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Healers of
the Earth

Healers of the Earth Oracle Shop

With this deck, both the fronts and the backs of the cards can be used to give different kinds of readings. It was created as a deck for healers and empaths.

Uncover Your
Past Lives

Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle

Cards to use for detecting past live energy or archetypes. Use the card fronts to detect major themes and the card backs to pick up on other details.


11 11 Oracle

An oracle based on the 11:11 phenomenon. Why are you seeing 11:11? What action can you take in your life that will bring you into greater alignment with the divine?

Energy Oracle

Collective Energy Oracle

An oracle based on the original version of the Healers of the Earth Oracle with a new design.

Color of
Love Kit

Color of Love Shop

A kit containing two separate decks: one for reading current love situations and another to assist with reading future love potentials.

Divination Kit

EFT Divination Kit Shop

Use these cards with Emotional Freedom Technique to replace muscle testing. A two-deck kit for detecting emotions to clear and psychological blocks to healing.


Books by Mandy Peterson

My books are available in PDF format under the “Manuals” tab on this website.

Making it Work

Making it Work Oracle

An oracle for giving work and career readings.

Tell Me When

Tell Me When Oracle

An oracle for giving time-based readings.

Angels of Earth

An oracle based on messages from my two books.

Mandy Peterson Shop

Available decks can be purchased or preordered here>>

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Interested in Designing Your Own Deck?

I get asked all the time to make a course on Oracle Design or to mentor others in creating their own decks. I’ve compiled a lot of what I learned and am offering it as a course. I also have started a facebook group which you can find here >>