Healers of the Earth Oracle – Personal Health and Self-Care Readings

Healers of the Earth Oracle – Self-Care and Personal Health Apps

This app is for using the Healers of the Earth Oracle to receive insight into personal healing and self-care. Working as an EFT practitioner, I have spoken with a lot of clients who are empaths or feel all sorts of sensations or symptoms which they want to know what is causing it, how to bring relief, etc. will not pick up serious issues. So, part of the reason I developed this deck is so that it could offer a tool to play with to trigger insights into what might be physical (as in minor physical complaints), emotional, empathic, past-life-related, or spiritual/energetic.  Please do not use this app as a substitute for professional advice, therapy, or care as it is not created to even be able to detect serious issues.

Simple Reading

Click on the cards below to receive two card combinations.


Personal Physical with Wounded Healer

Upright: An illness or a physical issue might bring out the healer in you or help you have compassion or understanding for those in a similar predicament. For some, it might trigger the urge to become a coach, therapist, or alternative healer.



Personal Physical with Hands That Heal

Upright: You might improve your health or sense of well-being through receiving some form of healing touch, bodywork, or massage.

Reversed: You’re asked to work on being open to receiving physical love and healing. This card combination can also indicate issues with the hands, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Note: Many of the below definitions can indicate to work with the energy field, chakras, or with the layers of the energy field. I placed one to three stars with certain definitions for those interested to lookup resources.

* For how to use EFT to clear the energy field or chakras, click here >>
** To learn about the layers of the energy field and how to work with them, click here>>
*** For the different kinds of issues that can affect chakras or the energy system, click here>>

Diverse Spread

Select a card from the different categories of Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Hygiene.


Personal Physical with Ice Fishing

Upright: Perhaps you have cold hands or feet due to poor circulation. If so, perhaps physical exercise or moving your body can help. If the above doesn’t apply, this card combination could indicate that your sense of well-being is likely to improve the more you allow yourself to be vulnerable with others or show your emotions.

Reversed: You might be closing yourself off from receiving warmth, friendship, and affection from others. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to let your guard down or trust others. However, having people around you who you can relate to and support you is essential to your well-being. If you don’t feel you have this, you might need to explore avenues to connect more with others.



Personal Emotional with Pole Shift

Upright: This card pairing can indicate moodiness or shifting emotions. Perhaps these emotions are affecting your symptoms, or learning to balance them will help you with your recovery.

Reversed: You have a strong sense of ethics, to the point that if something is not aligned with your higher values, it can start to affect your health. Ensuring you avoid people or situations that try to get you to go against your values (or your own best interests) might be good for your health.



Spiritual Hygiene with Spiritual Alignment

Upright: This card combination can indicate to work with healing and balancing the High heart Charka (or Thymic Chakra **). This chakra lies between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra and can help you activate your higher consciousness or sense of spiritual purpose.

Reversed: Something within the energy system could be misaligned or is blocking you from actualizing your spiritual purpose or realizing higher consciousness. You are encouraged to work toward aligning your chakras. * Use energy-work techniques to balanced your chakras with one another and make corrections if they are overactive or underactive. *** You may also want to make sure your energy and meridian system is working in alignment, and that energy is running in the right direction.[1]


[1] You can learn about Energy Medicine on the internet or in books.
Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine is an excellent place to learn more about this form of therapy. Chios Energy Field Healing (chioshealing.com) also offers useful tips for healing and balancing the energy field.



Technology with Radiotoxic

Upright: This card combination can indicate sensitivity to the radiation emitted from microwaves or radiation-emitting devices (including x-rays). Or perhaps you are experiencing side-effects from chemotherapy. If none of this applies, you might feel impacted by a nuclear accident or disaster that occurred in the recent or distant past.

Reversed: This card pairing can indicate issues with iodine in the body. Perhaps there are absorption issues, or you’d benefit from increasing or limiting your intake of foods containing iodine (such as iodized salt). Note: please see a physician or nutritionist before prescribing yourself iodine or removing salt or iodine from your diet.


Flushed Out Reading

Once a card has been turned over, i8t can be clicked on to see its definition [Coming Soon]