11:11 Online Reading

Two Card Reading

This is a two card reading for the 1111 Oracle Cards (still under construction). You can either ask a question to receive guidance, or if you’ve been seeing 11:11, you can ask for what message those prompts have for you. Then click to draw a card. (Card definition are still going through editing)..

Purify Your Intentions

Purify Your Intentions

Purify Your Motives: If your motives aren’t pure with a matter or situation, consider changing this. If this doesn’t apply, the universe or your angels could be calling you to focus on your personal development.

Think of Others: Treat the people around you how you would like to be treated. Be sensitive toward others and their needs and feelings. Be mindful of the impact of your words and actions.

Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold

False Impression: You might harbor a false impression or bias concerning a person or situation. Or an opportunity in front of you might appear good, but this appearance could be deceiving.

Treasure What has Value: Treasure what has real value over something that can only offer transitory happiness. Or perhaps you need to re-think your priorities and make sure something truly important is given your time and energy.

Three Card Reading

1111 Oracle
11:11 Oracle - Wantingness


You might feel insecure with what you have, feeling you need more. Perhaps you find that once you attract what you want, it doesn’t necessarily make you feel better. You may end up wanting something else. You can change this pattern by living more in the present moment. Replace your feelings of wanting something (focusing on the future) with gratitude for what you have now.

Your generosity toward others will be rewarded. If you are hardworking, you will find success. What you want will likely come to you if you are willing to give of yourself in some manner. Don’t hold yourself back!

1111 Oracle
11:11 Oracle - You Deserve Love

You Deserve Love

You deserve to be treated in a respectful, loving, and compassionate way. You deserve this despite your imperfections or mistakes you’ve made. If there are any decisions you need to make about your life or relationships, this card encourages you to make them from this loving perspective. You may want to accept others as being equally deserving of love. However, this doesn’t mean you have to accept continual mistreatment. For some who draw this card, it’s a reminder that God and your angels love you. This love is constant and unconditional.

You might be allowing others to use or mistreat you because, deep within, you don’t feel you deserve love. Or you may be generous to others, knowing they won’t appreciate you or be generous in return. It may be time to turn this tendency around. Allow yourself to recognize your true value. Like anything valuable, make sure others treat you with care.

1111 Oracle
11:11 Oracle - Divine Justice

Divine Justice

Someone dishonest, abusive, or unfair might be exposed or held accountable. If you find yourself involved in a legal matter where someone wronged you, the outcome will likely turn out positive in your favor.

Something negative that you are experiencing could be karmic. Perhaps you’re tested for a spiritual purpose or have past life lessons or trauma to work through. Or maybe you’re given the opportunity to make amends for some action you took that hurt someone. Whatever the case, the scales are being brought back into balance somehow. While you might not see the benefit now, you’ll likely have a different perspective later.

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