EFT Divination Cards

Don’t Feel Confident Using Muscle Testing with EFT?
Try Using EFT Cards!

The EFT DIvination Kit cards were created as a self-help tool for individuals
who are looking for a replacement or complement
to muscle-testing (with Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT CardsThis kit consists of two divination decks that can be used with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The first deck  (there are repeat cards in this deck) focuses on detecting psychological reversals and other blocks to progress (such as energy toxins, dehydration, nutrition issues, energetic issues, karmic issues, homolateral energy and more). The cards are color coded so they can also be used to combine EFT with chakra work. The second deck can be used to identify trapped emotions and memories that need to be cleared or processed. You can find the kit at TheGameCrafter.com

These cards originated due to clients describing how they wished there was an easier method than muscle testing to test for blocks with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). To help them, I created an article on how individuals can make their own cards using a pen and business card stock (you can find the article here>> ). After being approached by others to make the cards for them, I ended up producing a simple version of the deck. The idea was for clients to have a tool where they wouldn’t feel dependent upon a practitioner to help them detect what issues or blocks they need to work with.

EFT Divination Kit Walk Through 1

EFT Divination Kit Walk-Through 2

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With business card punch out card stock that you can buy at any stationary store, you can make your own EFT Oracle Deck and say good-bye to muscle-testing.

*** Images by Nina @ShuffleTarot (instagram). Please do not download and use without permission.

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Want to Try the Cards Online?

What blocks need clearing? What chakra should you work with? What emotion needs to be cleared, and from what time frame?

Want to Make Your Own Cards?

If you can purchase punch-out business card card stock from a stationary store, you can make your own cards simply and easily.

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