Global and Healing Message Result

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Global and Healing Message

Bottled Up Upright

Bottled UpIf you’ve drawn this card for its global message, its advice is not to suppress your emotions, hide who you are, or let the world, others, or even a cancel culture restrain you from using your voice toward a cause important to you.

Perhaps, you’ve drawn this card because you’ve wanted to be more outwardly supportive of specific causes but fear what your friends, family, or others think. Or maybe you want to write or speak on political or social topics but going against the norm feels too frightening or “unspiritual.” Or there could be intuitive insights, opinions, or information you can share with others, but a fear of being in the spotlight is blocking you from doing so.

It can be difficult to be emotionally authentic or express ideas that are controversial or unpopular. But remember, if it weren’t for individuals brave enough to go against the norm, we wouldn’t enjoy new inventions, new technology, or new ways of thinking and doing things.