Healers of the Earth Oracle – Personal Health and Self-Care Readings

Healers of the Earth Oracle – Self-Care and Personal Health Apps

This app is for using the Healers of the Earth Oracle to receive insight into personal healing and self-care. Working as an EFT practitioner, I have spoken with a lot of clients who are empaths or feel all sorts of sensations or symptoms which they want to know what is causing it, how to bring relief, etc. will not pick up serious issues. So, part of the reason I developed this deck is so that it could offer a tool to play with to trigger insights into what might be physical (as in minor physical complaints), emotional, empathic, past-life-related, or spiritual/energetic.  Please do not use this app as a substitute for professional advice, therapy, or care as it is not created to even be able to detect serious issues.

Simple Reading

Click on the cards below to receive two card combinations.


Collective Physical with Quench Your Thirst

Upright: You could be affected by a water shortage or dehydration somewhere in the world. Or perhaps something is happening in a desert area or to desert animals (such as animal poaching). If not this, you may have past or past life memories connected to living in a desert area or going through dehydration or a water shortage.

Reversed: If sensitive, you could find yourself affected by a severe heatwave. Or you could be affected by news of people suffering from heatstroke or dehydration, or animals or children being left in a hot car. If not this, you may have ]past life or memories connected to experiencing yourself or a loved one dying of thirst.


Personal Emotional with Processing Energies

Upright: Emotions could be coming to the surface. They could be expressing themselves as feelings or bodily symptoms. Give yourself time to process them.

Reversed: Something in life might be leaving you a bad taste in your mouth or a feeling of disgust. Perhaps it gives you a sick feeling in your stomach, or you’re having a hard time digesting it.

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Note: Many of the below definitions can indicate to work with the energy field, chakras, or with the layers of the energy field. I placed one to three stars with certain definitions for those interested to lookup resources.

* For how to use EFT to clear the energy field or chakras, click here >>
** To learn about the layers of the energy field and how to work with them, click here>>
*** For the different kinds of issues that can affect chakras or the energy system, click here>>

Diverse Spread

Select a card from the different categories of Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Hygiene.


Personal Physical with Feeling Numb

Upright: You could feel numbness in certain parts of the body, or your hands or feet may be falling asleep. This numbness could be caused by pressure on a nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome, a vitamin deficiency, or something else. If this doesn’t apply, a set of symptoms or a condition might be connected to shock or trauma.

Reversed: You may have been through a trauma or shock that has left you ungrounded and out of touch with your body. Or you may have forgotten what it’s like to feel a sense of aliveness and vitality. Perhaps physical exercise, dance, or taking a walk in nature might help.



Personal Emotional with Cherished Pet

Upright: You may resent feeling limited by a condition, situation, or set of symptoms. Or perhaps your physical body feels like a leash that you can’t break free from or is holding you back. Feeling this way could be making your healing process more difficult or frustrating. You can potentially counteract this energy by becoming more accepting of your current limitations and patient.

Reversed: Embracing your wild side might help you with your healing efforts. Perhaps you have become too tamed or domesticated. Or maybe you’ve let someone close to you become your master. To heal and find yourself, you may need to break free of others’ attempts to dominate or constrain you. Or it could be you need to find a “pack” to join. These would be individuals who understand you and offer inspiration and support.



Spiritual Hygiene with Black Swan

Upright: This card combination can indicate symptoms that come out of the blue that have a spiritual cause. For instance, they could be sudden sensations resulting from being psychically attacked by someone who is upset, panicked, or angry. Some earth empaths can experience energy shifts or sensations connected to natural disasters.

Reversed: This card combination can indicate premonitions, gut instincts, or foreboding, Or your guides trying may be giving you sensations or symptoms (like a sick stomach) to warn you to be careful with getting involved with something unhealthy (such as a toxic person or situation).



Technology with Spiritual Alignment

Upright: This card pairing indicates the use of technology that can help you become more spiritually aligned (to increase your sense of well-being). Such technology could include the use of books, courses, music, or oracle cards that can help you connect with the spiritual realms and the love and truth available to you.

Reversed: Focusing more on your spiritual life instead of work or technological pastimes (such as TV, internet, social media, cell phone, etc.) could prove beneficial to your health and overall sense of well being.


Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition [Coming Soon]