Reading of the Collective Energy Results

The below collective energies or potentials are simply potentials. If they don’t apply in a literal way, they could apply symbolically.

Collective Energy or Potentials


Higher Learning Reversed: There could be so much information circling on social media or news outlets that it’s hard to know what to trust, or what’s misleading or propaganda.

Ice Storm Reversed: An ice or hailstorm may have caused temporary damage to power lines or property. However, the worst is likely over or people are working on repairs.

The Clock is Ticking Reversed: A sense of urgency has abated concerning a once critical environmental or other situation, perhaps due to solutions or new technology arising.


Near Future

Divine Masculine Reversed: There could be persecution of men or fathers (at home or abroad) in a way that makes the news. There may be a need to protect men’s or father’s rights.

Divine Feminine: The topic of motherhood, parenting, or child custody may be in the news.

Round and Round Reversed: There’s an opportunity for a collective lesson to be learned so that a particular social or other issue doesn’t have to repeat itself.



Long-Term Future

Processing Energies Reversed: The importance of creating change is a topic of discussion, but nothing is being implemented or attempted. Perhaps there was too much difficulty letting go of something comfortable and familiar.

11:11: There’s an important call to service (spiritually, socially, or militarily) that people are responding to.

Forest Afire Reversed: Deforestation, ticks, or damage to trees could be an issue. Or there could be forest or other types of fires that are difficult to put out.

Global and Healing Message

Round and Round Reversed

Round and Round ReversedThis card asks you to focus on an environmental, political, military, or other global situation where the energy has spun out of control, possibly resulting in damage or losses. If unsure what energy to focus on, you can try drawing a card, looking up its definition under the “Collective Energy or Potential” section. As you reflect upon this situation, tune into your higher self, God, Jesus, or whatever energy you work best with, asking, “What is the higher lesson the collective can learn from this situation, if any?” Next, ask, “What kind of repetitive pattern might lie beneath or cause such events to happen?” Listen for an answer and a suggested course of action to prevent humanity from falling back into a repetitive cycle. Then, consider whether you can apply the same action within your own life.