, or other events taking place in the world. However, it could be your anxiety getting the better of you, or you could be mistaking something symbolic in your dreams or visions for an actual event. For some, it could be that past life memories are surfacing, either creating your visions (meaning what you see applies to a past life) or causing you to feel triggered and to think something from your past is about to repeat itself.

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Note: Many of the below definitions can indicate to work with the energy field, chakras, or with the layers of the energy field. I placed one to three stars with certain definitions for those interested to lookup resources.

* For how to use EFT to clear the energy field or chakras, click here >>
** To learn about the layers of the energy field and how to work with them, click here>>
*** For the different kinds of issues that can affect chakras or the energy system, click here>>

Diverse Spread

Select a card from the different categories of Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Hygiene.


Personal Physical with Miracle

Upright: An illness or set of symptoms may soon pass. This card pairing can indicate spontaneous healing, remissions, abatement of symptoms, or full recoveries.

Reversed: This card pairing indicates that healing is coming. It may simply take a little time.



Personal Emotional with Caught in Her Web

Upright: Are you in a situation where you feel used, lied to, emotionally manipulated, or made to feel crazy? This type of situation might not be good for your emotional or physical health. If this is not a current situation, try looking at your past. Allow yourself to fully heal and process any lingering hurt or confusion.

Reversed: You could be going through an adjustment period after leaving a bad relationship or a situation that caused unnecessary drama (or had you involved in an intrigue). Though you may feel a little stressed, the worst is over. Healing can begin.



Spiritual Hygiene with The Dining Table

Upright: Nourishment can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. By tolerating or feeding yourself something artificial or toxic on one level, this could mirror that you are feeding yourself or tolerating something artificial or toxic on another level. In this vein, pay attention if you suffer from food intolerance. It could mean you have trouble digesting something at a relationship, emotional, or spiritual level. If so, perhaps if you focus on feeding yourself loving and healthy things (spiritually, physically, and through the relationships you entertain), it might help you improve your overall sense of well-being.

Reversed: What energies are you feeding through dwelling upon the negative, negative emotions, or others’ negativity? Or what type of energies are feeding off you (spiritually or otherwise) that may need to be dealt with? *



Technology with Quench Your Thirst

Upright: This card pairing can indicate the use of technology or treatments that improve water quality or increase its healing properties. For example, perhaps you’d benefit from using a water purifier or adding pH drops, flower essences, or gem elixirs to the water you drink.

Reversed: This card combination indicates to make sure your electrolytes are balanced through the intake of juices, fluids, treatments, or supplements that boost or balance your electrolytes.


Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition [Coming Soon]